Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Ride for A Ride

Now that's how you negotiate!

Like most of my recent caps this came from a pure desire to create.  Just get a sexy image, imagine a quick story, write it out in a simple straight forward way, and then put it into a simple fun layout.

While looking for an image to spark something I came across this one first:

My mind (as well as other parts of me) went all a flutter.  Her pose reminds me of the dead bodies we see on crime shows.  I immediatly started to picture two detectives talking... maybe going over some evidence.  I didn't write these out, but here are some fragments that I imagined:

She has two drivers licences... one for a Calvin Masked and one for a Caitlyn Masked.  What's that?  Oh, it looks like a journal of some kind.  Well, she mentions a lot of names, but two are mentioned more than the others.... Jennifer Swallows and Leeanne Montgomery.  Hmm... seems that she worked at the Gentleman's club down the street... you know, the new one called The Haven?  Seems like she may have been forced to work there... maybe they were holding this Calvin guy hostage?  Ahh... yup she was more than a dancer, they were forcing her to be an escort too.  That would explain the lipstick, breath mints and condoms in her purse. But it looks like she was a little off too... here's a passage talking about how each man she'd be with would somehow make her breasts grow... wait a minute... check under her panties... is this a guy?

I'm putting the names (Calvin, Caitlyn, Jennifer, Leeanne) in as placeholders... I hadn't thought much on who would be the star and who would be the villains.  I thought it might be interesting to tell parts of the hero/heroine's story through bits of evidence, but I came across several problems.  One would be the length... as you can see from just the fragments here, it would be a fairly long story.  Another would be the ending... I would need some kind of zinger to wrap up the story... maybe who killed her? Maybe she's not dead?  Something.  Another problem was just the dark idea of starting with the heroine being dead... I know blackmail and forced feminzation (let alone forced prostitution) is pretty dark, but I try not to joke around about death.

So before I even started writing I gave up on the idea.  I just didn't have the time nor the personal inclination to make this work.

The next image up in my Google Image search was the one of the beauty on the bike (Damn it!  That would have made a good title... The Beauty and The Bike!).  My mind brought up all the fun ways that we describe a bike and how they could easily be describing a sexy woman, and I knew I could make a fun quick cap out of it.

Design wise, it's fairly simple.  The text colors were pulled from the image itself and I only had to darken the right side of the image to make it all pop.  I didn't even change the font between the story and the text.  I probably could have done more with the text layout... maybe tilting it to line up with the 'DUCATI' in the background of the image... but in all honesty I just wanted to play with getting the text legible without having a text box to separate it from the background.

Overall I think it fits well into my new norm... a fun quick story that treads on other ideas and caps.  I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. This is such a strong image that you didn't have to do too much to make it work. Provide the right fantasy and add your trademark elements that make it a "Caitlyn Caption." The "equivalent exchange" theme of the story works so well and you tell a lot with just a minimal amount of text - the impact is as powerful as the image itself!

  2. Dear Caitlyn,

    My sissy vanity won't let me not revel in the thought that your fantasy mind fixates on me as partial inspiration, even if I don't end up in the actual caption you finally blessed us with. I absolutely love it! Love! Love! Love!