Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here I am.

An animated cap experiment

This morning I was doing my regular blog crawl when I came to Leeanne's wonderful site.  Much to my excitement she had posted another chapter in her sissy journey.  I won't spoil it, but I would highly recommend her entire story everybody.  It's an emotional, exciting, fearful, explorative, sharing, and dare I say erotic story all made the better for it's basis in reality.

Anywho... Leeanne has a wonderful way of inserting images into her story.  These aren't photos of actual events, or even photos that illustrate a particular moment of action.  Instead the images inspire the proper emotive responses to the current goings on of the story.  One such images was this:

Very sexy.  I had no intention of making a cap today, but Leeanne's storytelling put me into an ideal mood.  I knew that there was a wonderfully erotic and emotional story in this image so I immediately saved it back.  Sadly I didn't have t he time to dive in and make a cap at that moment, but that gap between inspiration and creation is what made this animated experiment possible.

You see, my first thought was to just have a short story... maybe four or five lines total... it would start by conveying the fear and humiliation of a sissy kneeling to suck her wife's lover to hardness.  That part of the story would fit into the upper left corner, while the last part would be a very short reveal showing how much the sissy loved her wife for letting her be part of this special moment.

But the more I thought of that, the more I realized that while it was very erotic, it didn't really have time to develop the emotion.  The sense that the sissy was happy to be here doing this.  So I kept thinking about it and thought of a way I've used several times before... a simple statement system.  A single line denying what's going on followed by an even simpler line declaring that it was in fact happening.  Here is how I started writing this idea down:

My style isn't perfectly coifed hair, a waist nipping corset, stockings and a pearl necklace.  But here I am.
My place isn't on my knees, kneeling dutifully before a man .  But here I am. 

My ideal body isn't soft, curvy and eminently touchable.  But here I am.

My desire isn't to worship this Adonis'  cock.  But here I am.

My gender isn't female.  But here I am.

Notice how each line gets a little shorter than the last.   I figured I could then flip the statement on it's ear, starting with the 'Here I am' part, and start admitting how much in love she was with her wife.   Kind of like t his:

Here I am.  Pleased at how I'm dressed for my wife.

Here I am.  Intoxicatingly feminine for my wife.

Here I am...

And so on.  I didn't write out that last part though as I realized that it would never fit into this layout.  Hell, the first part would barely fit.  

So I started of thinking of ways to MAKE it fit.  I searched briefly for other images in the series but none came to mind before I got inspiration.  That inspiration was to model this after my kinetic text cap style, but in a single animated image.  It actually lined up perfectly.  A black and white image would make for a far smaller animated gif (file size wise), and I could hold a single frame for several seconds, letting the reader both have time to read it and to let each statement sink in.  

I immediately started working toward that goal.  I figured so long as it wasn't bigger than two megabytes, that it would be fine.  Sure, it wouldn't ever work over at the Haven, but it would be fine for posting here.  I picked out a nice font that was legible AND stylish and started adding in text layers.  Each time I would add a text layer I would then animate the fade into it.  

Admittedly by the time I got to the end it I was quickly moving from an interesting and creative feeling to one of tedious repetition.  Because of that, and the fear that I would soon just drop the entire idea, I quickly wrapped it up with a less than ideal ending.  I think it's still emotionally powerful, but it isn't as sweet and loving as I really wanted to convey.  

I doubt that I'll try this method again... there isn't a lot more that I can think of to add to the design.  To work it really has to be a simple black and white image with fairly simple white or black text.  But for something different, I think I'm really happy with how it turned out.  


  1. You stumbled onto something here and I would urge you to play with it more. This is like the prototype of the ultimate 20 words or less style caption. I know I will play with it some. It's so beautiful because you picked a great image and you were subtle in your approach. This could be on tumblr for ages.

  2. Wow. Very impressive. It doesn't come across experimental in the least.

  3. Wow, innovative but at it's heart (and other areas) a well told story.

  4. I, for one, really like your experiment here. I've always enjoyed animated images over static ones and this is clever in that the image doesn't change but the text does. On this, I approve.

    There's much could be done with this kind of format.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words. Sadly, as time progresses, I'm less and less personally pleased with the cap. The story almost completely lacks the emotional impact I initially wanted and while it's unique in format, it still doesn't make a good cap.

    I don't think I'll continue the experiment. I don't work well with short caps and struggle to keep a good idea from becoming bloated with extra text. I can deal with that in normal cap, but that short style really needs to be utilized in this animated format. I also think there is very little room for error. When anything is simplified down (no background, no text boxes, no title...) the remaining parts have to be perfect. Anything less and the entire project fails.

    But again... I appreciate all of your kind words!