Saturday, July 7, 2018

Finding My Friend, Finding My Self

Can you ever really find anybody?

I really didn't intend to make a cap today.  I didn't even intend to make anything for the blog.  But Caitlyn seems to be sneaking back into me and as she's been gone for awhile I'm doing everything I can to encourage her to come back fully, so once I got the slightest urge to write I headed on over to fuskator and started looking at images.  It's been awhile since I made a quick and dirty, down on her knees, blow job heavy, obscura, so that's what I looked for.  I saw this image and I was immediately enamored with the 'sneaky' feeling.  It's like we're peaking in at what's going on.

Not wanting to waste a single moment, I just went with it.  I opened up word and started writing with the first idea that came to mind.  I wanted to keep it short and sweet but even a few sentences in, I knew I wanted to have a twist at the end.  I started writing with the intent that it would seem that I was writing from the perspective of the person peaking through the door, where at the end of the cap you'd realize the person's thoughts were actually the girl kneeling and working, and you were reading her remembrance of when she found her friend and are actually seeing her work right now.

Yeah, it's not a big reveal or anything as it's only four paragraphs long,but it made me smile so I'm happy with it.  Once I finished writing I looked at the image and wondered if I should crop it down some as almost half of the image was the door or wall or whatever we're peeking around.  It then hit me.... I have a lot of blank space, I only have four paragraphs... I have the perfect cap setup.  I wouldn't even need to put in any text boxes as the background works as perfect text boxes.

So the majority of the work was just lining up the text.  Easy Peasy.  It's certainly not one of my best, but for not making a cap in almost 6 months, I'd say it's pretty good!  I hope you enjoy it!

source: fuskator


  1. Very sexy! Definitely a nice visit from Caitlyn.

    1. Thank you Beatrice! Hopefully this isn't just a visit, but a sign that Caitlyn is coming back for a long stay!

  2. its always nice seeing perspective changes. we always focus so much on one character, that moving in other players into the scene adds a lot of depth to it. very nicely done.

    Have you ever thought that maybe caitlyn is just your creative muse, and that every once and a while she needs to be let out of her cage to create. Once satisfied she goes back to sleep, only popping her hear up as needed.

    1. Thanks Calli!

      You know, I did think that Caitlyn was just a version of my muse. I thought that for a long while. But after a long while and a lot of introspection I realized it's more than that. I still feel creative when she's gone, and I lose more than TG style creativity when she's not here.

      No, there's a distinct difference inside of me when I'm feeling feminine (Caitlyn) and when I'm feeling non-feminine (I refuse to call that/this state 'normal' any longer).