Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dirty Work

Talk about maximizing your time!

It stated out as a regular job.   Working as Dr. Anna Vilvilovich’s personal assistant was going to look great on my resume.  Sure, it stopped me from completing my graduate degree, but it practically guaranteed a job with her firm.  And how often does a grad student like me get the chance to work with the CEO and founder of the worlds foremost advanced research and technology group. 

When the guys kidded me about working for a woman I couldn’t believe their nativity.  I mean it would be one thing to grow up, go to school, do ground breaking research, and start up a company like this as a man.  But how much extra drive, intellect, and perseverance would it take to do the same thing as a woman?  If I can learn even a fraction of her secrets, I’ll jump start both my career and my life!  I signed all the non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts without reading through them and eagerly started work. 

Of course, the first couple months was tedious.  Oh, not going to the lab and checking on her company’s progress… that was insightful and wonderful.  But Dr. Vilvilovich seemed to really want me to help manage her personal life too.  Not only did I have to know her every appointment, but I had to know what she did in them.  Her own personal research in how the human brain physically carried out consciousness was amazing but learning about how often she went to the hair salon, how she liked her hair cut and colored, what type of lingerie she liked to purchase, and even learning how to exercise with her in her yoga and Pilates classes was just fluff that I had to get through.  She even had me learn all about her husband and their marriage.  I mean it’s one thing to know the boss’s anniversary and what type of ties her husband liked, but she actually quizzed me on HIS sexual preferences.  Knowing that my boss was willing to dress up for her husband and give him long slow sensuous blow jobs seemed a bit too personal to me. 

After 10 weeks of her teaching me all about her job and her personal life and quizzing me every other morning on it, I probably knew her life better than anybody else in the world.  When she said I was ready for the meat of my job I thought she was going to turn me loose on the research wing and I’d get to really start to use my formal education.   I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

In her private lab she explained exactly what her research was going for.  The full transference of one human mind and soul into another human body.  And she was close to perfecting it… the only thing stopping her was the normal cellular degradation that limited the transfer down to roughly 12 months.  She even showed me the records of the recent transfer that ended only 4 months ago.  I didn’t want to even think about how she performed that specific of research as there is no way that those types of trials were FDA approved.  That’s when she dropped the bomb on me.  She was performing that research on herself and her personal assistants.   And she’d be performing it on me!

I felt the prick of the needle in my neck and the world went black.  When I opened my eyes next I was looking at my own body.  I quickly realized that I was seeing this through Dr. Vilvilovich’s eyes.  I was a passenger in her head as she walked over and started laying my still breathing body on the table and hooking up an IV to it.  She told me… somehow in her mind as she wasn’t actually speaking… that not only was I now part of the experiment, I would be allowing her time to deep think on her research.  She told me that there just weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that was important to her.  Thinking about her research would take up hours of her day.  Running her company was a 12 hour a day job plus the actual lab time for her research.  Taking care of her body and taking care of her marriage were also time consuming.  That’s where I’d come in. 

During any activity that required her direct attention…. research, board meetings, phone calls with her family and friends… she would be in control as she was now.  I’d see everything, feel everything, and experience everything as a passenger in her head.   But when there were more mundane tasks or simply things she didn’t want to directly attend to, she would step back and let me have full control of her body. 

While she hooked up an IV of parenteral nutrition to my seemingly unconscious body she told me that I’d also be caring for my body, then reminded me that if I decided to do anything to ruin her personal or professional life, if I tried to tell anybody of her less than moral and ethical research, or if I tried to sabotage any of her doings, that she could easily lock my body in this room and let it die.  Roughly a year later, her mind would let go of my consciousness and I’d be just as dead as my body. 

I agreed to her terms and we started that day.  During a conference call she was on she told me to occasionally remind them that ‘I’ was listening and agree with whatever they decided, then she was simply gone.  I had no sense of her presence and I was in complete control of her body.  I did as she said and listened in, occasionally saying things that reminded them I was here, while at the same time moving around and seeing how it felt to control this body.    

