Friday, February 9, 2018

The D+X Arrival of Aryanna Davis

Welcome to the Institute Aryanna!

"Institute Arrivals" is an ongoing series that will tell the story of both the player and the character coming to the Institute.  You'll get to learn about the player's journey from learning about The D+X Institute here at Caitlyn's Masks to signing up and making their character.  And you'll also get a glimpse into what their character's story is.  As you read this post, understand that while I encouraged readers just like you to join up at the Institute, I didn't participate in their story directly.  Their character's story was their own with maybe a little help from the arrival panel.

So without further adieu, let's find out how John found his way to the Institute and how he became Aryanna!

John contemplating his options. 
Hello.  My name is John and I remember when I found out that I have De La Chapelle Syndrome, also known as male 46 XX.  It meant that a tiny bit of my dad's X chromosome gave the SRY allele to make me phenotype Male, but also means that I would be forever sterile.  For years and years I wallowed in this knowledge.  Knowing that I'd never get to pass on my genes and thoughts and experiences to a child of my own.  I'd try to go to those legendary frat parties and pretend I was one of the bros, but deep down I knew I was just bluffing.  When a dear friend, Caitlyn, told me that she knew of a place that had the ability to make me fertile again I was at first doubtful.  If this ability existed it would be known far and wide, right?  But that didn't stop my excitement and anticipation from growing. 

The visit with my good friend left me more excited, even if it left me equally shaken and nervous.  I COULD gain fertility... but it would come with a steep price.  Things would never be the same and even if I could go back to those fraternity parties, I definitely wouldn't ever be one of the bros!  I had to sit down and weigh the importance of what I wanted.  On one side of the scales was being a man.  Being a bro, being a dude, being what I've always pictured myself to be.  On paper the other side seemed to be easily outweighed, but after days of consternation I found out that the desire for fertility weighs a lot more.

Caitlyn gave me the business card of a 'Mistress Petra' with only her email on it. So with a deep breath, knowing that once I did this there would be no going back, I sent her a message.  Faster than I thought, I got a response with a date, a time, and a place.  I was excited about becoming a woman, but as I walked through the door at the appointed time I also knew that I would miss those bonuses that came with manhood.

The lobby was impressive.  I followed the direction to take a seat as it seemed they were anticipating my arrival.  I wondered if they would call me sir or ma'am.  I wondered if they would find my jeans and button up shirt normal or odd.  I wondered if they would call me John or Aryanna.  I'd put a lot of thought into that name but knew I didn't look anything like an Ary quite yet.  Part of me was feeling like a sheep in the wolf's den.  Part of me was feeling silly.  Was Caitlyn messing with me?  Was she toying with me emotions and dreams?  Was she trying to show me how foolish I was to go to a female fertility clinic to become a woman?  I try to distract myself and pull out my phone only to see that there's absolutely no service.

Aryanna Davis, contemplating HER options!
Thank God for Flappy Bird!

That was John's story when he came to the Institute.  So what happens next?  Well Dr Davidson, the CEO of the D+X Institute, and Mrs Petra, one of the Senior Vice Presidents, gave John their very personal attention and signed him up for the D+X Trophy Wife program.  A program that provides the perfect wife for the rich and famous.

Is John now a fertile woman?  No.  Not yet.  You see, the full SRS with a womb implant has to be earned.  But John IS now a beautiful young woman about to join the Finishing School and undergo an intensive training course.

How was this all done?  The exact hormones and other methods are D+X trade secrets, so the only way you'll find out is to come and learn for yourself.  They have a chair open and waiting for you!

That's the story of Aryanna's arrival.  Aryanna is currently going through the shopping trip section with her Mentor.  When finished with that she'll get a tour of the girls dorms and some of the Institute before being introduced to her Managing Executive.  And after that?  Well that's the beauty of the Institute... her story goes on.  Will she take some required courses like Discipline and Compliance?  Will she take some fun feminizing courses like Deportment and Cosmetics?  Will she get kinky?  Will she meet friends?  Her story, as fun as it's been so far, has just begun!  That's my take on Aryanna's arrival, but what about her?  This is what she had to say:


And here's where I've had this post waiting for quite awhile.  It seems that Aryanna hasn't logged on to D+X since late January and hasn't actively posted since early January.  Now there are plenty of both internal and external reasons that Aryanna may have stopped participating.  From family obligation, job changes, and home situations.  From loss of interest, desiring only the transformation itself, or just a lack of desire for this particular playstyle.

But you know what?  That's okay.  Of course I hope that only good things have occurred and pulled Aryanna away from us.  I'm not assuming it's something bad.

For now, and for the purpose of this 'D+X Arrival' post, lets assume that Aryanna had decided that she doesn't enjoy playing at D+X.  Something like this could cause me concern and worry and doubt.  I mean, if we can't make someone happy then what exactly are we doing wrong.  The answer to that hypothetical question is simple though... we're not doing anything wrong.  You see, we're not everything to everyone.

