Sunday, September 4, 2011

Daphne Comes Out To Play

Ah the joys of dressing!

So I was in a capping mood while at work.  Admittedly this isn't the best place to map out a cap... but then again I chose this job because its fairly mindless work.  The problem is that I have hours to go over a cap with nothing to help focus it.  My mind just wanders around and around.  I tried my best not to let it get to specific, but I came up with the idea of someone cross dressing behind his girlfriends back, thinking that he needs to tell her, but afraid of what it would do to their relationship.  She suspects that he is doing this, and sets him up with some magic clothes that will change him over.  Once she gets back she is happy to find him in the new body of a woman and then has some fun with him.

I liked it as it was a fairly sweet story, although I think subconsciously I was stealing Smitty's idea of two people wanting the same thing, but both fear admitting it to the other.  But I also liked it as I didn't nail myself down to a particular type of photo.  I could use a woman alone (just after the transformation), a lesbian scene (after they realize they both wanted the same thing), or even a man/woman sex scene if his girlfriend also transformed for their 'fun'.

So after reading up on yesterday's college football action, I started looking for some images.  I very quickly found two that I think would work:

Photographically I REALLY liked the second one.  Story wise, I liked the first one.  Before I made up my mind, I decided that I should see if I could make this for someone I owe, rather than trying to shoehorn someones preferences in halfway through.   I saw that the person I owed next was greatgooglymoogly.  When I saw that I got VERY happy, as I remembered that she had a recent addition to her preferences...she was liking cross dressing caps.  As this story starts with the subject cross dressing behind his girlfriends back that made googs the perfect subject.  I read over the rest of her preferences, and didn't see anything that would preclude my story from working.

But that didn't make choosing which photo to use any easier.  I finally chose the second one for two reasons.  One, I think it just showed a little mroe of the emotion I was going for.   Shocked pleasure.  Two, googs prefers lesbian sex over male/female sex.  Yes, the woman is sucking on a strap-on, but it is still practicing an act that I think googs wouldn't be as pleased with.

So I pulled the image into Photoshop, opened up word and started writing.  When I got to the part of 'Nick' selecting out the clothes, I wasn't looking at the image and wrote that he selected out a pink bra.  Now yes... it would be very easy to edit the text to read 'white' instead of 'pink' but I do love working in spot colors... so I stopped writing and went into Photoshop to make this:

I don't think the coloring took anything away from the image, and let me focus the readers eyes onto the bra and lips.  Its subtle, but you can see I also colored some of the garter straps and bows on the skirt pink too.

So now I went back to writing with renewed vigor.  Making the lips pink made it click that the clothes alone wouldn't change Nick into Daphne... the lipstick would be needed too.  This is the first major draft I came up with:

When Nick's girlfriend Gloria went away on a business trip he quickly went to her closet and started selecting out some clothes to dress up in.  Nick hated dressing behind her back, but he just didn't know how to tell her about his desires.  How he felt so 'right' when wearing some of her panties and a bra stuffed with socks.  How when he put on her makeup and saw himself in the mirror that he didn't see a man in drag... he saw a beautiful woman.  He saw Daphne.  

Nick chose out a pair of stockings and matching garter belt, a cute pair of panties, an extra short mini skirt, and a pink bra.  This would be enough to bring Daphne out of her shell.  With Daphne's first wardrobe selected, Nick went into the bathroom and took a nice bubble bath where he shaved his body nice and smooth. 

When his body was ready, he put the garter belt on, then slipped the stockings up his legs.   He paused as he felt an odd tingling all over his body.  It was very mild, but definitely there.  Figuring it was just nerves he attached the garters to the stockings and slipped the panties up and over them.  

At this point the tingling was more evident, but Nick continued without pause.  It has been six weeks since he let Daphne come through, and he wasn't willing to wait any longer.  He put the bra on, but skipped stuffing it, just enjoying the feel of it over his shoulders and around his chest.  

But that tingling feeling was still intensifying.  At this point Nick wondered if he was having some sort of reaction to the bubble bath, so he wandered back to the bathroom to see if it was a new bottle.  As he walked he was thrilled as he felt the stockings sweep against each other, while the panties holding him tightly between his legs made him sway his hips out a bit.  Even over the tingling he could tell that Daphne was almost here.  

When he got to the bathroom he saw that it was the same bubble bath he had used before.  But when he turned to leave his eyes caught on a vial of lipstick.  Gloria was normally very fastidious about putting all of her makeup away, so Nick wondered why he hadn't noticed it earlier.  Nick figured as long as it was out he would go ahead and apply some.  

Nick slowly applied a good pink coat on his lips.  When he was finished though, the tingling over his body seemed to ramp up, doubling in its intensity.  And as Nick looked on in the mirror he was shocked to actually see his skin shivering.  He leaned in toward the mirror to get a closer look and felt his breasts swing forward inhis bra.  

Nick's eyes flew wide when he quickly realized that he hadn't stuffed the bra yet.  When he looked down he only caught a glimpse of his large breasts before his long blonde hair obscured his view,  He looked back into the mirror and was shocked to see long flowing hair instead of his close cropped crew cut.  

Before he could make more than a cursory look at his new feminine body he heard the door close downstairs.  Even as he heard Gloria's heels clicking up the stairs he couldn't help it and reached a hand up to his breasts.  As his finely manicured nails brushed over his nipple, pleasure erupted all over and Nick fell to his knees just as Gloria walked in.  

"Ah, there you are baby.  I see you found the clothes and lipstick I left out for you.  Now we can both play with Daphne!" 

As you can see, the end and the beginning are the same, but I meandered quite a bit around the middle.  I didn't think it was BAD, so I took it into Photoshop and designed the rest of the cap around it.  Problem being that when I was adding the background image, I had to have it almost completely transpartent (i.e. you could barely see it at all) because the text was so small.  

So I went back into Word and started some heavy editing.  I realized that I wasn't being that different between him putting on the stockings and feeling tingles, then putting on the bra and feeling more tingles... I just needed him to feel it.  

I think the edits were worth the effort.  Its smoother and flows a little better now.  Plus the text looks fine over the background image.  Oh... and here is the original background image:

Overall I like the cap.  I still don't think I have that sweet lovey feeling down, and obviously I didn't 'finish' the story I had in mind.   But I think it works.   

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