Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Aren't you just a little curious?

When I finished making this cap I had every intention of a fun post describing my thoughts on the right 'voice' for any particular cap.  About how for Simone I try to use seduction... sometimes graceful, sometimes forceful, but always seduction.  For Dee I would go into humor or irreverence, for Jennifer I would talk about how I use eroticism.....

Unfortunately the mood to talk about caps has left me.  So.. the quick and short of making this cap:

I had an urge to make a cap.  Simone was on my list and I've just about every time I've gone to cap recently I've wanted to make one for her, but was unable to find the right 'voice'.  I seem to be stuck in one of two gears when I cap now... fun/funny or forceful/dominating.  And while caps I make for Simone often utilize that dominating voice, they tend to focus more on the seductive nature of femininity.

I still couldn't quite capture that voice, so instead of focusing on that I instead thought it would be nice to make a cap about a 'young' Simone.  I'd use the dominating voice as the person who transformed her, but it would be more about how Simone looked at the world when s he was let out of her cage.

I don't think I quite hit that note, but I still like this cap.  About the only fun thing I did design wise was have the title placed behind the subject.  Doing that is just a matter of rasterizing the text layer and then deleting the parts that are covering up the subject.  Now that I think about it, I've used this before with varying levels of success.

So... sorry that I lost the urge to talk about the voice in cap creating.  I hope you at least enjoy the cap!


  1. God! You are amazing Caitlyn! You just have an intuitive sense of the feminine as it translates to a male form taking on feminine qualities. I love this.



  2. I adore this caption and I think you did something really special when you created it. I've read it several times and I am sure I will enjoy it many more times.