Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Healthy Respect

It's not enough to look like a girl...

Look Terry, magic can only take you so far.  If you’re going to sneak into that private high school and write up a tell all on the rich kid drug culture you have to do more than have the body of a girl… you have to ACT like a girl that belongs in that school.  I mean look at you… you put make up on like a slut.  Yes yes, the girls there can be very slutty, but they know how to toe the line.  They all fear the punishments.  I mean do you realize that these girls all got spanked in elementary school when they broke a rule and that they can still get spanked even now? 

Oh I see.  You’ve never been spanked.  Well I guess it’s time to develop a healthy respect for it then!  I think five swats for your makeup should be a good start.  Ahhh…. I can see that this will make a wonderful incentive for you!  Yes, we’ll use this from now on.  Now you told me that you turned down the invite to that party because Bobby demanded a blowjob to get in.  So you can expect another 10 swats just like this if I can’t smell cum on your breath when you come home today!

source:  fuskator

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