It seems muscle memory is a property of the body instead of the mind as I found that my movements mirrored hers exactly, even down to writing with her left hand while I’m naturally right handed.  When the call was finished, and I hung up, I waited for her to return for nearly an hour.  When she did finally come back she explained that she had no sense of time when she was gone and that I’d simply have to trust that she’d eventually be back.

Later that day I repeated the control of her body while at the gym.  It now made sense why she was willing to spend so much time keeping her body in tip top shape as she didn’t actually have to do the aching stretches and gym routines.  When she didn’t return after the work out I did as I hoped she would do and went back to shower.   Seeing all the women comfortably expose themselves was as exciting as it was disconcerting having those same women refer to me as Anne or Anna.  Without even thinking about it, my body seemed to know just how to clean itself with only minor inputs from me.  I even found myself balancing myself precariously on one foot while I shaved my leg to baby smoothness. 

Dr. Vilvilovich returned as I was driving her Mercedes back to the office and took over without even a thank you.  When we got back I could easily see the value of her stretching her time in this way as she wrote down the leaps and bounds she was making in her ‘deep thinking’ research.  I was amazed at her mind in how she could keep all these facts and figures in her head as much as I was amazed in the sensual nature of her body.  

The days that followed were much the same.  Dr. Vilvilovich worked tirelessly, and any time she didn’t need to actually be mentally present would simply disappear, leaving me to take her place.  I was there at the ribbon cutting ceremony of her new research center.  I was there at the daily meeting with her senior vice presidents and presided over mundane decisions regarding her business.  I was there to copy and correlate the data from her daily lab research sessions.  I attended her weekly lunch with her friends as a passenger but did the driving to and from her appointments.  And of course, each day I had an hour to take care of my comatose body.  Feeding it, moving it, doing it’s physical therapy. 

Just as I thought I was starting to predict when Anna, as I now thought of her, was going to come and go, her husband Maxim returned from his month-long vacation.  I got to be a passenger as she greeted him with a big hug and kiss and intimately felt his hands wander over the toned body that I was working so hard to maintain.  I was surprised to actually feel her arousal.  I could feel her heart speed up, her breasts engorge while her nipples hardened, and even her pussy grow puffy and moist.  For nearly an hour I listened to them catch up and share the normal every day small talk that someone like me would never hear from a couple.

Later that night after she dressed in her silky teal lingerie, her pure silk stockings, and her designer dress and shoes, I felt her just disappear.  Now in control I had to go down to ‘my’ husband and have him escort me to his sports car.  It felt radically different to have his hand casually lay on my knee and stroke my thigh when I was in control as opposed to just experiencing it as she let him do the same thing earlier in the day.  When we arrived at our destination I figured out why she had left… we were going to the opera.  And just as I knew so many intimate things before I ever joined her body, I knew that she hated the opera and only attended them because Maxim was a devoted fan. 

After three hours of Italian screeching, I expected Anna to come back, but instead got to chat with ‘my’ husband as we ate a late dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  I had to again be thankful for this body’s memory as it seemed to know that the doors would be opened for it and that the chairs would be pulled out for it.  When dinner was over, and Maxim ordered us desert, it came to me why this evening felt so special.

It was their 10th anniversary.

Having a man look at you with true love in his eyes was unsettling enough but having him pull my hand to his mouth and place a large diamond ring on it was downright disturbing.  I kept expecting Anna to come back as it was obvious that Maxim had planned this special day and evening.  But she didn’t come back for the specially prepared crème brûlée cheesecake.  She didn’t return for the passionate kiss that followed and the whispered words of love.  She didn’t return for the drive to the hotel with Maxim’s hand climbing up my dress and tickling along the edges of my silky panties.  She didn’t return when he wrapped his arm around me and walked me right past the check in counter and on to the private elevator to the honeymoon suite.  She didn’t return when he pulled me close to him and started undressing me. 

