Friday, January 4, 2019

Maid to be his woman

Made to be his maid?
Okay, I know I normally put this 'write up' after either the cap or the obsucra, but I need a bit of a forward to warn the casual reader what lies ahead.  This, I believe, is my longest obscura.  It's over 11,000 words.  There are a couple images in it but they're both near the end.  More or less this is a short story.  The first 'page' of it in word is nothing but set-up.

I wrote this over a longer period of time than my normal writing, starting on the 1st of the year and ending it this morning (the 4th).  Theme wise this follows some of my favorites including stuck in a situation, having to act in order to keep up a ruse, and either some external entity forcing the subject or the subjects own internal will forcing them.  This is certainly a 'forced' story but it's not a person forcing another.

My normal definition of sexy raunchy fun is getting to the sex part and staying there as long as possible, but this story differs from that.  Yes, there's sex acts going on but it takes awhile to get there and it's not as extreme as I'd often write.  That being said, I still find it to be quite erotic.

Finally, it's a sci-fi story.  I tried to keep it more story based than explaining the technologies involved but I didn't think it right to just drop our heroine into an android body and not let you know the parameters of what that means.  I also tried to pepper in some other technologies but only when it felt obvious that a technology would have evolved (television becoming holo projector...).

I know this isn't for everybody, so for those of you that don't consider a long(ish) sci-fi story with less sex than my normal writing, feel free to skip it.  You won't hurt my feelings and I don't want to bore you.  For those that do like this kind of writing, I'd really love to hear your opinion on it.  I'm not one to regularly ask directly for comments and feel the spontaneous comment is far more valuable than a requested one, but I think this could be added to and fleshed out more.  I think this story could be three times its size without telling anymore of the before or after time line.  If I get the same vibe from people I might try it.  If I don't get that vibe and I"m alone in that opinion, I'll just move on and do something else.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and the couple images that inspired it.


Android technology in the mid-21st century revolutionized almost all industries.  At first the only thing limiting their use was the limits of artificial intelligence.  Simple but dangerous manufacturing was regulated to the droids.  Repetitive tasks were perfect for them.  Next came putting androids in the place of non-humanoid robots because having a ‘person’ to look at was more comforting.  Self-driving cars never picked up even though there were only a handful of accidents in the past 30 years, but once an android was placed in the driver’s seat they took off.  Automated restaurants became busy again once there was a ‘person’ to take your order and deliver your food.  The final placement of androids was the human jobs that people felt beneath or were embarrassing to do.  Whore houses and brothels were almost entirely replaced by android houses of sin.  Hiring a sexy French maid to come clean your house was possible again because an android didn’t care if you ogled or even touched her while she dusted and washed the dishes. 

All of these uses were fine, but the one thing that changed my job was the humanized wireless control of androids.  Some tasks were just too dangerous for humans but required too much skill for a human.  With this technology the human could connect his brain to that of the droid and take over it’s body.  The droid could even learn and take over some of the tasks making it possible to multitask with the android doing some things and the human controller doing others.  Having an engineer to work directly on a nuclear reactor without damage to himself while saving a city from meltdown established the technology and almost all droids were set up with the tech even if it would never realistically be used.  This ‘back door’ was supposedly secured so only someone with the proper authority could log in and take over the droid, but like any lock can be picked this code was eventually broken. 

Now, so long as someone has a droid working for them I can be in their home or office without them even knowing it.  I can let the droid do it’s work and when the opportunity arises I can take over and do what needs to be done.  Stealing sensitive documents, corporate spying, and even spying on a cheating spouse all became easy.  Short term jobs were easy enough as I could do the work from home.  If it took hours I’d wake up in my own body sore from not moving, but otherwise fine.  But some jobs needed me to be in the droid for days or even weeks at a time.  Those jobs required a bit more finance to take care of my body.   Thankfully a friend, through the persuasive powers of a lot of money, put my body in his private hospital’s coma wing.  My body would get fed, cleaned, and even moved.

Now this did have its down sides.  I learned from a colleague using the same technique in Germany that if his body was drugged, he wouldn’t be able to extract his mind from the android.  The person taking care of his body while on a long gig was drugging it and that left him stranded as a garbage collector for weeks after he’d meant to escape back to his true self.  The other primary downside was the droid’s internal commands.  Most of the time the droid’s programming could be usurped by the invading mind.  But some programs were hard written into the basic code and couldn’t counter commanded.  I had spent months planning an event that required a car crash.  After hours of driving around as a taxi driver I found out that I couldn’t forcibly make an accident happen.  When I pushed too hard the droid simply pulled over and called for assistance as it’s diagnosed picked me up as a virus or something. 

