Monday, December 5, 2016

Really Quite Uncomfortable

Not just physically uncomfortable!

It’s really quite uncomfortable how sucking a guy’s cock has gotten so… comfortable?  So every day?  So... normal.  When Judy caught me cheating I was devastated.  Sure, I was always a womanizer and always looking for the freshest piece of ass I could find, but I fell in love with Judy.   Having that woman give me a BJ was muscle memory and I knew it was wrong. 

So when Judy said she had a way I could prove I was over that lifestyle, I agreed without even hearing it.  I’d like to think that I would have agreed even if she had laid it all out and let me know just how far she was going to take me…. But I’m just not sure I can say that.  It started with taking my masculinity away.  Initially I looked ridiculous in panties and an empty bra, but they were only the foundations of my change.   My hair was shaved smooth and kept that way.  My penis was locked away in a cage and she had the only key.  I was given dresses and skirts and feminine uniforms to wear.  I was given heels to wear and makeup to put on.  I was given wigs and fake fingernails.  I was given corsets to wear and they were tightened every day.  I was put on a crash diet that made me lose dozens of pounds over the past year. 

Maybe I would have accepted this mindset earlier if Judy had made this full time.  But every morning I’d wake up, shower, shave , and put on my maids outfit for making breakfast.  After serving her in bed I had to change in my business suit, clean off my makeup, and head into work.  Once I got home, it was back into makeup and heels and dresses for the rest of the day.  Hearing the guy’s womanizing stories at work was tough as when I got home I could only imagine being on the other side of their triumphs.   And six months into this repentance…. Judy said I was ready to do just that.  She said I was now completely passable.  That I was even sexy and beautiful when all made up.  

At first she helped me.  We’d go to the bar together and she’d pick out my man for the night.   She’s explain to him that I was young and innocent and wanted to learn how to give a blow job.   My own blush and silence sold the story to the men as they guided me to my knees behind the club or in the bathroom.   But as I grew more comfortable in this humiliating role, the more Judy asked of me.  She stat making me approach the man she chose.  Then she’d make me choose the man.  Then she’d send me to the bar alone.  Then she started giving me criteria like getting the man off in just a few minutes, or having multiple men in a single night.  She even started making me bring them into our home so she could watch me. 

I’d like to say I’m not taking any pride in this… but I can pick up any man I want and have his fly open in a matter of seconds.   I’ve swallowed more cum than most whores have and can make a man cream his pants just by rubbing him the right way.  And maybe it’s because I change from masculine to feminine so many times ever day, but no one can recognize me.  Just last week Judy had me find a different coworker each night and use them as my nightly targets.  Each day I’d have to hear about the eager cocksucker that the guys seduced knowing full well it was my lips that they’d pierced.  That it was my belly that they dumped their cum into. 

I had thought that after that week of humiliation that Judy’s plan was nearly done… that maybe I had proven my love for her.  But this morning she helped me slide a but plug in and wear it all day.  I can still feel it pulsing and vibrating back there as I take Heath’s cock and suck it for all I’m worth.  Judy said that it would probably take another month or so for my ass to be ready and that the lover I brought home tonight would then take my cherry.  I’d have picked someone smaller if she’d told me that before I went out on the prowl. 

I imagine by years end it will be really quite uncomfortable just how normal it will be to have a guy fucking me.  

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  1. I struggle to find words for how this affects me so. Such an overwhelming trap of femininity it has me breathless and wanting more, yet you end it so beautifully succinctly that I think more would be less.
    Also, is it my imagination or are your images lately getting even more *ahem* mind blowing?