Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Long Boners

Be mindful of any compulsions you add to your spells!

I wanted to pay Dee back for making me part of her DIY cap project awhile back.  My first thought was actually to go and do one of her preferences that I haven't tackled yet...

Changed from a punk or goth guy to a "claire's shopping, girlie girl, mall hanger" 

So I wandered off to Google Images and searched for variations on "cute mall girls".  I didn't have any idea where the story would go and figured I'd get some inkling of an idea out of the image itself.  Sadly, while I found plenty of good fun images, none spoke to me.  I went back to her preferences and found another direction to go in...

I'm very partial to pantyhose/stockings and heels

I figured even if I didn't find an image to cap, I'd have fun looking at images of sexy women in hose and heels.  And boy was I right.  Here are a couple that I saved back but ended up not using:

I swear that black and white image has a cap in it, and I must have stared at it for a good 30 minutes.... but I still got nothing from it.  Then I came upon the trombone image.  My mind kept circling the thought of 'Wow... that's a big bonner for such a sexy girl!"  And there I had my cap.  I added in Dee's love for compulsions and went with it.

My first action was actually cropping the image slightly and adding the title.  Next was making a quick list of compulsions that included 'Big Long Boners'.  After I had that set I wrote up the short story without directly referencing the compulsions.  I wanted to keep it short so that the image and the title would do the heavy lifting, hoping that the reader could fill in what the exact compulsions were.  But once I plopped the story in with the standard text box.... well it felt a little unwieldy.  The image was vastly unbalanced.  Here's what I was roughly looking at:

The big triangular space in the upper left bothered me, but I didn't think the story would fit well up there.  Sure, I could have cropped the image down on the right (say next to the tow of her left foot), and shoehorn the story into the space provided, but then all the emphasis would be on the left instead of the right.  So that was out.

I played with it a bit, but quickly realized that I had to ut something in that space.  And with nothing else popping into my head, it only made sense to put the actual compulsions in there.  I'm not sure if it's better or worse with that addtion story wise, but I can say with utter confidence that layout wise it's MUCH better.

As soon as I saw the image I knew that this wouldn't be some awesome story or wonderful cap... I was simply choosing to go for the quick chuckle.  Hopefully Dee and all the other people that see this get that effect before moving on to more interesting caps.


  1. Definitely no sad trombone sounds here for this one, perhaps a quick rimshot or two, and just look at the wah-wah's I've got there!

    It does work better design-wise. I really don't care if other people don't want a quick chuckle, as we need lots of different kinds of TG captions out there in the wilds of those tubes (or tubas!) that make up the internets.

    Love it Caitlyn! You are in the (musical) groove!