My next job was, on the surface, a relatively simple one.  Steal some documents from some corporate big wig named Harry Nelson that was particularly paranoid.  I tried the normal methods first.  Research showed me that he did the majority of his work from home.  He was divorced and his wife took the kids with her.  But without a family, he could stay inside his compound for days at a time, and realistically he could stretch that out to months without a problem.  His home security system was top notch and installed just a few months ago, and there was no way I was physically breaking in.  And the worst thing is that he didn’t even have any droids.  No grounds keeper, no house cleaner, no cook.  The tasks that required manual labor were fulfilled by good old-fashioned robots and not the humanoid looking ones but weird creepy machines with multiple arms and no faces… and of course no interface for direct human control. 

While working undercover in Harry’s office… it turns out they pay their human janitors shit… I saw an order for an android on his secretary’s desk with a delivery date of the next day.  I imagined he wanted some human looking company but It didn’t give me much time to prep as I’d have to intercept it before it entered his house.  Once it was behind his security system I wouldn’t be able to transmit myself into it.  Of course, once I was in, I was going to be stuck so long as I was inside his house, but that would be easy enough once the job was done as I’d only have to step outside to return to my body. 

As I wasn’t sure if this would take a day or a week or a month I got in touch with my contact at the private hospital and went through the check in procedure.  Using the city’s street cameras I kept an eye out for the delivery and as soon as I saw it I put my hack into effect and soon felt myself slip into the body of the android.  I could feel myself moving inside the crate and had to remain still so that he could ‘turn me on’ and not rouse suspicion.  I heard Harry’s muffled words with the delivery driver and then a bit later heard him opening the crate up.  When he turned the android on I waited for it’s start up procedure to finish before opening my eyes. 

I’d been through a couple start up procedures like this before and recognized the process.  He started to lay out my security parameters by first giving me a password.  His memory must be top notch as my password was 25 characters long and was just seemingly random numbers, letters, and symbols.  Next came the parameters of use.  These would be written into basic code and even I wouldn’t be able to overcome them.  His paranoia really showed through as I was limited to staying in the house, could only go upstairs when specifically told to do so, couldn’t record any of his business activities by video or audio, and could only be directly commanded by his voice.  Limiting me to his voice command was actually a relief as none of his guests could order me around, but the other parameters were going to make the job harder.  Staying inside meant I’d have to get his code to shut down his security system as I’d be trapped inside this body without going outside of it’s reach.  I couldn’t even scope out his office if I couldn’t go upstairs when he wasn’t around.  And if I did find the documents I wanted, I was going to need to either scan them and send them electronically or get a hand held camera to take their pictures as recording them with the droid’s personal recorder and sending them out later was now not an option. 

The big shock, however, came next when he gave me my personal designation.  I’ve been in enough droids to know that many people simply call them ‘droid’ or ‘servant’ or even just give them a number as most companies do.  When they do give them actual names they’re pretty standard as no one wants to talk to Napoleon or Hobert.  They’d want Chris or John or Sam.  So, when he named me Kim I knew it wasn’t after the long standing leader of Korea.  It was because I was in the body of a female looking android. 

The rest of the startup procedure was simple and as soon as he put me on my charging plate and went to bed, I stepped off and started to look around.  When I passed a mirror, I stopped dead in my tracks.  It’s one thing to be see yourself as a woman.  Hell, I’d used female droids before.  But this wasn’t some normal looking woman.  I had big breasts that would almost look obscene on a sex worker droid.  My legs were long and finely shaped while my waist nipped in to fill out an hourglass figure.  My face was made without any concern of me looking ‘normal’.  Instead I looked like a fashion model.  Or, with this body, a porn star.  My lips were full and plump, and my hair was long and blonde. 

Fearing that there might be a sexual portion of this droid’s purpose I took a quick scan of the code.  While I didn’t find anything regarding sex, I did find that this was one of the newest models.  It could handle complex tasks and could even have a fairly detailed personality.  It also had the ability to download new commands and install them remotely.  This was a particularly new routine as previously it had to be done by a certified tech.  I’d almost been caught when a tech looked at that droid’s programming and saw the huge set of code that was technically me.  I was able to scoot out in that instance and no one knew who was there.  But now anybody could do the downloading and installing up to the point of taking all the droid’s memory.  And while this new model had a few extra petabytes, I was still taking up the vast majority of the free space.  I might be able to let him install one or two new programming sets, but more than that and it would start erasing me.  And without a way out it would truly be erasing me.  Thankfully all droids have a safety feature in that the internal operator, me in this instance, could stop anything from overwriting it.  But if I had to do that and make the install fail he’d undoubtedly call in a tech and that was game over. 

