Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monthly Inspection

There should be improvement every four weeks!

So this at first was going to be an obscura.  I started with the first image, the one with Calvin/Caitlyn/Caity/Sweet-Baby-Caity over Lance's knee.  My original story was going to start with 'Calvin' at the point of being cuckolded for the first time and then being asked by his wife and her bull to go into the Institute, and maybe the first few weeks of the Institute ending up with this image and then maybe another paragraph about how he hadn't passed inspection and would be facing another month.  But the story got too good and I realized that it was more or less what I wrote earlier this week in Guaranteed Results.

So I pulled back and re-thought it out.  I made up a backstory in my head starting with his first inspection or maybe even just after that.  Then I could use some of the other sexy photos and progress him through the monthly inspections.  That went on and then I just changed the format into letters written to his wife.  I like the final format of the letters and how I kept it a little more succinct, but as I was writing it I had planned on a little more design work.  Maybe have the text as handwriting on notebook paper... maybe even change the font/hand-writing each one to represent his different states of mind.  I was even considering blurring out the background image and having the center still in focus inside of a Polaroid frame.  But my writing got interupted, then I had dinner, then I... well the creative itch left.

Maybe... MAYBE I'll come back and do that.  But I didn't want to wait to post this to see if inspiration would strike again with enough time to get it done.  It's not as though I think this is bad... I just think the other way is more creative.

Anywho... I hope you enjoy the rare cap from me.

source:  fuskator and fuskator

P.S.... if you find this story at all intriguing... getting carted off to an Institute that will feminize you as your wife and/or Bull sees fit, then consider coming over and playing with me at the D+X Institute.  While this wouldn't be the standard story told and played there, it would certainly fit and be doable!  You can read more about playing with me at D+X here or you can just visit D+X by clicking here!

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