Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feather Duster Flaunting

Can you go a day as your fantasy?

So this is a cap back that I owed brandi c over at the Haven.  Like googs in "Just a figment of imagination", I owed brandi before I went on sabbatical.  But unlike googs, I didn't have an image or a plan.  So this was all done in one fell swoop.

brandi is fairly new at the Haven, with her first post made on February 24th, and her cap made for me on the 25th.  Sadly that put her just a couple days before I left.  But I see that while I've been gone, she has done quite a bit.  She has made several more caps, and even started up her own blog!

For some odd reason when I read her preferences I kept thinking about how it took awhile until someone got my preferences right.  And the wonderful feeling of seeing a fantasy of mine come to life on the screen.  Now her preferences start out just how I love to see them:

"The primary preference, which can override just about all the others, is creativity"

She then goes on to list a bunch of preferences, and even some specific scenarios that have major appeal to her.  So I read through all the preferences, and caught up on three things.  The first was a scenario:

"A married man (22-40) is completely transformed (magic/sci fi) to wear the french maid costume he picked for his wife at a party. (cliche, I know)"

The next thing was how she put her preference on rating:

"I often find the suggestion of things to come more satisfying than graphic depictions of sex acts...though those are okay too."

And the last thing was this:

"Predicaments: I use this word to describe situations wherein the character faces a choice between two or more options, each of which having both positive and negative possibilities.  A classic example is the "if you cum, you're stuck" device, but subtlety, originality and texture in a predicament make it more delicious imo."

Now she does like XXX caps, and I might make a one for her that is far more explicit, but I kind of liked the idea of dancing around the XXX, and leaving a lot of the action up in the air.  With her scenario I had a basic story to follow, so I next looked for images of sexy maids.

To be honest there are way to many images of sexy maids.   It isn't exactly my favorite cup of tea, but I can certainly see the appeal.  With such a large selection I was able to keep perusing until one sparked a little more detail to me.  And to be honest, that didn't come from the image I used, but from another in the same set:

The look in her eyes told me that she wasn't exactly happy about doing what she was doing.... in other words she was making a choice to do this for something else.  To me at least that worked well with her preferences.  The woman was obviously in a maid's outfit (although not in a classic french maid's outfit), it was XXX, and it could be part of a predicament.

So I pulled it into Photoshop and started working on a story.  The problem that I came up against though was that I was being a tad bit obvious in the XXX.  I mean yea.... I could hint at other things that would happen, but I kind of liked seeing how sexy I could make it without it being THAT explicit.

So I went back and found the image that I ended up using.  It still fit the story I was working on, and her expression was even better.  And for some reason I caught onto the fact that she was holding that feather duster.  So it ended up making a star appearance in the story.

I think the cap is pretty fun and fits her preferences pretty good.  But I'll have to wait to see how she feels.  And I suggest that you go over and take a peek at her blog.  It doesn't have a lot of content yet, but she does go into her thoughts quite a bit, and even includes a sexy recurring dream of hers.  And I just love that she is already moving on to making caps in GIMP!

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  1. I love caps that just hint at the activity's to come or going on. Done well, it can leave you with a very powerful image in your head that can lead to anything!

    And I do like Maid cap's. but rarely any of them are used to their full potential. But this one leaves that up to you in such a delicious way, Great work! ^_^