With my internal perusing of the programming done and the external ogling of my new body finished, I continued on with my examination of his home.  Sure enough he had a library, den, and living room down here and even had a spare bedroom, but any and all office space would seem to be upstairs.  I tried to walk up, but the programming immediately took over and wouldn’t even let me lift my leg up to the first riser. 

The next morning my routine started.  Thankfully he only had me wear a maid’s uniform that would feel normal at a hotel.  When he put out my tasks they were all within the abilities of the droid’s programming so I let it take control and sat back to watch whatever it’s eyes found.  That day I found out that it took almost a full day to clean up.  I did four loads of laundry, which was only distasteful when it came to folding his underwear.  I made him basic meals for lunch and dinner.  I mopped and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors before dusting and vacuuming all the other rooms.  Unfortunately I really didn’t get to monitor his actives as he spent almost all of the day upstairs. 

The next day was filled with more tasks including washing every dish in the house and washing the windows.  The next day included more laundry and polishing all the silverware.  The next day included cleaning the shower stall in both bathrooms as well as the vanities and toilets.  The next day included cleaning up the linens and hanging them outside to dry.  Every day seemed to easily fill up with tasks while he stayed up in his refuge.  It almost seemed like he was avoiding me. 

After a week of what would have been exhausting work, I finally got an opportunity to explore.  More or less.  While on my hands and knees cleaning the baseboards, he stepped behind me and bade me to follow him upstairs.  Once up there he led me to his office door, tapped in a five digit code into the door lock, and started giving me individual tasks.  I knew I’d eventually need that code but in the position he left me it was just outside of my peripheral vision.  Any action to look down at his fingers would certainly set off alarms in Harry’s head.  Clean off his desk which had obviously been tidied by him before I came in as it was bare of any papers or documents.  Empty the trash.  Vacuum the floor.  Clean the windows and change out the curtains.  Without any of his business papers to specifically look at, I tried using my peripheral vision to find any safes or locks hiding away the important stuff while also keeping an eye on him.  Oddly enough he was watching me with an obvious interest.  

When I was finished to his satisfaction, I was guided into the next room which appeared to be either another living room or a study.  There was a desk and some sports paraphernalia in one corner, but the other was a television viewing area.  Where the downstairs living room theater setup was state of the art and top of the line, this was far more personal.  Just a big screen holoprojector and a streaming box.  Instead of having me start to clean up this area he had me join him on the couch.  The awkward feeling of sitting next to a man in this body was trumped by the awkwardness of the situation as a whole.  I didn’t dare take control as I have no idea how the droid should react, so it just sat stiffly next to him.  He put his arm around it and pulled it close, but the droid’s back was still straight making it look like he was hugging a mannequin close to him. 

I couldn’t fathom what he was doing until he pulled up the projector and loaded a home movie.  It was from one of his kids’ birth day parties and showed his family and how close and happy they were.  And whenever it showed his wife he’d hug my stiff body just a little closer. 

He was missing his wife.

I later learned that he’d watched those movies on the anniversary of his divorce and it made me wonder if he’d had any female companionship in the meantime.  I wasn’t too concerned as I still planned on robbing this guy and his company blind, but I’m not a monster and I can empathize with someone’s pain.  The viewing of the home movies was continued for a few nights, but I could sense his frustration at the droid’s level of activity.  With this being my only link to coming upstairs so far, I needed to make sure he would continue to invite me up, so when I felt he was going to just call it done and stop trying I took control and cuddled up close to him.  The android’s programming actually helped me put my body into a somewhat natural position as I curled my legs up to one side, slid my arm under his, and laid my head on his shoulder. 

Awkward, uncomfortable, and graceless doesn’t even come close to describing how I felt, but I couldn’t give control back to the droid as it didn’t have any programming to work with.  So for the next few hours I sat snuggling up with a man.  The only upside was that his reticence at continuing seemed to vanish completely.  He would end almost every night by commanding me upstairs where we’d not only watch home movies, but television and films.  I used the repeated visits to start timing his activities.  It took him about 90 seconds to step over to the bar and get himself a glass of whisky.  Going to the bathroom took about three minutes.  Getting a bottle of water from downstairs took closer to 5 minutes.  Making a snack seemed like the holy grail as it took him about 15 minutes. 

While normally I let the droid do its duties cooking, I decided one evening to see if I could manipulate him.  When it came time to spice the meal, I took over the droid just long enough to give it some extra salt.  Not enough to be overt, but enough that he should be thirstier by this evening.   Therefore, it was no surprise when, after quickly finishing his movie night whisky, he went downstairs to get a bottle of water.  I took advantage of the five minutes and walked out into the hallway with the intent of timing myself getting to his office. 

