Thursday, April 26, 2012

LtSL: Introductions

Introducing your boyfriend and sissy is important!

So I've often looked at images and thought that this would make a nice quick cap about a sissy's new life.  I always pictured it as a kind of 'manual' for the proud owner of a new sissy.  I guess this comes from seeing other cap artists' 'worlds' be expanded upon.  Like Steffie's motivational posters.  Nothing that would take hours to make, but would give a good squirmy feeling.

Well, it turns out I'm going to try that now.  Welcome to "Living the Sissy Life".  I may expand upon the company more in future caps, but for now it's simply talking about your brand new 'Sissy Life sissy'.  This particular story is about introducing your new sissy to your boyfriend.

I obviously hope to make more of these, and even made a label for them "LtSL"

If you have any ideas that might make a good cap for "LtSL" just drop me a line in the 'Ask Caitlyn a Question' area!


  1. A wonderful idea for a series of captions! Sissy Life sounds like a darling company. I'd love to "tour" their head quarters. I look forward to seeing more in this series!

  2. the colors, the pictures, the layout makes it so sexy and yet so very sweet.

  3. So, uh, Caitlyn? You wouldn't consider writing me into one of your LTSL captions? Would you? Pretty please? I'll make it worth your while...


    1. Tee Hee!

      I get the distinct impression that you wouldn't need any of the Sissy Life training Leeanne! I mean after willingly and eagerly pleasing your first 100 followers (thanks again for that!), you would be qualified to teach (train) at the Sissy Life Institute!

      But I might write you into a non sissy life sissy caption!