Come Play With Me

Updated 12/29/2017

You probably know me as Caitlyn, former cap artist and current obscurra artist.  If you've been a regular visitor to this blog for awhile now you also probably know that I role play over at The D+X Institute, and if so then this page is probably fairly redundant to you as it's a simple request for you to come play with me.

But let me back up a bit.  I don't like assuming things and i don't want to assume you know what D+X is or even what role playing is (I'm going to assume you know what forced feminization is as you're already here and you haven't run away screaming... yet!).  So what's role playing?  Why role play?  Why role play specifically at D+X?

By simply being at this blog and clicking around I WILL assume that you are a fan of transgendered captions/art/stories.  I started out by reading my fair share of stories and later continued that trend by reading and finally making my own caption stories.  The biggest problem with most stories is that they're created from the artists perspective and not from the readers perspective.  I'm not talking about writing in the first person as opposed to the third person.  I mean that a story, even one you enjoy, may not necessarily feel like it's YOUR story.  That's certainly not a knock against the author or artist as it can even happen with Stephen King, Earnest Hemingway, or Bill Shakespeare.  Its always going to be a problem in a passive entertainment medium.  Reading a book, watching a television show, watching a movie. 

Even playing a game can fit into that as you only have a limited set of options.  Try playing Battlefield 1 and being a pacifist.  That game is awful if played that way.  Role playing is that next step.  There can't be a complaint about what happens in the story as you ARE the story.  For example, one of my most popular caps is 'Learning to be a Real Man'.  It fits my desire pretty straight on, but it starts with the heroine of the cap agreeing to wear a maids outfit.  What if he didn't agree to that?  Or what if he fought back harder?  Or what if he never fought back?  In the cap you just have to follow along with what I wrote, but in role playing you get to make all those decisions.  And it's not a computer deciding how to act or react to your decisions, it's another live person with their own desires and decisions playing across from you.

In a nutshell, role playing is far closer to experiencing this fiction as opposed to just reading about it.

Now role playing can happen anywhere that people gather together.  The hard part isn't necessarily finding someone else who wants to play.  The hard part is agreeing to what happens.   Are you being transformed by your girlfriend?  Is your buddy doing this to you in his apartment?  Is there a multi billion dollar corporation feminizing you and other men in a factory setting?  In a casino setting?  In a school setting?  Are you playing with cross dressing?  Advanced technological changes?  Magic?

In short, you have to define the world you are playing in.  That can be the hardest part and that's where sites like The D+X Institute come in.  The D+X Institute is a forced feminization role playing site set up in a world where a massive corporation takes men and transforms them into women.  They then go further and train them in one of several disciplines like secretaries or trophy wives.  These transformed men progress through their training in school like levels striving toward graduation.

That basic formula started years and years ago and has been going on ever since with little change.  Most of the players there that are staff members started out as new girls themselves.  It's a world set up with it's own lore and history and half the fun is learning about all of that history.

Now I'm not saying that D+X is the only forced feminization role playing site and I'm not even saying it's the best.  What I AM saying is that out of all the sites I've tried, it's the one I've called home.  I've played at D+X since early 2011.  I started out as a guy getting transformed into a new girl, I progressed through my training and eventually joined the staff and helped other's go through their training.  I did leave for awhile when I lost touch with my feminine self, but after a few years away I returned to the welcoming arms of my friends.  I went from staff back to girl to better fit my 'back to being feminine' state of mind, and then progressed again.  I graduated, became staff and even became the managing executives of the Media Services department.

Now if you're here at Caitlyn's Masks and you like the stuff I write, then I just simply have to assume you'll like the experience at D+X.  Seriously, it's a BLAST!  Like a great game, it can be played in so many variations that it fits most peoples desires.  Don't like the idea of being forced?  Then play a voluntary transformee.  Don't like playing overly sexualized situations, then play that chaste way.  Does your fantasy fit into the secretary/prostitute/movie-star/maid/nurse/slave/wife?  Then play in the Office Services, Personal Services, Media Services, Hospitality, Health Care, Catacombs, Finishing School departments that match that particular fetish.  Hell, even if you don't want to play being feminized, you can come play as a Patron and start out as a strong confident woman or man that simply comes to the Institute to play with all the new girls!

I simply can't speak high enough praise for D+X.  There are a lot of things I like in this world that I don't mention here as I don't think there's a reason you'll like it too.  But this is the exception.  I honestly believe you'll love playing at D+X.  If you've role played before, then I think you'll get a kick out of the players and particular world of D+X.  If you haven't played before, then I think you'll get a great friendly soft introduction to playing that will cater to your inexperience.  The only downside at all that I can think of is time.  There's only 24 hours in any given day and I want to spend at least 40 hours a day at D+X!

So... this page is set up to be a guide to my plea of 'Come Play With Me'.  I've gone into more detail on describing D+X several times before and I imagine I'll be making this plea more times in the future.  No matter when you're reading this, I'll keep this page up to date with all that information.

The easiest way to keep track of all my D+X writings is the DX label.  All of my D+X posts have been tagged with it.  But if you'd like a more curated tour...

My first introduction to D+X here at the blog was actually a cap I made back in October of 2011.  Escape from D+X Institute is a 6 page cap I made from the attempted escape of one of the girls.

In October of 2016 I made a far more direct plea.  It was the first time I directly asked you, my audience, to Come Play With Me!  That plea was followed up by several obscurra/stories regarding some fun things that go on at the Institute including:

The Slave Auction:  Just about every year the Institute has a slave auction that is an absolute blast!

Lip Service for Him:  This describes taking classes at the Institute including one of my favorites that teaches new girls how to give blow jobs.

Transformation:  This post goes over the transformation process.  It's one of the few regimented areas of the site as we want everybody to have a common experience.

Dictating:  This post goes over some of the departments and how each one is unique.

Girl Group:  This post goes over friendships at the site.  Seriously, I've met some of my best friends at D+X.

Perspective:  This post describes the patron experience.  Playing at the site without playing in the role of a girl getting transformed.

Growing and Learning:  This last plea of 2016 was about how playing at D+X didn't just help me have fun, it helped me internally define what --> I <-- am.  Where Caitlyn and Calvin combine and separate.

In late 2017 I made another direct plea.  Many great players came over in 2016 and I figured if it worked once, why not try it again.  Instead of picking some facets of playing at D+X though, I made a post for each of the Institutes departments.

Catacombs:  Where slave girls love/hate to be tied up all day long!

Finishing School:  Where boys will be wives!

Health Care:  Where nurses heal, and are healed!

Hospitality:  Where maid clean but stay dirty!

Media Services:  Where stars and nerds are born!

Office Services:  Where dictation means taking dick!

Personal Services:  Where being a whore isn't derogatory... it's a level to be achieved!

I even added a page about Patrons, where you can play as the very customer that buys and uses our lovely girls!

Early in 2018 I took the next step and actually talked to some of the girls that ended up playing at D+X and got there from this blog.  I'm going to write up some of their experiences and post them here for you to get another perspective on the whole experience.

The D+X Arrival of Reubeca Sweetheart

The D+X Arrival of Aryanna Davis

And I'm sure later in the year, I'll make another plea.

At the end of the day I just want you to have fun and I think you'll find a whole lot of fun if you Come Play With Me!   If you do head on over and start playing, tell em Caitlyn sent you!