I tried my best to not let this passionate man know that I wasn’t his loving wife of 10 years.  Much of the actions were taken care of by the body’s natural motions.  Wrapping my legs around him when he lifted me up was done without my consent.  Reaching down to unhook his belt and unzip his pants were done without my deciding to do so.  Groaning as his thick cock filled my quivering pussy was all mine but leaning over and biting his shoulder as we climaxed together was another decision made by this body. 

In the middle of the night I was awoken, not by Maxim’s loving arm draped over my naked body, but by Anna coming to the forefront.  She seemed to recognize just how long she was gone as I could feel her regret, but she still took the time to get out of bed, pad to the bathroom with her purse, and meticulously write down her notes.  I didn’t quite understand what she was doing after writing her notes down when she turned around and examined her backside in the mirror, going so far as to spread her cheeks and delicately wipe a finger around her puckered anus. 

When she asked me the question I was silent for several moments as I wasn’t accustomed to her actually speaking or even thinking to me.  When I did realize that her query was directed at me I was shocked and scared and answered that no, Maxim hadn’t taken my anal virginity.  She remained silent, but I could feel her emotions running through her head and could even get a sense of her memories as she obviously played them over in her head.  From what I could gather she was nervous about a promise she made on their wedding night.  While Anna was happy to have normal sex, she didn’t enjoy giving or receiving oral or receiving anal.  But as he had made some kind of sacrifice for her, she was willing to start giving and receiving oral.  Last night’s action now took on a new sense of anticipation as it seems Anna’s desires were why Maxim and I only made love in the traditional method.  He was giving his loving wife the evening that she desired…. And the next day would be sex in the way he desired. 

And more than that, it would be fulfilling that promise made 10 years ago.  If Maxim remained loyal and monogamous for their decade of marriage, Anna had agreed to give him the anal sex he so desired.  And from her frightened nervous feeling I could only assume that Maxim had in fact remained monogamous.  All of a sudden, she seemed to make up her mind.  I once again got to experience opening up and being made love to by my loving husband, but this time as a passenger.  As she and he cuddled in post coital bliss she leaned over to lazily kiss him and reaffirm her promise… I actually felt the words spill past ‘my’ lips and say that from now on he could make love to her in any way he so chose and that tomorrow she would not only willingly perform all the acts that he loved, but willingly and repeatedly let him take her from behind. 

As Anna’s body laid down and snuggled back up to her husband I felt two things simultaneously… Maxim’s finger nestles between my rear cheeks and tickle along my rear entrance, and Anna slip back into her deep research. 

Leaving me to fulfil her promise.

By the time the rising sun woke me up, Maxim was stepping out of the shower and getting himself ready.  Looking at him and specifically seeing the almost worshipful way he looked at me, I came to a conclusion.  Even twenty-four hours ago I don’t think I could have even considered this.  But after seeing just how much he loved Anna… how much effort he put into doing things he thought was making her happy, I knew that he deserved better than what she was doing to him. 

Running away and letting some random man… me… do the sexual acts she thought of as depraved was just cruel.  I knew Anna better than I knew anybody, and therefore knew that she loved her husband… but that didn’t excuse this.  Instead of following every instinct in my masculine mind, I committed to reflect the undying love I felt flowing from this wonderful man. 

I didn’t even wait for us to check out.  With the bright sun filling our room I walked toward him seductively… surprised that evidently Anna had never put on a sexual show for him as the body didn’t seem to know what to do.  The surprise and desire in Maxim’s eyes were all I needed though to know that I was doing it right.  I slipped out of my dress but left my lingerie on, knowing that my man liked to see me half dressed like this.  After only removing his pants I had him sit on the bench and laid out next to him.  I only hesitated a moment, swallowing what little of my male pride was still showing just before swallowing down my loving husbands thick hard cock. 

I instinctively knew that I could hurry this process along.  A turn of my tongue here, a tickle along his balls there… little things that would make him cum as quickly as possible.  But instead of letting the body take over, I took full control and continued at a leisurely lazy pace.  I wanted my man to enjoy his special day. 

