Sunday, August 20, 2017

I'd do anything for her

How far would you go?

I’d do anything for Jenny and she knows it.  When she asked me to shave off my beard, I did so without question.  When she asked me to drop out of my Playstation gaming league so that I could join her reading group I didn’t even hesitate.  When she asked me to trade in my pick up truck for a Mazda Miata I was at the dealership that day.  My friends say that she’s taking advantage of my love for her.  They say I’m a sucker, but I just laugh it off and tell them they’ll know why I do it when they find the right woman. 

So when she told me she needed to sneak into the local frat and get some kind of selfie from her ex there I told her I’d help her in any way I could.  I’ll admit that I was hesitant when she told me her plan.  Evidently every semester they’d have some kind of hazing party for their newbies and invite a bunch of girls and she scored a couple invites.  Her plan was to dress me up like any other sorority girl and I was to distract her ex-boyfriend while she found his cell phone and deleted the illicit picture of them together.  The scary part was how far she went with my disguise.  She didn’t just get a wig for me, one of her friends got some kind of theater hair piece that was weaved into my own hair.  That same friend got some kind of breast forms and a gaffe that they glued onto my chest and groin and used makeup to blend into my skin.  After they spent an hour on my makeup even I wouldn’t have guessed I was a guy under it all. 

When I asked about my voice… there was no way I could pass vocally as a girl… she gave me some kind of lozenge.  After sucking on it for about 30 minutes it tightened up my throat so much that I could barely whisper…. And when I DID whisper it was low and husky and feminine. 

We got into the party and she invited me to her ex, Brad.  As part of the plan she introduced us and told him to stay away from me.  That I was her lesbian girlfriend.  Of course he didn’t stay away as we knew he’d take that as a challenge.  He seemed to focus all of his attention on me.  When he didn’t have me swinging out on the dance floor in his arms he had me at the makeshift bar knocking back shots.  Maybe it was my nerves or maybe it was that lozenge making my throat scratchy, bit I drank anything he set in front of me.  I drank and danced.  I drank and let him feel up my fake boobs.  I drank and sat on his lap.  I even drank and let him kiss me.  Anything to keep him distracted while Jenny looked for his phone. 

At some point, I must have blacked out as I woke up in our bed with a rally bad hangover.  My whole body ached and there was just an awful taste in my mouth.  I still had the theater stuff glued to my body and head so I put on a robe and found Jenny in the breakfast nook… crying.  When I asked her what happened, if she had gotten his phone, she told me that not only did she not get it but that he got more photos at the party and was going to post them to her social network if she didn’t have ‘her girlfriend’ come be the entertainment at their party next week.  It seems he thought pictures of her girlfriend getting chummy with the boys would be bad. 

I tried to laugh it off and told her that she didn’t have to bend down to his demands.  That I didn’t mind if he had some photos of us dancing or even kissing.  I told her that in fact we could use the blackmail against him and just tell him who I really was… until she turned her iPad around and showed me the photo he’d post.

I must have stared slack jawed at the photo for 20 minutes.  It’s not every day that you get to see a photo of yourself bent over a dresser, evidently taking it up the ass.  I tried to convince Jenny that my plan would still work and would make sure no one else saw the photo of me getting fucked by her ex, but she explained that the photo she wanted to get was one of her in a similar position and that she’d do anything to make sure that photo didn’t get out. 

So here I am a week later, Jenny and her friend are fawning over my makeup again and arguing over which slutty dress I’m going to wear for the party.  I don’t want to go to some frat party as the sexy piece of meat.  I don’t want to put their Jenny’s lessons on distracting the guys with a blowjob to the test. I most certainly don’t want to meet Brad again and possible have a repeat of last week’s party antics.  But I’d do anything for Jenny and she knows it.

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So I don't often post about 'Caitlyn' over at my other blog, but I got some nice responses to the 'Dildo' post.  I figured I'd share over here when I did post something Caitlyn related there but like this... as an add on to a cap post.  

Yesterday I wrote up a post about how I finally told someone about Caitlyn.  If you're interested, go ahead and click here and you'll be whisked away to my Calvin blog.  Once you're there you can also read up on how I've become the 'No Man' at work, how work is pissing me off, and about my new computer.  Enjoy!

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  1. There is no bigger fool than a fool in love.