By the time Harry returned I was sitting in my original position, knowing that round trip it took just over 2 minutes to walk silently from the couch to his office.  If push came to shove, and I could get into his office, I would have just under three minutes to rifle around.  The next obvious step was finding out what his office’s door code was.  The next day when I was being led back up to clean Harry’s office I made sure to bring a feather duster with me.  He didn’t seem to take any special notice until he started to key in the code and I took control of the droid.  All it took was opening my hand and letting the duster drop to the floor.  I immediately relinquished control back to the droid knowing she’d kneel down to pick up the duster. Of course she’d do this in the slightly unnatural movement style of droids and wouldn’t move her head… which would leave her eyes looking straightforward and bring the code into my vision. 

When I stood back up, I knew what the code was but also had him staring at me suspiciously.  Up to this point I hadn’t had to speak and I was counting my blessings every day that was true.  When an android follows it’s programming and moves, you feel the movements.  You might not be in control, but it feels like your own limbs were performing the movements.  As I’d been here so long, I’m sure I’d have the muscle memory to clean up a house without any problem.  The same process was true of a droid speaking.  The person inside might not be thinking about talking, but they’d feel like they spoke the words themselves.  Letting a droid speak often enough while inside would eventually give you their verbal mannerisms.  So when Harry asked why I had dropped the duster I knew I couldn’t answer directly asI had no idea how the droid was programmed to speak.  But the last thing I wanted was to let it start to train me how to talk. 

I felt a shiver run down my spine as I felt myself apologize to ‘Master’ and say that it was simply a twitch of my hand.  The good thing was Harry seemed to accept this reason without pause.  The bad thing was the look on his face as it was obvious that he liked the sound of my voice.  I’d been in Harry’s home for nearly a month and hadn’t spoken a single word, but the rest of the day he kept me talking almost non-stop.  If there was anything approaching an upside it was that he didn’t seem to like being called Master and instead had me refer to him as Sir. 

I’m not sure you could call the droid’s speaking pattern as a full personality, but even if it wasn’t its default speaking mannerism was submissive, demure, and respectful.  It was almost everything my own speaking pattern wasn’t.  And to make matters worse he gave the command to speak more often, more or less making the droid into a Chatty Cathy doll.  I found myself sharing my plans for the day with him every morning.  I found myself talking about how much I enjoyed working for him just about every time I saw him.  I heard myself say how much joy I got out of cooking each time I’d serve him his meal.  And worst of all I felt myself saying repeatedly and in many different ways how much I liked making him happy.  By the time I was set up on my charging port I could hear that voice ringing through my head. 

After another week I’d been inside Mr Nelson’s office four times.  I couldn’t help thinking of him only as Mr Nelson now as when it wasn’t appropriate to call him Sir, I only ever called him Mr Nelson.  I’m not sure I could say the word Harry without being forced to do so.  I hadn’t found anything in the office yet but with such a short window I figured it might take me a dozen or so trips before I found the lock box or safe or hidden drawer.  One morning while washing the dishes and hearing my feminine voice inside my own head go over how much I liked to get the dishes clean, I got the surprise of my life.  If I hadn’t been letting the droid control, it’s actions I probably would have screamed and dropped the delicate wine glasses.  As is I simply stopped what I was doing and turned around to see who had just said “That is one fine ass!”

I hadn’t ever seen someone else come inside Mr Nelson’s home.  The deliveries were dropped off on the porch, so not even they came inside.  So, seeing another man looking me over like a piece of meat was quite disconcerting.  My slightly unnatural movements must have let him know I was an android as he asked aloud to Mr Nelson what he got.  At the same time, he was rudely yelling up at Mr Nelson he came up to me and handled me like a doll.  Pinching my cheeks, he forced my mouth open and looked inside before tilting my head down and pulling my eyelids open wide.  With a grunt of satisfaction, he tilted my head fully down and started combing his hands through my hair, no doubt looking for my programming access point.  None of his actions hurt per se, but I was aware that they were not natural motions and therefore felt awkward about being handled like this.  But more than that, it took a full force of will to not stop this heathen from manhandling me without any type of permission or punching him in the balls to make him stop. 

By the time Mr Nelson came down the stairs the heathen had my dress open and was cupping my breasts, noting how warm and realistic they were.  When he let me go to turn and talk directly to Mr Nelson, I was left in the state of undress, simply standing there waiting for them to either tell me to go back to work or to serve them if they so needed.  By forcing myself to calm down and listen to them, I found out that this was Mr Nelson’s old college room mate Daniel.  He worked in the research division of U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men and was actively trying to copy the android success that Hyperdyne Systems had found.  He was very excited that Mr Nelson had bought not only a Hyperdyne System android, but evidently their newest, most advanced, model. 