After a dozen minutes of my love’s moaning and groaning, I encouraged him to take the next step.  I let go of his full big balls and guided his hand back to my soaked panties.  His excitement at what I was indicating was obvious in the extra swelling of his cock in my mouth and his trembling hand nestling between my ass cheeks to tickle again at my rear. 

So here I am.  I’m in the body of a decidedly brilliant and devastatingly beautiful woman making slow sensuous love to my husband with my mouth and willingly even encouragingly inviting him to prepare my rear virginity to be taken.  I know I could make him take me right now, reducing the time for me to groan and wiggle as his large cock opens me up as I’ve never experienced before… but I have to admit that I AM falling in love with my husband and want to treat him right.  No… I’ll finish him in my mouth and then when he’s ready, let him take me from behind.  He’ll last a long time, but it’s the love that I want to show my man. 

It’s not just the dirty work that Anna refuses to do.  It’s the loving work that I want to do.

source: fuskator

Like many of my obscura's lately, I had a vague idea on how this story was going to go.  I wanted to let my imagination run with it though and be another longer one (just 3000 words this time!), as it felt like it could be a fun story.  Not quite a body swap, not quite blackmailed, not quite willing... experiencing feminine things without her direct help but with the help of a body that's done these tasks thousands and thousands of times.... yeah that sounded like fun.  

My original idea was simple.  A brilliant scientist takes her research aid's consciousness in her own to double the time she can think about her research.  He'll do all the mundane tasks he doesn't like while she gets to take a passenger seat and think.  

I initially didn't think of her completely going 'away' when she was thinking.  But it felt like it would be a little more fun if he was left on his own in her body.  Less chance of her coming back and saving his bacon if he started to screw up.  Obviously with the image that inspired this story (and no, I have no freaking idea how THIS image inspired THIS story), I knew that part of her 'mundane' tasks would be performing oral.  When I started, I just figured it would be a boyfriend.  She wanted the regular sex but still wanted to be looked upon as polite so she would make him go down and suck her boyfriend off.  

I even had a bit of that part written in my head while looking at the image.  I'd have him using his right hand to stroke him while he was confused by what to do with his left.... put it on her boyfriend's thigh?  Cup his balls?  Put a finger up his rear?  And then she'd laugh out loud from the back of his mind as they both felt the boyfriend's finger start to caress her ass, and she tells him that he'll get to give up her anal virginity to this large man.  

But as I wrote in more details, I didn't feel the animosity of our hero while performing the tasks she didn't want to do.  I thought I'd have him switching from being scared of screwing up to being angry at having to do the exercising and other dull things for her.  But instead, at least in my head, he was more understanding.  Doing these things was helping her do the research.  And even more, it was seeing how much was put on her plate as a successful business woman and scientist, and anything he could do to help her succeed just felt right, even if gender wise it felt wrong.  

When I introduced the man, it felt more right for him to be her husband, rather than a random boyfriend.  Just another thing on a woman's plate... taking care of her man and being the sexy woman for him.  And then it fell into place... if he was already this accepting of being in a woman's body, why wouldn't he start to feel her emotions as well.  Why wouldn't he fall in love with Maxim?  He'd still resent her, but not for leaving him the unpalatable task, for her not committing fully even for a day to her husbands desires.  

I actually kind of want to keep writing.  Does he start to turly enjoy being this part of her life?  Does he make her life better by fully embracing the tasks she leaves for him?  Does she get to to back to being a full time scientist while he takes over both her business side and her love life with her husband?  And at the end of the contract, does the research turn into another experiment?  Does he get the chance to stay in her body forever?  Would she like to share her life with him?  

I don't know, but I'd like to find out.  I doubt I will.... I haven't yet gone back and continued any of the many stories I felt could continue on and on, so I don't see any reason to hold out hope for this story.  But man... if this were a part 1 on fictionmania, I'd be waiting for part 2 with baited breath!


  1. Love this Obscura. It does seem to end where other stories might be be taking off. So you could say it is crying out for a part two. but then again it's one you can make your own ending(s) for.

  2. This is really good writing, keep up the good work!