I know I've spent a considerable amount of time and effort in trying to convince you to come and play with me over at D+X, but hear me out on this.  I'm not saying that you WILL love it.  I'm not even going to assume that you'll like it.  There are plenty of reasons TO like it.  Getting to play out some of your deepest fantasies.  To have the 'other' part played by someone else.  To share your experience with other 'girls' and to connect with them as friends.  To join a group of people that won't blink an eye if they hear you talk about wanting to transition, or how you've loved and purged your fantasies, or how you felt like you were alone.  Those are all good reasons to come and I still think you should.

But I'd be lying if I said that I knew you'd love it.  For one, there's a time commitment.  If you're already struggling with finding time to come out and read this and other blogs, you might not be able to stretch enough for D+X.  There's the fantasy overlap.  D+X has gone a long way in accommodating a lot of different forced feminization fantasies, but if you're looking for magic, or furries, or being completely controlled in and out of character, then you're probably not going to love it.  You might find ways around those fantasies... technology can be quite magica, we have plenty of neko girls with mechanically attached ears and tails, and there are ways to play a more forced game than D+X initially allows... but not everybody is willing to work toward their fantasies or accept anything other than 100% of their fantasy.

And if that's true, do you know what will happen at D+X?  Nothing.  Or at least, nothing bad.  We'll welcome you in with open arms, we'll try to accommodate any of your wants, needs, and desires as we can, we'll help work out a good fun story for you and role play through your transformation and beyond.  But if at any time you decide D+X isn't for you we'll understand.  We'll see if there's anything we can do to change it up for you and make it more fulfilling and we'll always welcome you in as a Patron or future staff if you'd like to try the other side.  And we'll always welcome you in to our social circle.  Come on in and join our shout conversations and play in the chat room and have fun.  But we won't be angry or dismissive.

I've played with people that had to step away.  It sucked, but I accepted their decision.  I was overjoyed when they came back, but they don't always do that.  I've had to step away from D+X but I came back, and never once was I made to feel guilty of bad about not fitting in for awhile.  The same will always be true of good kind hearted people.

So why am I writing this out here in Aryanna's 'Arrival'?  Because even if she found out that D+X wasn't for her, I'd still like to hold it up as an example and a call to come Play With Me.  Aryanna enjoyed herself at D+X and gave it a try.  She may have found out that it wasn't for her, but dozens and hundreds of girls have found the opposite to be true.  And each and every one of them had to do the same thing... try!

I imagined a scenario where someone's been reading along with my attempts to get them to play at D+X.  They've assumed they won't like it and don't want to waste the staff's time there.  This post is for them.  I want to assure every single person out there, no one at D+X will be upset if you come in and try us out and find out that you don't like it.  You can't know you won't like it if you don't try.

So come on over!  Come on and Play With Me!

So there you have it.  I've been talking about why you should Come Play With Me at The D+X Institute for years now.  And now you have Aryanna's story to back me up.  It's an absolute blast to come to a place full of people that simply want you to have a good time.  That will work with you to make YOUR story come true.

So come on over and Come Play With Me!  And tell 'em that Caitlyn sent ya!

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  1. Okay. Great post. I've always been a lurker on Caitlyn's blog, but I need to break it here. I want to tag onto this post as someone who has been playing on Forced Femme RP for half their life now. I more than almost anyone am a very stop and go person. I've flaked out and stopped posting suddenly sometimes for a good reason (I met someone in real life and wanted to devote all of my time to them) sometimes for a bad reason (I got extremely depressed and a virtual misunderstanding drove me to making a rash decision) and sometimes for no reason at all (I just stopped posting and did other things).

    However, throughout all of this starting and stopping I never really quit, because there is something intoxocating about D+X and other sites like it. Something that it satisfies within me. I can't explain it. When I'm not playing I tell myself that it's silly. That I don't "need" to play, and that if I start back up I'll just quit again and waste everyone's time or worse disappoint those I've built relationships with.

    More often than not when I've quit and come back some time later, I abandoned my old character and started a new one (an alt-aholic as some would say). I did this more times than I can count, and I think I did it out of shame. Shame of just leaving without explaining why or stating whether I would be back.

    My character Vicki has been me trying something different. When I quit, I don't come back to something different. I come back to Vicki. I registered her at D+X in 2015, but I have not yet even made it to level 1 in my classes two and a half years later. This is because of two large gaps I've taken with her, both which lasted about a year each. While before I would beat myself up over those breaks, now I've grown more understanding of them. Now I acknowledge them exactly for what they were. Periods of my life where I didn't feel I "needed" to play being a girl. The reason I was telling myself I didn't need D+X was because I didn't, but that doesn't mean I never was going to need it again. I'm playing at D+X currently, and I'm telling myself (this time I won't quit. I am here forever now). But deep down I know that is not true. I will most likely stop playing for some period of time for one reason or another, but I kbow that is okay. As Caitlyn said every time I quit and came back, no one ever once made me feel guilty and it is good to know that there is a place I can go that will accept me not only for the times when I need it, but also for the times when I don't.