Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interactive Art

Helping out artsy witches always leads to problems!

I really hadn't intended on making another cap today.  But I found myself perusing fuskator before closing out the browser and came upon this image set.  Um.... wow.  I had no idea what this story was, but I knew I had to write one for it.

I wrote out this story pretty quickly, but when I went to put it into the image I wondered what it would look like if instead of doing my normal border, with the text in a box overlaying both the border and the image, what it would look like with the text just taking up all the empty negative space.  I tried it in its own box (similar to what I did in "Deep Down Desires", but the box made it harder to see what she was lying on.

It hit me pretty quick that I could use the borders of the pedestal as my 'box'.  And after I put the text there, I realized it would be even better if the text lined up as if it were printed ON the pedestal.  Thankfully the pedestal faces are fairly square, so I could simply transform the text using the 'skew' tool.  It took some careful nudging to get the text to line up right, and then I just copied some of her hair, and pasted it over the text.  I reduced the opacity so that it was like you were looking through her hair.  I know the effect isn't exactly 'realistic' as you wouldn't see through her hair like that, but I'm still happy with the result.


  1. The story was good. The imagery was very nice. I do like how you used the pedestal as your story box. But consider this? If the story was off to the side then you could have used the pedestal for an engraving that would enhance your story. On one face it could read 'Touch what you want, want what you touch'. And something naughty on the other face. What do you think?

  2. Love the design. So happy to see you back again and stretching your creative muscles. Its still very readable.

  3. Am I the only one noticing the excellent work shown there on behalf of shadows? *giggle*

    I really, really like how some shadows interacts with the text and the body together, that adds to a nice blend of the story pedestal and the body of the girl. I know its weird, but for me represents a strong connection! :)

    Overall liked the story :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: This is unfair, you come and now I have to go because I'm having exam the next week, vacation for a week after that and then another exam. Pretty busy plus add allergies to plant. It makes for a whole nice month :p

  4. The story is wonderful, but it's the layout I absolutely adore. I think you mande the right choice with the text; not only is is original, but it really gives the caption a crisp and clean feel.

  5. This idea is so wonderful! I could really see it being explored more and really pushing those buttons! My favorite part, besides the creative change, Was the layout! These are the kind of caps that made me wish I had photoshop still!