Mr Nelson, to his credit, seemed uncomfortable talking about me in front of me so he had me clean myself up and then resume my duties while he and Daniel would catch up in the study.  About an hour later I was called in to the study and I assumed I would soon be serving drinks to the men.  But instead of that I was bade to stand in front of the two of them while Daniel started barking off orders to me.  I didn’t dare take control of the droid as I feared this evident expert would see something wrong, so I had to feel myself obey his every word.  I stood up on one leg.  I jumped up and down in place.  I hold out my arms then wiggled my hips like I was playing with a hula hoop.  He left me in that particularly embarrassing action while he turned and told Mr Nelson that I had almost no personality traits installed and that he hadn’t molded me to do anything special.  He went on to say that it was a waste of good money as just about any model could do the same things and look just like me and cost millions less. 

When he turned back to me I wanted so much to back away and even run.  It wasn’t just the maniacal look in his eyes but also the mini data drive in his hand.  I had felt him pawing at my data port and knew full well that it would accept such a device.  When he approached I couldn’t help it and backed away from him, having absolutely no desire to have him look into my programming.   Only Mr Nelson’s loud command to stop made me not turn and run as the direct verbal command put the droid back into full control.  I couldn’t do anything other than ‘STOP’. 

Thankfully that wasn’t what Mr Nelson meant when he shouted, as he continued on talking to Daniel in the same commanding tone.  The two of them argued back and forth, Mr Nelson saying that he didn’t want to void out my warranty and regardless he saw me back away and was sure I was scared.  My heart swelled a bit knowing that he cared, but it cashed back down when Daniel explained that the reflex action was more likely a safeguard from Hyperdyne’s tech department and that any software addition wouldn’t void the warranty as the programs he had were Hyperdyne’s own.  When Mr Nelson relented and let Daniel continue he unfortunately worded in a way that didn’t let the droid out of it’s ‘STOP’ command. 

Treating me like nothing more than a microwave oven, Daniel pulled my head down again and slid the drive into the slot.  For a brief moment the whole world went white while there was a piercing ringing in my ears.  When it stopped my head was tilted back up and I saw the drive back in Daniel’s hand.  I didn’t feel any different and couldn’t tell what exactly had happened.  But when I internalized and looked at the programming, I saw that almost every bit of free space had been filled with a new directory. 

The directory’s name was ‘SLUT’

I knew that I could prevent programming from being added, but I hadn’t realized just how fast the process was.  I also knew that once a program was installed that I was powerless to delete it.  And Daniel’s wicked smile told me that I and Mr Nelson were both going to see just what this new programming could do.  He engaged what was modestly called ‘Mode 2’ and I could feel the effects right off.  The droid relaxed its pose just a bit.  It’s back curved to both push out it’s ass and present it’s breasts more fully.  One of it’s hands pulled up to sit on it’s hip as I felt my lips pull into a small private smile. 

The previous commands were given; stand on one leg, jump up and down, hold out my arms, wiggle my hips.  The results however were nowhere near the same as before.  Instead of holding my position and simply raising one leg I approached Mr Nelson and raised my leg up onto the table before leaning forward.  If I had been wearing any shorter of a skirt he’d have a clear view of my panties.  Instead of simply jumping up and down in place I walked up to Mr Nelson, straddled his legs and bounced enthusiastically up and down in his lap.  I actually felt my breasts sliding over his surprised face.  Holding my arms out didn’t stop the bouncing but did wrap around Mr Nelson’s head and actually pulled him into my bobbing breasts.  And worst of all, wiggling my hips shifted somehow into the most erotic gyration when teamed up with my continued bouncing. 

Long after I could feel Mr Nelsons natural reaction to getting a lap dance he bade me to stop and stand up.  Even getting out of his lap was made somehow erotic and my hand found its way to rub across the obvious bulge in his pants before posing right in front of him.  While my mind was reeling from being transformed into some kind of stripper pole dancer, Mr Nelson got up and continued to speak with Daniel.  By the time I came around to start listening again instead of re-living that humiliating memory, Mr Nelson was telling Daniel that he’d consider making some changes but right now that was more than enough.  Mr Nelson commanded me to my charging port, but as I stood up on it and closed my eyes I heard Daniel ask why he wasn’t ever putting me into fast charge mode.  I could hear Mr Nelson shrug, wait a moment, then say “Charge Full”

When I opened my eyes it was morning and Daniel was standing in front of me.  It again took all my willpower to not reach out and knock this letch out.   Evidently ‘Charge Full’ took me off line and if Mr Nelson continued using it would knock out almost all the free time I had to roam and look around.   Before I could consider any more of the repercussions, Daniel pulled me forward and kissed me.  My body responded to the kiss and welcomed his tongue into my mouth.  As our tongues slide and moved over each other, our hands started exploring each other’s bodies.  I actually squealed a bit as I felt his over eager hand slide down the front of my panties and found my pussy wet and waiting.  Almost as bad was me noticing my own hand unzipping and sliding into his pants to rub directly over his growing cock. 

