Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Re-Design (input requested)

A little housecleaning never hurt anybody!

So I put this blog up seventeen months ago, and beyond adding some extra 'gadgets' on the sidebar, and changing the header image a few times, the design hasn't changed a bit.  Now I don't believe in change for the sake of change, but to be honest, the hot pink color was starting to get a little grating, and the variations on pink that I was using never felt quite right.

Plus when Simone and Steffi updated the design of their blogs, I got a little jealous of their header graphics.  Simone's in particular is just gorgeous.    I've always been a little proud of the image that I had in the background, (the lady with the stockings), but I realized just how hard it was to line up.  I had always intended it to line up just under the side bars, but that placement worked fine for the width of my browser window.   It didn't mean it would work for anyone else's browser window.  So I've been intending to get rid of her for awhile now.

Put all that together, and I've got a new blog.

Here is what I've added/changed:

  • Removed stockings background image
  • Added gradient background
  • Changed Hot Pink colors to Subtle/Warm Pink colors
  • Moved one sidebar from the right to the left
  • Changed Font (was Trebuchet to Droid Sans)
  • Changed some titles to italics
  • Added a page counter for the last 30 days of page views
  • Changed header image size, added multiple headers
The multiple headers is something I'm particularly proud of.  I had seen some sites that would change a graphic on each load, but couldn't find an easy way to do this in blogger.  What it required was to make my actual header graphic a transparent gif the same size as the new headers.  Then using an html gadget, added a java script that would load one of 9 different images.  

It sounds easy, but it took me the better part of two hours to figure out.  

So beyond adding the page counter, there is no new functionality to the blog.  But that's where you come in, as I have a couple questions for you. 

First, what do you think of the new design?  Is the header to big?  Do the colors look 'right'?  Is it weird having the sidebars on either side of the posts?

And second, is there any functionality or even design element that you would like to see here?

Some thing's that I've seen are 'social' buttons, (These are the facebook/google+/twitter style buttons that let you share a post on those mediums), and the instant 'Hate it, Like it, Love it' buttons.  I'm sure there are other things that I haven't noticed out there that might be interesting too.  If so, let me know. 

Anyway, I hope you like the new look.  If you don't, let me know and I'll consider changing it.  


  1. I like the new look! The changing header is really cool, but for some reason it won't load Sun I visit on my phone. I'm not sure if it's because of the mobile version of your site or because the connection I have is preventing it from loading all the way. I don't know if you could set a static header image solely for mobile browsing though.

    Other than that teensy hiccup, everything looks great!

    1. I hadn't considered the mobile version. I double checked the new layout in Chrome (my primary browser), Firefox, and IE all on the computer. I then checked it on my Android Tablet, but I have all if its browsers (Dolphin HD, Opera Mini, standard browser) all set to view pages in desktop mode.

      It worked everywhere. I'll look into it though, but fist I'll have to see if I can force one of my 'droid browsers into mobile mode, so that I can see what you are seeing.

    2. o.k... I checked, and yes the mobile version won't load the header at all. I think it has more to do with Java script, than with the file size. If I put up a 'static' header, it will cover the dynamic one (and I can't specify that the static one only appear on the mobile version. Right now mobile traffic is roughly 5% of my traffic. And since the mobile version looks 'bad' as is, I don't think its worth taking down the dynamic header just to add some spice to the 5% of traffic. They can still see the caps, and that's whats important.

      If you want though, double check the browser on your phone. You may be able to put it in a 'desktop' mode and turn the java script on. I know I did that to an android phone recently.

    3. I can switch to viewing the web version and the header shows up fine. It's easier for me to read in the mobile view though. Not seeing the header isn't a big problem, I just wanted you to be aware of it in case there was something you could do.

  2. I miss the stockings girl!

    1. She may not be in the background any more, but she is in one of the headers. She doesn't look as smooth as all the other graphics I have in the headers, but I couldn't bear to part with her either!

  3. Huge header is huge! I have a 22 inch monitor at work (smaller than the one at home) and it is literally 60 percent of the viewing window!)

    When you say that the header changes, do you mean upon hitting another page? It sort of does that. IF you meant that its supposed to transition from one picture to another, it doesn't do that for me.

    I definitely like the color changes, and not having the stockings constantly on the screen is great for me here at work, since I can scroll past the huge header and it just looking like any other blog.

    My suggestions would be to move the "recent comments" up a bit in that column (when I pop on here, if there isn't a new post since the last time I visit, I look to see if there have been new comments made) and move the "Haven Quarterly" advertisement down a bit since its been on sale for a few months now (plus it clashes with the color scheme!)

    Other than that, I really like the redesign.

    1. So do you think the header is TOO big then? I though the same of Simone's when I first saw it, but quickly got used to it. Of course mine is bigger than that now.

      The header should change on each page load. So when you click to go into a post, it should change. It shouldn't change on its own though. Reloading the page, or going to another page should change it, BUT there are only 9 headers to choose from, and its randomized. So you could get the same header twice in a row.

      I'll do that.. I think the Haven Quarterly will move below the recent comments, but I'll leave the 'pages' and the 'Ask Caitlyn a Question' above recent comments.

  4. I liked that previous header title you had with the eye, very touchy. (and just noticed your header changes... How do you that?)

    As an overall rate of your blog layout. I think it has acquired a professional look. Everything is where it supposed to be and I personally like the gradient change in the upperside from soft violet (maybe?) to black...

    Ah Dee, but Caitlyn does post some huge captions about cocks stuffed in mouths and such *giggle*. How come not having the stocking girl helps at all? I need something similar again!!! ^_^

    Lastly, since I'm using a laptop from now on, and it has a wide screen. It fits perfectly the page for me :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Much like the stocking girl, the 'logo' is part of one of the headers. I like its design to much to just drop it.

      And I see what Dee is saying. Its one thing to have a smallish graphic of a blowjob on your screen, that you can hope soemone doesn't see quickly. Its another to have that blowjob scene (which a couple of the headers have) taking up that much of your screen. Plus having "Caitlyn's Masks" so large is move obvious than just a pink/black background with some pictures.

  5. I love almost everything about the new design. The only slight drawback for me is I've never been a fan of the three column layout, as I feel like it makes the screen too cluttered. But then again you have a lot more information in your sidebars than I have on my blog so maybe having them on both sides is needed to cut down on the length of the page.

    But other than that, everything looks amazing. I love the multiple headers (especially the eye) and the switch to a softer and warmer color fits with the idea of using a mask for comfort very nicely. Including a page counter is always a plus as well, but then again I'm a number junkie who enjoys having as much data as possible.

    As a whole, fantastic new design that fits your blog perfectly.

    1. I've had a three column set up since I started the blog. The two smaller ones were just off on the right is all. The main reason I went to this layout is so that the 'post' column is centered once you scroll down past the other columns.

      I like having the count, but I just don't like Blogger's counting. Right now it says I have just a touch over 1.4 million page views. But Google Analytics (which I started using two months after starting the blog) says I have just over 3k shy of 2 million page views. So the '30 days' counter seems like a good compromise.

  6. There is a vividness to the color choices and ascetics that I just love. It's so very much you and definitely a testament to your eye for the visual.

  7. You did a good job. To be honest I was considering changing around my blog as well.