Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Debt

How would you repay a debt?

So I was watching Super 8 this afternoon.  If you've seen the movie, then you know where this idea came from.  If you haven't watched it.... well hey go rent it!  Its a pretty good movie and worth the few bucks.  Anyway, I had the idea of a guy trying to help his friend deal with a chemical accident that left him a woman. Only at the end would I let it out that it should have been the friend that got changed.

But writing it out, I added something new to the story.  The idea of someone fighting so hard to keep their mind... their very identity intact.  I'm not sure if its something I've covered here, or if it was on another blog or even over at the Haven, but its something that I feel fairly strongly about.  The idea that after a transformation you forget your previous life, to me feels like a death.  Give me a female body, make me do depraved sexual acts, even make me compelled to do those acts... but once you change me, then I am turned off.

I can think of only one cap made for me where someone didn't follow that.  And that's a cap that Steffie made for me called "Puppet". That cap was dark in the extreme, and I think it needed that.  It was a punishment, and to me that made it the worst punishment of all.  Other people have made me caps that went into the 'character death' direction, but I could always work it out in my head that 'Calvin' was still under there... still struggling at what he had become and what he was doing.

So what was supposed to be four short text boxes, became two very long text boxes.  I had to do quite a bit of editing, but it was mostly repetitive phrases.  I blanch a little at taking those out, as I felt they helped convey just how frustrated and scared 'Caitlyn' is.  But in the end I think that feeling still comes across.

Oh, and a word about the design.  I normally try to take the background color for my caps from within the image.  I know that there is only a tiny bit of green in the first panel, and none in the second.  But when I first designed this I used a tan/brown color scheme.  But when I was getting close to done, I realized that my previous cap had the same basic colors.  As I talked a bit in "Morning Stretches Are About Trust" about it, I won't cover the same ground.  Just let me say that I don't want to use the same color scheme twice in a row. As tan/brown was out, I was really open to any other color.  I picked green because its a color I don't feel I use often enough.  I think it worked, but you let me know.... would this have been better with a tan/brown color scheme instead?

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