Sunday, February 14, 2016


A Valentine Transformation?  YAY!

“Thank you for calling Day By Day Transformations, your romance specialists.   We’d like to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and we hope you are thoroughly enjoying your holiday transformations.  Romance is in the air and as such we’ve given our staff the Holiday off.  If you could please leave a message one of our talented representatives will be happy to call you back on Tuesday February 16th!”

John’s hand was trembling as he hung up the phone.  If only he had figured this out earlier.  If only he had called and asked his girlfriend Cindy and asked why she was transforming him into a woman.  If only he had looked at the envelopes and not just ripped into the daily mail from Day By Day Transformations.  Maybe he wouldn’t be here while Gerald poured them some drinks out in the living room.

John’s eyes kept flipping between the mirror in front of him and the Polaroid's in his hand.   When he got the envelope delivered last Saturday and saw it was from Day By Day, he ripped open into it and saw the first photo.  A picture of pale blue eyes.  He had always wanted to have blue eyes, and assumed that Cindy was making that part of the fantasy.   As expected, the next day his eyes were a pale blue matching the photo. 

On Monday he got the next delivery.  He never wanted to have red hair, let alone long thick red hair, but this was Cindy’s gift to him, so he just looked forward to the rest of her transformation. 

On Tuesday he was amazed at how heavy this much hair could be.  But when he ripped into the next envelope he began to worry… yes he’d always wanted to have a taught ass… but the Polaroid looked positively feminine! 

The next day he could barely stop looking in the mirror.  If he bent over just right and held his cock out of the way his ass looked better than Cindy’s.  He considered calling her… asking her if she had some kind of lesbian fantasy… but when she asked if he was enjoying the transformation he just chuckled and said that while it was a little unexpected he’d wait to see the final product.  The envelope that day proved that she had some weird sapphic desire. 

John couldn’t stop touching his new breasts at all the next morning.  They not only looked great, but they were so damned sensitive.  While he could hide his new sexy ass under some baggy jeans, there was no way he could hide his new chest, so he called into work and took the rest of the week off.  Surprisingly there was no delivery that day.  John assumed that Cindy just wanted him to be some mix of his face on a woman’s body until he woke up the next morning. 

Looking into the mirror John couldn’t believe it.  He looked like a young sexy woman.  Between his eyes, his red hair, his sexy curves, and now his ultra feminine face… what the fuck was Cindy thinking? 

When John got up to get dressed on Saturday he was shocked to find nothing but a single set of lingerie.  None of his clothes remained.  It was so embarrassing to answer the door dressed in the nearly see through white bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings.  The mailman certainly seemed to appreciate the view as he apologized about the mistake.  He had misplaced the last two letters but wanted to make sure he got them with the final envelope.   Sure enough the first two envelopes contained polaroid’s of John’s new pretty face and his sexy lingerie.  It was the last photo that bewildered John.  

For a couple hours he couldn’t take his eyes off the photo.  It was clearly his new body in it… but why would Cindy have his final transformation involve him having sex with some stud?  More worrying…. John was incredibly turned on by the photo.  When he finally called Cindy’s cell phone it went directly to voicemail.  Her message was something about losing her phone and that she’d call back whenever she checked her messages. 

That night John dreamed.  The dreams were of him making mad passionate love to a guy named Gerald.  When he woke up he felt like he was in a daze.  He heard his phone chirp indicating a new voice mail.  It was from Cindy saying that she’d be over in a couple hours.  When there was a knocking at the door John ran over and opened it only to find him.  Gerald.  From the dream.  Gerald walked in and without any preamble pulled John into a hot ardent kiss.  When he broke the kiss he patted John on his plump ass and told him to go get dressed. 

Confused, aroused, and scared as all hell John gathered up his lingerie, the letters from Day By Day, and his cell phone and ran into the bathroom.  He tried calling Cindy but it again went right to voicemail.  That’s when he looked closer at the Envelopes.  Instead of his name, they bore the name ‘Caitlyn Mask’… John vaguely remembered hearing about her and how she used to live here.   When he looked again at the first envelope he found an not he hadn’t noticed before. 


I know it’s been years since we last saw each other, but I miss you so much.  I’m sorry that I left you and am now willing to have you however you want to be.  White, red hair, blue eyes… all of it.  If you don’t want to accept this apology and the ensuing transformation, just call up Day By Day and cancel it.  They promised me that you could stop it at any time.  But if you want to give me a second chance, I promise I’ve thought of everything.   I’ll even live out that ‘forced’ fantasy you have.  When I see you in that sexy lingerie I’ll take you and make long sweet love to you and let you cry no all you want.  I promise I remember your safe word and that if you say it, I’ll stop and honor it. 

If I don’t hear from Day By Day that the transformation was canceled, I’ll meet you on Valentine’s Day. 

With all my love and heart,

Gerald lived up to his promise and ignored John’s pleas.  When John tried to explain that he wasn’t Caitlyn Gerald just chuckled and pulled him into another kiss.  Between John’s shock, his new sensitive skin, and his weak feminine body he couldn’t push Gerald away.   By the time Cindy walked in John could only look up at her, mouth gaping as he was taken by Gerald from behind.   

primary source and initial inspiration:  fuskator


So I was just flipping through some images hoping to  have some image inspire a Valentine's post and I came across these images.  I adored her expression... like she was looking at someone and thinking 'why did you do this?'  

That got me going.  Of course this idea has been done a few times.  I don't recall the specific stories on fiction mania but I know I've seen several that involved someone being transformed a little each day to look like photos delivered.  It was just some good sexy fun.  The whole idea from the story stemmed from there.  I initially thought it was his girlfriend transforming him into some lesbian fantasy, and then some stranger burst in.  I couldn't help but laugh as I recently had to call customer service only to find it closed... and them being closed screwed me.  Being that Valentine's is a Sunday this year, I worked that into the story.  

I decided to try and pull out the various body parts and make some quick Polaroids like I've used in some other older caps, but this set was a little limiting.  Quick research showed me the model here is Gwen Stark, and through Free Ones I got access to enough photos to make up a poloroid for each day. 

You'll notice that I didn't actually 'transform' her genitalia.  I couldn't find a good image of Gwen's pussy.  At least not one where it wasn't being used.  So I figured with the final photo, I could leave it up in the air.  I'm curious how many people mentally had the transformation be complete, and how many had it be partial where Gerald is taking 'Caitlyn' in the ass.   

Anywho... I went back and forth changing little details here and there.   In case I got it a little convoluted, here's the background of the story.  John and his girlfriend Cindy decide to use this service called Day By Day Transformations.  Cindy sets the transformation up as a surprise and when John gets a letter from the company with the first 'pale blue eyes' photo, he just goes with it.  He doesn't see that the envelope is mailed to the former tenant... Caitlyn Mask.  

Caitlyn used to live in the apartment and broke up with her boyfriend Gerald because he didn't want to have her transform into a redheaded white woman and play through a 'forced' or 'rape' fantasy.  

The only thing I think that messes up the story is that I don't say what Cindy was planning... or where her transformation letters are ending up.  I probably should go back and fix that, but I'm happy with how it is.  Not all questions get answered after all!

I hope you enjoy it, and have a lovely sweet Valentine's Day!!


  1. Happy Valentine's to you as well!

    Ours were quite alarming if you read my post but ended up peaceful by the end of the night,

  2. I loved this set! Great captioning! And Happy Valentine's Day <3

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