Sunday, May 18, 2014


Transformation Comics!

You may have noticed I slipped in a new link to my list of "Links I Enjoy".  Amazing Transformation Comics.  First and foremost, I should tell you that this is a site that sells comics.  Much like Lustcomics they produce forced feminization art and put it up for sale.  I've talked a bit before about how I don't 'advertise' for paid sites, but this site qualifies for a couple reasons.

First and foremost Amazing Transformation Comics was started by a couple friends I met over at D+X.  Saline and Wendy. Both are incredibly talented artists that shared their art in that community.  Saline even rendered some art for a couple threads I was in that really made the scenes pop.

Second, they do really wonderful work.  The majority of their art and stories fit right into my wheelhouse.  If you are looking for sweet loving stories then you probably want to look elsewhere.  But if you're like me (and I assume being here means you are at least a little like me!) and enjoy sissification, forced feminization, TG, and pure BDSM style stories, then this will be a pure goldmine for you!

Their stories cover a lot of territory from sci-fi and aliens to noir revenge.

But even considering all that, I couldn't recommend a site that was just about bringing in the cash.  Saline and Wendy run a cool crisp shop and are trustworthy.  You know how I am about my privacy... yes I share a lot, but I never share my real name or location.  But to make a purchase I gave up that info.  I have no worry about that info getting out.  And when I made a purchase, I easily downloaded the comic and don't give a second thought about my financial information.  You see this isn't a subscription service and you won't be charged on a continual basis.

Yes, they ARE selling art, but they are generous as well.  I fully support artists making money off of their creations and I have to give them even more respect when they use their financial powers to assist others.  They've sold comics and had portions of the revenue going to support D+X and has even offered to do the same for the Haven.

So let's look at this list again.  Good friends?  Check.  Talented Artists?  Check.  Stories and art that I want to read?  Check.  Trustworthy?  Check.  Generous?  Check.

How could you possibly say no?  Head on over to Amazing Transformation Comics and enjoy the show!

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