Thankfully Mr Nelson found us and had Daniel stop playing with me.  With an almost bored voice Mr Nelson had me go back to my normal duties while he and Daniel walked back upstairs.  I tried to let the droid to it’s job but found that the ‘SLUT’ programming was pervasive and every action I did was done in a sexy slutty way.  I actively took over the droids actions when I found myself bringing Mr Nelsons dirty underwear up to my mouth and kissing the crotch before tossing it in the laundry.  Disgusted by that action and unwilling to find out what else I’d do, especially when neither Daniel nor Mr Nelson were around, I did all the chores on my own.  These many weeks feeling that I was doing them all anyway let me actually do a very good job.  If I couldn’t feel the slut programming trying to intervene I would have actually been proud. 

That night Mr Nelson brought me up to the study for our movie.  As I wasn’t sure if he knew what my ‘SLUT’ mode would do I felt it necessary to simply let it go.  When I sat next to him I cuddled in far more intimately, pulling his arm around my shoulder and laying my hand on his thigh.  I couldn’t seem to sit still and kept rubbing against him and about 15 minutes into the film I actually reached up to guide his hand to be breast.  When he turned and started to say something I turned too and instead leaned up to kiss him.   I could feel my gorge rising as this wasn’t like before when Daniel kissed me and I responded to it, this was me taking the initiative and kissing the man I’d been cuddling up nightly with for weeks.  I actually heard Mr Nelson moan when my hand brushed over the hardness under his pants. 

And all I could do was sit back and feel my body go along for the ride.  I didn’t dare do anything to stop this as it would obviously be against the programming.  So, I learned what it felt like to have my hard nipple squeezed and played with through my uniform and bra while rubbing a man to orgasm through his pants.  My hand continued to move even as I felt his cock jump and jerk under my ministrations, making his pants and eventually my palm sticky with his cum.  I’m fairly sure the internal shudder I felt was manifested physically as I drew my palm up to my mouth and licked it clean while Mr Nelson looked on dumbstruck.  While my body had never tasted cum before, I knew that this was simply a matter of memory and that when I returned to my body this memory would follow.  Thankfully Mr Nelson had me stop as I was bending forward to his lap, knowing that I was about to lick his pants clean.  When he returned with a clean pair of pants on, he placed both of my hands in my own lap and we finished the movie. 

The next day I wanted to stay in control of the droid to avoid feeling it’s slutiness start to imprint on me, but Daniel kept coming around to watch me.  Each time I let the programming take over I found myself giving him a show.  Sometimes it was simply bending over and impossible angles to show off my ass while others involved me rubbing my hands around my breasts like a whore.  Several times he watched long enough to evidently key the program to do more and I approached him and started to make out with him.

That night after dinner Mr Nelson once again guided me up to his study.  Instead of selecting a film out of his vast collection of 20th and 21st century classics, he went through the streaming box and ordered a rental.  Having been in this body for so long, I didn’t actually recognize that this was one of those new, practically soft-core porn movies that was more about the actors looking good rather than about the substance and drama that I knew Mr Nelson preferred.  And just as the night before, my hand found its way to his crotch, but unlike the night before I didn’t need to pull his arm around me or encourage him to start playing with my breast.  While I kissed and slowly rubbed over his hardening cock, I saw out of the corner of my eye the film just as the hot dumb actress was reaching under the table and into the lap of the hot dumb actor.  Being a major release, they didn’t show the hand job, but it was easily recognizable what was going on. 

It was Mr Nelson’s loud sucked in breath that pulled my attention to me kissing him.  To him playing with my breast.  To my hand pulling his cock out of his pants.  My own moan this time accompanied the action as I started sliding my hand up and down his still growing girth.  As much as I tried to avoid thinking about what was going on I couldn’t help but feel my hand doing it’s erotic dance on Mr Nelson’s manhood.  Even as I tried to picture some far away meadow filled with trees and sunlight and birds singing, I could feel every vein as it passed over my palm.  I could feel the ridge of his cock’s crown under my fingers and even felt my finger rub the sensitive underside of his cock with it’s long nail.  And when he came this time there was no barrier between us.  There were no pants to soak up the majority of this man’s cum.  And it was just as much cum as I’d imagine a man would have built up after not having sex in over a year. 

