Friday, August 12, 2011

Busted! - A Picture To Remember

Go ahead and admit it... you want to be busted like this!

I actually made this cap for Jennifer yesterday.  When I finished with "Your Fantasy is My Fantasy" I was in a full fledged capping mood.  I was also in a dirty minded mood, and as this last batch of caps have hinted at dirty things, I wanted to do something a little more overt.  And as I was already in Jennifer's head, I figured she would make a good target.

Now one of the things that I really like... that really makes me squirm and shout out "NO, I NEVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN' while at the same time whisper "yes, please let this happen to me" is to be in full convincing femme wear, being seen by a man, and having to perform fellatio to keep my identity secret.  And if I want to take that up from a 10 to an 11... have a friend find me in that circumstance and play along.  So I have to remain a convincing cock sucker (shiver) to someone who believes I'm a woman, all the while a friend is watching me, taking glee in my humiliation.  And if I ever want to take that up to 12, have that same friend watching me think that I really DO want to be doing this, so while I am keeping my identity secret, I am also dooming myself for repeated humiliations from my friend.  Now I didn't get to 12 on this one, as that takes a longer story, but I did get to 11.

So I started by looking for an image.  What I am generally looking for is a fully clothed woman going down on a man.  The more clothed, the better. A bra can work, but a shirt not showing cleavage is best, as it helps make the 'falsies' believable.  I didn't think I was going to write a long story, so I was fine searching for a single image.  This is what I found:

It shows curves, but not the actual breasts, so that's good.  I don't believe the face is OVERTLY feminine, so that works as well.  So with this image picked, I went into Word and started writing.  The writing came haltingly at first, and I had to go back and edit on the fly quite a bit.  For example at first I had Jeremy visiting his friend Jennifer.  But I got to the point that Jeremy had no reason to blow the guy.  I mean if Jennifer is going to be back soon, and Jeremy is playing Jennifer, then the story just falls apart. So I had to go back and introduce Carrie.

That made it fine for Carrie walking in on Jeremy playing as Jennifer, but now I needed a reason why this blind date for Carrie would expect Jennifer to be such a slut.  So I had to add in the part of Carrie telling Calvin about Jennifer's fantasy.

Then I had to play a little more about the time line to give Jeremy the time to play dress up, and still leave himself time to get back to his man clothes.  Little details like this may not be all that important for the gut punch ending I was going for, but without them the story falls apart in my eyes.  And if the story falls apart, I can't get into the right mindset to properly write the ending.  And really, this cap is all about the ending.

So when I got to a point close enough to call it done, I had a much longer story than I anticipated.  I was hoping that I could make this a 'tall' captions (say about 1000x1300 as opposed to my standard 1000x1000) and not have to worry about finding another photo to go along with it.  But when I got the design set, I had to extend it up to 1000x1500.

To be honest, I hemmed and hawed for quite awhile.  I wanted to be done with this cap.  The 'mood' had left while I was editing the story.  But I also wanted to make it good, and I felt that leaving it that tall wouldn't allow for 'good'.  I mean sure... its a story based cap... but its still a cap.

I finally fell on the side of 'good enough' and finished designing it as a tall cap. Here is how it ended up:

Not bad... but not good either.  But fate has a funny way working its touch in.  When I went to post this for Jennifer, the post errored out.  It told me that there was already an attachment called 'busted.jpg'.  So at a minimum I would have to rename the pic and post again.  But I took that little error as a sign.  I decided to see if I could find a second photo to match the one I used.  Really all I needed was a pic of this girl dressed.  I could then make that the image in the first panel, and pull half of the text to that panel.

So I went back to the original image.  I found it using google images, but it was on a page that had dozens of images, all linking to other sites.  But I noticed that the image URL was this:

Now the site I found it on was not ''.  So they were obviously pulling the image form elsewhere.  At first I tried to go to ametureindex directly, but I couldn't find the images I wanted.  So instead I tried changing the '8' to a '7'.  Voila.  I now had another image... but that other image was just another blow job pic.  I finally pulled the url down to and got the actual thumbnail page.

