Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I name you Chloe

My perfect slave is... me?

So as I'm sure you are all tired of hearing me complain about, I have had a long list of Cap debt at the Haven for quite awhile.  And I think I mentioned that I don't really like the idea of capping someone ahead of my debt.  So I have this mental list of people that I would like to cap, that I never seem to get around to because I am almost constantly in debt.

Mistress Simone has been at the top of that list for quite awhile.  She got to the top of my list both because I though she would be interesting to cap, but also because she makes wonderful caps and I would love to star in one them.  She has commented on quite a few of my caps, and always has interesting and supportive things to say about them.  So she has been in my mind for... oh.... 9 months?

I even recall seeing in her preferences at one point that she has several personas to cap.  Her normal Mistressy self (Simone), her extremely dominant Mistress (Sasha), and even a submissive (Chloe).  I had this very vague but very compelling idea of having Mistress Simone seduce and transform her former self.  Time paradoxes aside, I loved the idea of needing a strong slave, and the only person that fits the bill is herself.

And the idea only grew stronger as I saw her capped by several artists as a magic wielding sorceress, a succubus, and even a goddess.  Thankfully in early August of this year, Mistress Simone made me a wonderful cap titled "A Perfect Example" or "Proper Motivation".  When I saw this cap I was ecstatic on so many levels.  First, this is just pure cap gold.  It really hit my buttons, both story wise and design wise.  The image was perfect!  But I also felt giddy because now she was on my list.  If I kept plugging away, I would eventually find her name up next to cap.

And this afternoon... that time came!  I was feeling an itch to cap, and my list included smitty, Mistress Simone, and Alectra.  Now admittedly, smitty is in line before Mistress Simone.  But smitty made me an epic three part twenty two panel cap series.  I don't have a strong idea for a return cap yet, and I feel that it needs to be epic in my own 'Caitlyn' way.  While I was feeling cappy, I wasn't feeling THAT cappy.  So I skipped one and went down to Mistress Simone.

Since I already had a vague idea of what was going to happen, I just started searching for visual stimulation.  My only real criteria was that it include two women.  One would be Mistress Simone, while the other would be slave chloe.  These women could be standing alone, be with another woman, or even with a man.  I could really place this cap anywhere in the long story I had in my mind.

I should put a quick aside here about the story I had in mind.  It is HUGE.  I've had 9 months to think about it, and the basic premise of Simone coming back in time, seducing Mark, and transforming him into chloe remained the same.  I just kept adding little vignettes in my head.  None of them were fleshed out, but they all built upon each other.  Here is some of what I had in mind:

  • Simone in her 'when' having trouble as a slave fails to live up to her seductive nature, and not seducing the man that Simone sent her after.  
  • Simone learning how to time travel (I even played with the idea of that coming from The Technologist)
  • Simone coming back in time and seducing away the person responsible for her original transformation from Mark into Simone.
  • Simone meeting Mark and starting to subtly transform him... subtly because she knew it would be difficult to make Mark into a submissive girl instead of a dominant woman.
  • Simone finally finishing the transformation with promises of power.
  • This scene... Simone using Mark for her own lusts and dooming (rewarding?) him to the state of slave chloe (originally this was with another woman, not a man)
  • chloe seducing a man for Simone.  This would show chloe submitting to Simone, but still not liking it. 
  • chloe reveling in her submissive nature, loving her mistress and willingly, almost eagerly seducing a man and bringing him to Simone's lair. 
Now as I said, this didn't come all at once.  There are other little side stories that wouldn't make good caps, but that added to the story.  Fleshing out Simone's 'When' where she is almost all powerful, fleshing out Mark and Simone's early relationship (I picture Simone treating him with kid gloves, fearful that even she wasn't strong enough to make him into a submissive), Simone training chloe in the arts of seduction. 

So when I say that I could place this cap anywhere in the story, you see that I really could make a cap anywhere along this line.  Ideally I would make this an epic multi part, multi panel series like smitty does.  But I just don't know that i have that in me anymore.  I haven't made a long cap that I've been really happy with since "Girly Girl" in December of 2010.  And even then this story, if written correctly, would dwarf Girly Girl.  I would need pics of Simone and chloe, then use those models for parts involving only Simone, or only chloe.  And really I should have several sets of these two models together.  

Logistics aside, I just don't feel that I have the creative mojo to flesh out that story any more.  So... I went with the idea of a single panel telling the story.  Now... back to the process.

I first searched for twins.  I figured that Simone and chloe would look similar.  Some ones that I considered were:

I think all of these images are great.... but none of them had that viseral, hard edged feeling that I wanted.  The first two would be set soon after Simone finished transforming Mark into a woman, but before she trained him to be chloe.  The third image would be in that process of training, and the last image I pictured as a similar area as the image I used... just instead of fucking 'Calvin', Simone would be telling 'Mark' what he was about to do (they would be looking at the man... maybe as he was undressing...).

So I changed gears, and figured that Simone and chloe didn't need to be twins.  I was also honing in on the idea of mark becoming 'chloe' while being used by a man.  Maybe I'm just a little horny, but I really liked the idea of mark being used in an indirect way to please Simone.  When I went back I changed up the search terms to 'classy threesome'.

Unsurprisingly there is a dearth of classy Ménage à trois pictures.  But thankfully I did find this one:

The expression on Mark/chloe's face just nailed it.  I loved the color, but I really wanted it to focus on just Mark/chloe, so I cropped it down (I really regretted losing her heel, I think it says something very erotic to be fucked wearing nothing but heels!), selected the upper and lower portions using a gradient, then desaturated it significantly.

Now that I had the image to use, I went to Word and started writing.   I wrote more than I thought I would use, but when I went to edit it down, I just couldn't bare to part with any of it.  So the cap became 1300 pixels tall, instead of my normal 1000.  I had to keep the font simple, as it was a little smaller than I normally like, and I had to differentiate Simone and Mark/chloe's voices.  I thought about using different fonts, but I thought that might be a little to jarring, so I went with different colors instead.

But the different colors made it a little bit of a pain to come up with a background image.  I tried to use parts of the photo, but it just wasn't large enough to use just a piece of it.  So I went to my old standby of some interesting abstract lines.  Just to give it some motion and a little more 'oomph'.

The image I finally settled on originally looked like this:

Now I come to the part where I say how happy I am with the cap... but I don't think I can really self evaluate this one.  When I read this, I think it reads fine... but it is just a part of what I had in mind.  So I don't see a cap, I see 10 panels missing from this cap.  And therefore I see a lot of cramming in this cap.  As I'm writing this, I'm second guessing myself, wondering if I needed to keep so many of the details in.  I mean would this be any 'less' if I just had simone transforming someone, and not her former self?  Would it be any 'less' if I left out the time travel angle?

I don't know.  Maybe?  You tell me... you've seen the cap, and only had a few moments to read about the 9 months of stories floating around my head.  Does it stand alone well enough?

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  1. This will be one of my favorite stories made for me and one I will point to when dealing with the complex personalities that my tastes come from. It's true I don't tend to enjoy much with submission, but this captures something that touches me in ways many stories don't. As I said on the haven, I will be reading this one over and over for some time.
    Now seeing how you did this, I I'm even more impressed with it. I'll also be using the pictures of the twins at some point (who are they? ?? I must have more!)