Saturday, December 26, 2020

Santa Brought His Baby Back

Does Santa grant wishes the day after Christmas?

This was a fun cap for a few different reasons.  I actually wanted to make a cap and post it on Christmas Day, but while I found a lot of images that got my creative juices (and other juices) going, only one started with a good story but that story would be far to long for a cap.  More on that in a bit.  So, I ended up just leaving the images up on the computer as I went to do my holiday duties.  While listening to some Christmas Carols and driving over for Christmas dinner, the song 'Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)' came on back to back.  You see, I love both the original Elvis version and the 2005 Reverend Horton Heat version.  

And as those lyrics played, I heard the story of a friend wanting to help his buddy out.  He wanted Santa to bring his friend's baby back to him.  I know.... cliched as all hell, but I figured I could put a 'Caitlyn' spin on it and make it fun.  My only problems were that I was hours away from being able to sit at the computer and write this story out and I didn't have an image to work with.  By the time I had the time to write, the writing mood had left me.  My computer was asleep and when I readied for bed I was tired enough that the blinking light wasn't going to bother me, so I left it that way.  

This morning, it all came together.  When I got my computer up and running and finished a facebook reply tearing down someone's "poll" about nobody wanting socialist medicine, I moved over to my secondary desktop (yes, I still hide it away) and saw the images I had been looking at the previous day.  

The images I was looking at had centered on Cadey Mercury.  Goddess, I love her as a porn star!  She's cute, adorable, innocent looking (no, she's not innocent!), and has some of the best moans in the industry.  At the time I was going for a 'half transformed' story as her short hair and less than gargantuan breasts makes her ideal for that.  Now, my tried and true image partner 'Fuskator' is down right now without the ability to show the larger versions of images (and it's really frustrating to see a thumbnail of an image you love, only to find you can't see it in all it's full sized glory!), so I used Google Image search for Cadey Mercury.  

While looking at the image I used in the above cap, I realized I could make it work for the Santa bring my baby back story.  I mean, the bones of the story is the heroine of our story wants to help his friend and gets transformed into his 'baby'.  So why exactly does there need to be a Christmas tree or presents or a Santa hat?  So, with the image up on the screen I loaded Word up and started writing.  I thought I might be writing too much, but thankfully it fit fairly well.  It's longer winded than my more recent caps, but I do think it works well.  It has that more classic squirmy feeling. 

One thing I actually focused on, was not worrying about details that normally take me down paths I don't necessarily need to follow.  For instance, why wasn't Greg and Ella together right then?  Did they break up?  Did she move across country?  Was it a COVID reason?  And why where her shorts still in the hamper?  Why hadn't she ever given him a BJ before?  What was going through the heroine's head while he started to suck off his friend?  I started writing out explanations for each of these questions, but I let myself pull back and just ignore it as it really didn't help the flow for a cap sized story.  Guy wishes his friend's baby was back, guy transforms into his friend's baby, guy tries to warn his friend, guy ends up having sex with his friend as his friend's baby.  That's it, just a simply fun, squrimy story!  

Now, I mentioned a story that would have been too long.  Here's the image that inspired it:

 Yeah, it's still Cadey, and if you haven't seen that particular porn video, I'd highly recommend it.  I think it's a New Sensations video, but all the clips I find point to CherryPop.  Anywho, I had this as one of my images to consider from Christmas.  The story I had came up oddly...

He/she is obviously dressed as a cheerleader and is reluctantly (as is often in my stories) giving a BJ to some guy.  I really don't want to write a cheerleader story, so why else would he/she be dressed up like that?  How about a dance troupe?  Sure, he's a dancer but male dancers have a lot more trouble finding work as they're not often included in girl groups for videos or backup dancers for singers (I really don't know if that's true, but it feels true).  So at the encouragement of his girlfriend (maybe just a friend who happens to be a girl?) he goes through a transformation to see if he could do what female dancers do.  I'd go into all the things he does to 'transform' like breast enhancement (not surgery, just things glued to his chest), a gaff, ass enhancement (like the breasts), corset like waist cincher, and finally dancer tights that fit him tightly and help with his curves.  He has his hair styled in a pixie style (obvious idea from the image) knowing he can cut it down later, and joins his girlfriend in the studio.  While in the studio the dance troupe she's part of comes in for their practice (she has her days mixed up) and believe that she brought another girl for an audition.  Not wanting to get in trouble for trying to 'fool' the troupe  with a man dressed as a woman, she tells him to tank the audition so they can get out of here, but he gets teased for his short pixie hair and his small breasts, and can't help but play it up... and gets a job with the troupe.  

That's about as far as the story got.  I hadn't even got into the cheerleader uniform (maybe for a music video shoot), or who the guy is (someone trying to set him up?  An executive for the video production company...).  But I felt that those details would just fall in place.  The problem is that once I wrote the above paragraph into a story form, it would be far FAR to long for a cap.  It'd be bordering on to long for a Obscurra.  

So why not write it up as a story?  I can use Cadey here as an inspiration but don't have to follow the image at all.   You see, ever since I wrote and posted "Thesis" I lost the desire to write.  I hate saying it, but the comments about the length really made me feel like I'd done the story a diservice.  It should have been presented as far shorter pieces (maybe 4 parts?) and then it would have gotten more people to read it and maybe even comment on it.  I still have another story in mind from that time, but it's about twice as long as 'Thesis" so I didn't want to explore it.  But this idea?  I doubt it would be as long and might sit more like "Opals and Pearls".  

I don't know where the story would go from there, but he'd be looking for a way out as he doesn't want to dress up as a girl and especially doesn't want to get recognition as a girl that he can't use... but the group gets popular and he can't deny the money.  His girl friend also wants to keep him actively in the group because otherwise she'd look bad.  Maybe even throw in a couple other members of the troupe, one trying to get a lesbian relationship with him (make her taller, stronger, more curvy), and another that wants to set him up with a guy she knows.  It sounds like it could be a lot of fun and goes down that 'good guy in a bad place' layer upon layer of lies that I like to write.  

Anywho, I hope you like the cap and am sorry it didn't come out on Christmas.  


  1. Merry Christmas C! Hope you got what you wanted!

  2. Marry Christmas Caitlyn...xox

    sissy terrie

  3. Beautiful Holiday caption. Thank you and wishing you had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year is memorable.