Saturday, March 15, 2014

Man's Man

Two little letters change everything!

I'd normally go into some level of detail on how I created a cap when I post it... but this time I already went into FAR more detail than I normally do.  I don't know what made me think about doing it, but I kept an ongoing journal of sorts that can be read about in this post.

I hope you like both the cap, and if your inclined to do so, I hope you like the process as well.  It's probably not something I'm going to do all that often (if ever again).


  1. Hi Caitlyn,
    Wonderful story.
    It seems to sum up some of what I feel 'm going through.
    What my mind wants and what my heart wants
    such a conflict between the two, but true peace within one's heart,
    by going with your heart.
    You always do such a great job.
    I've thought of starting a blog, but I would be so embarrassed, as I couldn't hold a candle to the quality that you, Simone, Sara, Leanne, Niki and and so many others do.

    1. Rhonda,

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the cap! You actually got a lot more meaning out of it than I intended to put in.

      As to making your own blog... GO FOR IT! Don't worry about comparing your caps to mine, or anybody else's. My caps aren't as articically designed as well as Simone's. My caps aren't as quick and fun as Dees. Mine aren't as over the top XXX as Smitty's. Mine aren't as masterfully manipulated as Nikki's. Mine aren't as realistically sexy as Sara or Leeanne's. My caps are simply mine, and your caps should simply be your own. If you have the desire to create, then you should follow that desire and share it with everybody else.

      And hey... out of everybody that we've mentioned; not a single one started out as good as they are today! The only way to get better is to start creating and never stop!