Sunday, February 9, 2014

Everlasting Dawn

She'll love you when you are really you

Over the past few months, Dawn (famously of Dawn's Girly Site) has made me several captions.  I've often looked for images that would work for her, but only this one caught my eye.  I guess it's her name... Dawn... that got me as this looks like a beautiful sunrise.

I've actually had this image for several weeks now, but just couldn't come up with a full story.  I knew that it would involve her changing each morning, but that was the only detail I had.  So this morning I just bit down hard and started to write.  There were several false starts (His girlfriend changing him every morning until he decided he was feminine enough. Happily cursed to change every morning until he finds someone to love only to wake up and now regrettably change again...) but this one seemed more appropriate.  I tried to let it have a sad almost desperate feel until the end, but I'm afraid I may have muddled it up to much.  For instance, I can't remember why I left it in as 'curse' instead of just a wish granted.

Anywho... I've tapped out my creative side and don't really feel up to writing about what I did to make it.  I hope you enjoy the caption!


  1. I love Dawns blog and this wonderful caption.

  2. Great caption ...I like the twist and how it played out

  3. Aww, very sweet. Absolutely lovely :)