If tasting the bit of cum that soaked through his pants and onto my palm was disgusting, then licking the copious amounts of the thick fluid from my fingers and the back of my hand was worse by a million percent.  Last night I got a bit of a taste, while tonight I could feel its hot sticky thick texture roll around in my mouth.  And when I thought that particular nightmare was over, my hand returned to scoop up what I’d missed before and guide it to my smiling lips.  I’d read before in some magazine that giving another man a hand job was practically the same thing as jacking off.  But as I cuddled up to Mr Nelson again I had to disagree as it was completely different.   I’d never think of this as jacking off, I’d forever remember giving a man a hand job. 

With Daniel staying with Mr Nelson I fell into that same routine.  Daniel was constantly finding me and peeking at what I was doing.  He’d touch, rub, pinch, caress, and slap any part of me he could and my only reaction was a smile and an offer for more.  Mr Nelson seemed to really enjoy our new movie activities and each night we’d spend more time together either with me giving him a hand job or us snuggled up together in his post coital moments.  I was slowly driving myself insane and I was making absolutely no progress toward finding the documents. 

One morning when I was awakened by Daniel he had a particularly lascivious look on his face when he asked how I thought I looked I.  Without hesitation, told him that I thought I looked very sexy in my new clothes.  It was only after saying that, that I could feel I was indeed wearing something different.  The dress was much shorter, and I could feel it bunched up around my shoulders.  I heard the whisper of it’s fabric move and knew it wasn’t the sturdy cotton of my previous uniforms.  I could feel the extra weight of an apron but not one of the heavy ones I wore for cooking.  And most oddly I could feel something in my hair.  It wasn’t enough to be called a hat, but it seemed to be doing more than merely holding my hair up.  The last change took me a moment to quantify as clothing related as I was looking right into Daniel’s eyes and not up at him. 

I was wearing heels.  And if the height difference was any indication, they were at least six inches tall.

At that point Mr Nelson walked in and stopped in his tracks.  His eyes wandered over me for quite some time before he confronted Daniel, asking why he would dress me up as a French maid.  Daniel explained that if Mr Nelson so wanted, he could change me over to be the best of both worlds.   That with simply the addition of another program he could add true housekeeping skills to my repertoire while at the same time making me into a sex kitten prancing around and doing my work.  Mr Nelson again seemed to want me returned to normal and was finally convinced to allow both programs only when Daniel assured him that both could be turned off with a command. 

This time I prepped myself before Daniel approached me.  I knew almost nothing about house keeping and thought I already had the best techniques down.  As much as I thought I’d need these advanced techniques I actually needed the ‘SLUT’ programming more.  With it I’d have to live the humiliation of feeling myself move in an overtly sexy manner.  But without it, I’d actually have to make those moves myself.  So as Daniel pulled the data drive from his pocket, I started prepping myself to delete the directory it created and save what was already there.

When he finally was standing before me, I expected to feel my head pulled down again, placing my chin on my chest to give him access to my data port.  Instead his hand pressed down on my shoulder and I found myself falling to my knees.  My view was filled with Daniels crotch as my hands immediately moved up to start unbuckling his pants.  At the same time I freaked and took control, my hands froze I felt the data drive slide home.  My vision once again turned all white while my hearing was filled with that piercing noise and forgetting about what my hands were doing, I focused all my will on deleting the new data as it streamed in.

When my vision and hearing returned to normal, I found myself still kneeling before Daniel.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I internalized and started looking for the new directory.  I heard Daniel wonder aloud if the programming took as I shouldn’t have stopped moving.  As I felt him grab my wrists and start moving me manually as if he could kick start me, I kept looking for that any indication of the new directory.  When I found the ‘MAID’ directory I looked through and saw that it was as big in size as the ‘SLUT’ directory, which made no sense whatsoever.  That much data would have shredded my consciousness and I wouldn’t be here.  Only Daniel bopping me on the head and wondering aloud if something bad happened to the ‘SLUT’ directory made me realize what had happened.  Backing out of the ‘MAID’ directory structure I looked for the ‘SLUT’ directory and found that it was no longer there.  I’d deleted the wrong one.  I now had the full data set of being a maid but lacked any droid knowledge on being a slut.  I was actually proving that it was gone by not moving.  And by proving there was a problem, Daniel said he was going to start a programming wipe, so he could start over.

I’m not sure I could prevent a data wipe as I had no idea what the process was involved.  If it involved them turning me to offline mode I’d never wake up.  My body would simply live on without its consciousness in the private hospital until my contact realized what happened and he made sure the body died to avoid any questions.  I tried to remember what I should be doing but as I’d never actually tried to unbuckle a man’s pants from this perspective, I had no idea what it should feel or look like.  When I finally forced my hands to move, I could see them trembling as I was unable to control my tsunami of emotions ranging from humiliation and fear to rage and disgust. 

