Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Question] Why is your other blog not accessible?

A compliment and a question about my other blog.

Thanks for your blog. I like reading your captions and personal stories. I just found your blog today and it gave me some comfort, as I'm going through some tough times. 

I was wondering, though. Why is not accessible?

This kind compliment and question came in from Easymodo.  Admittedly it came in several days ago, but I sadly don't keep up with my wufoo questions all that much as I'm getting spammed there quite a lot.  Sorry about that Easymodo.

I'm glad that my little corner here on the internet here could give both enjoyment and comfort.  I most definitely strive for enjoyment, but the comfort side of the equation is worth so much more.  I hope your current tough times don't last all that long, and that in the end they are just the cobble stones on the path to good times!

As for my other blog... technically it IS still accessible.  I just limit who can see it.

Originally I made that blog (titled Caitlyn's Musings) to be an area where I could work on a full fledged story and not flood this blog with posts about it.  Sadly while I did all the prep work of making "Language Barrier" into a novella length story, I never took the next step of actually writing anything.  I lost both lost interest in the process and got intimidated at the size of the project I had laid out.

The blog sat barren for about six months with no posts and no progress.  In July, when I became employed full time, I also lost almost all my motivation and desire for being Caitlyn.  This included me losing the desire to cap (although that has come back to some small degree), but not me losing the desire to stay close to all my 'Caitlyn' friends.  So I did what any corporation or business would do... I re tasked a current property for a new purpose.

I changed "Caitlyn's Musings" to "Calvin's Musings" and really opened myself up more.  I talked in detail about my job and my history.  This was no longer me talking about my Caitlyn fantasy, it was talking about my reality. As such, I knew I was going to be giving out details that could VERY easily identify myself.  Even as I knew I would still hide my full real name, my address, and the name of the exact location I worked at... I would still be talking about family, friends, and personal issues that to anybody who knew me would be easily identifiable.

While I'm not shy about sharing a lot of details about my life, I AM shy about having people I know, love, and respect finding about this aspect of me.  At least finding out about me when it's not on my terms.  Sure, I find it hard to believe that my family and close friends would stumble upon this and make the connection, but it would be possible.  So to continue to share my voice and my life with those friends here, and keep my secret masked desires secret from others, I decided to make the blog private.

So far as I'm concerned, anybody that has come to this site and enjoyed it's content is welcome to read my other blog.  That includes fellow TG cap artists, members of Rachel's Haven, and past/current commentors here and on other TG related blogs.  All you have to do is let me know that you'd like to see what's there.

Since I need to have your email address in order to add you to the blog reader list, you shouldn't just leave it here in a comment.  But you can send me an email at 'caitlynmasked at gmail dot com' or send me a PM on the Haven.  Heck, you can even send me something in the 'Ask Caitlyn A Question' thingy.

I know that I've put this information out before, but it was buried in other posts months ago and now could be difficult to find.  So in addition to this post, I'll be adding a page letting people know how to get over to "Calvin's Musings"

A word of caution though... I don't go too deeply into my 'Caitlyn' persona over there.  Some recent postings have included such subjects as my effort to gain traction in my car, my new found love of shaving, a review of my life so far on my birthday, complaints about my job, guns, cars, music, and movies.  There aren't many people reading, so there isn't a large conversation after each post.  But again... if you want to really peek behind my mask and see what I'm like, then you are welcome to come in and see.

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