Saturday, October 17, 2015

Living Up High

Twin Towering Heels?

I spotted this image at DirrtyMarc.  A Tumbler with many wonderful images posted each day.  I actually noticed it a couple days ago (at least I think it was a couple days ago!).  At the time it was simply a lovely image but nothing came to me story wise.   Then while playing at DX, I recalled the image and thought of the double meaning of living up high.  High up on heels, and high up in a highrise.

Thankfully I found the image again easily enough and wrote it up as an obscura.  But a couple other things got to me.  First, I've really been enjoying Samantha de Savory's captions recently.  Her caps convey so much with so few words that it can really be mind blowing.   For example check out a recent cap of hers.  Before I give you the link, lemme give you the entire text of it:

All of Michael’s previous sense of self and manhood had just been blown away.

The title (and link) to this cap is "Blown Away".  And yes, I was indeed blown away by it.  The text alone doesn't tell the story.  It barely scratches the surface.  The image alone wouldn't bring many (if any) one to this story... but that's what Samantha does.  She takes a few words and transforms a fine image into a deep and thought provoking story.

So I had her caps in mind.  I also had noticed Erin's newest cap (newest as I write this) that involves taking her design into a new direction.  It was simply because she had an image that wouldn't work with her standard layout... but it worked wonderfully.

So with short caps and text over the image style caps in mind I figured I would go ahead and make this one into a cap.  I certainly don't hit the 'short and sweet' nail like Samantha does, and I certainly don't build up a story like Erin does... but I think for me this is a nice balance.  Not spelling everything out and yet fitting a small amount of text onto the image and letting the image tell a large portion of the story.

It will never be one of my favorites... but I think it's pretty nice.  Hopefully you get a kick out of it as well.

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  1. Lovely cap, I have saved several pictures of ladies overlooking a city, knowing there was a story in it, but never came up with one. You certainly have a great one here.
    With the captions in mind you have done in the past, the style of this one is modest. Still, I think this cap needs that. Anything more spectacular may be overdoing it.