There was even an image of the girl dressed and alone.  Perfect for use in the first panel. Except she was wearing a jacket, covering up the only piece of clothing in the image I used.  And she was outside.  And really she didn't look all that much like the girl in the blowjob picture.

Damn IT!

So now I know that there isn't an image that I would find acceptable to make this work as is.  But I was in the mindset of making it work... so I went off to various thumbnail gallery sites to find a set of pictures that included a girl alone, and that same girl kneeling down to give a blowjob with her clothes on.  It wasn't exactly an easy find, but I eventually found these images:

These weren't by any means perfect.  I didnt' like that she had so much cleavage showing, and instead of a naked man (I had in the story that he undressed), I had a fully clothed man.  Plus while I like the tilted look to the photos, it makes my cropping options a little limited.  But I had now spent a couple hours on this cap, and was willing to accept these.  I mean her lips around the guys cock look just fantastic in my opinion!

As I cropped down the first one and got it into Photoshop I was interrupted with Lunch.  I figured I could pause this operation for about a half hour to share a meal.  So I wandered off to stuff my face with bacon and tomato sandwiches (home grown tomatoes!).  But after lunch it was decided that it would be a perfect time to fix a pipe that was leaking in the basement.


Its not like I can just turn my back on home maintenance.  This pipe has been a major pain, so I agreed to lend a hand, figuring it would take a couple hours. I turned out, to replace about 15 feet of flexible PVC pipe, with proper C-PVC pipe takes longer than a couple hours.  Especailly when we kept buying the wrong pieces.

And to make it worse, I had re-pulled my back that morning at work.  I was only able to stay at work for a couple hours.  Working isn't to bad, so long as I don't slouch, or bend over that much.  But the damned basement is 2 inches shorter than me... so I spent the entire time hunched over.  By the time we were done my back was SCREAMING.  There was no way I was going to make any good design choices like that.

I hoped that i could get the pain under control, and I eventually did.  At 10pm.  Combine my painful achy day with the fact that I had gotten up at 3am for work, and you get me being to tired to concentrate on anything.


So I walked in, saved all the work I had (and saved it in such a haphazard way that it took me 5 minutes to find all my work files this morning), and went to bed.

Finishing it up after a good nights sleep and with my back feeling decent was a breeze this morning.  I like this cap, but I do have three issues with it.  First, is the cleavage problem.  It goes just a bit far for the idea that this is Jeremy dressed up.  Second, is the microphone in the second photo.  The one I just NOW noticed.  Grr.  Third is the pink background.  I swear to god, as much as I like pink, I can't make a good pink background!

Anyway... I like the story, and the story is the important part of this.  I think Jennifer will like it too.  Sorry for the rambling post, but after I lived through all that, I just had to share it with everyone.  Hopefully you got a chuckle out of parts of it.


  1. Very Cool

    Love the postings and captions and your tale of how hard you work at it.

    Thank You!
    Alana-Brianna White

  2. It's funny, when someone else use's falsies in a cap and you can see cleavage, I don't think much about it. I actually REASON it out! I've seen some rather real looking falsies in all my years on the tg web and think, well that's what they are wearing! (unless they are naked..)

    But when I make a crossdressing cap my self, I do exactly he same thing as you and try to cover up as much as I can to make it believable. if they are small breasted enough and I can work it in, then I'll just say they have been on a regimen of hormones and those are budding breasts.

    I think this was a super sexy caption and I loved ending!all of the ground work really paid off i think, I'm glad you didn't try to shorten it or scrap it, because I think this was a hot fantasy! I loved how she made it worse for me with changing the fantasy from just a blow job, to a deep throating! I think carries reaction seeing it's me there and not Jennifer is one of my favorite caught in the moment scenes i've ever read, glad you went dirty with this!

  3. I'm glad when Caitlyn goes dirty as well. She's such a lovely dirty girl.

  4. Very nice cap and your exhaustive blog entry shows how much work and care you put into your caps.

    When making Cd caps I don't really worry too much about covering the cleavage as the reader probably in their heads would imagine that they got the most realistic falsies ever made, covered it all up in make up to blend the seams well. Besides photos can be taken in a way that hides the seams even further. :-) The point is that the readers imagination probably makes the breasts super realistic.