As I pulled his pants open, I couldn’t help but pull back in surprise.  He wasn’t wearing any underwear and I found myself staring right at his hard cock.  At that moment, Daniel’s triumphant laughter was the last thing I expected to hear.  With a pat to my head Daniel told me to stop as he explained to Mr Nelson what was happening.  I only heard a part of the conversation as while I had stopped what was obvious to be a horrible experience, I was still left with my vision filled up by cock.  What I did hear was Daniel saying that my ‘SLUT’ programming was even better than he thought it would be.  That instead of being overt all the time I had obviously recognized that he liked his girls shyer and more naive, and so I had adjusted my actions accordingly. 

Daniel and Mr Nelson walked out of the room, leaving me on my knees as the full weight of what happened washed over me.  Mr Nelson had every expectation that I still possessed the same slut programming, and where Daniel evidently liked the naive shy type, Mr Nelson preferred me to take control of the action.  And without the programming to fall back on, I was going to have to perform for both of them. 

When I was finally able to get back to work I tried to let the new ‘MAID’ programming do it’s job and for a while I lost myself in actually marveling at it’s new techniques.  But while scrubbing the kitchen floor I heard Daniel whistle behind me and I immediately took control.  With my face feeling like it was burning red I wiggled my hips invitingly toward him and was rewarded with a firm slap to my upturned ass.  My reaction of a barely held back squeal must have fit in with the new ‘shy’ persona he enjoyed as Daniel stayed to flip up my short black and white skirt to give him better access to ass.  He didn’t even have to bother slipping past my panties as they’d be replaced just like my uniform and were now just a thin practically non-existent thong.  I tried my best to push my ass back into Daniel’s wandering hands but I still found it difficult to act in that manner.  At last, with a final bare assed spank, Daniel moved on. 

Playing with Daniel was difficult but I actually was hoping that it would continue.  Hoping that anything would prevent this evening from happening.  But like clockwork after the dishes were done Mr Nelson came over, took my hand, and guided me up to the study.  When we sat down, Mr Nelson turned to me instead of switching the holo projector on.  I was used to speaking to him at this point so I didn’t have to worry about the droid making a mistake and could control the conversation myself.  Mr Nelson took my hand and actually started talking to me as if I were a real woman.  He said he was feeling guilty for having Daniel program me and that even though he really enjoyed our evenings together he felt that it was taking advantage of me.  When his eyes met mine directly he asked point blank if I was enjoying myself.  Instinct took over and I said what felt natural without thought.  I felt my heart beat faster as comprehension washed over me at what I’d said.  I just had the opportunity to tell him I’d prefer to be his maid or his servant or even to be his sexless companion.  But instead I smiled and told him I liked making him happy and wanted to keep doing that.  

I could feel the smile still held onto my face even though I was crying on the inside.  Mr Nelson turned the projector on, clasped my hand in between his for a moment and then laid my dainty digits down on his belt.  Over these past few weeks I had heard myself say how much I liked Mr Nelson hundreds of times.  You simply can’t say that without it starting to take on a meaning inside of you.  Maybe that’s why I was able to undo his belt.  Maybe that’s why I was able to un zip and button his pants.  Maybe that’s why I was able to keep my eyes on the projection as I pulled his growing cock out and started to give him another hand job.  I’m sure to him it felt like any other night as he reached around me and started playing with my breast.  My kissing him certainly had been performed enough that he couldn’t have felt a difference, and even my technique in teasing out his orgasm was the same.  But for all that similarity it was the pure hell on the inside that I felt.  That shiver held inside from the act I had to perform.  Previously I had been able to hide away.  To let my body do it’s action while I mentally put myself anywhere else.  Even feeding myself his seed was done with me trying to be anywhere else.  But now I couldn’t hide.  Now I had to sexually please this man actively.  I had to concentrate on the grip of my hand.  I had to focus on the speed of my stroking.  I had to think about when to simply move up and down and when to slow down so that I could tickle him in that special place. 

When he came, grunting into our kissing mouths and bucking up into my hand I felt that familiar heat spread over my hand.  And as much as I knew I had to continue on with what I’d been doing, I couldn’t make my hand move.  I just couldn’t voluntarily bring my hand up to lick it clean of a man’s cum.  Mr Nelson pulled away from our kiss to see my hand actively trembling on his cock and then up into my eyes.  I breathed a sigh of relief when he seemed to understand and asked if I wanted him to take a more active role.  I happily nodded my head as I removed my hand from his now shrinking rod and pulled away from him enough so that he could get up and go clean himself.  When I felt his hand at the back of my head however, I realized I had misread his question.  He turned me to face him as he scooped up the cum onto his own fingers and brought them to my mouth.  Maybe my mouth fell open in surprise, but I think it was more from being under his command for so long and knowing what his intent was.  Either way his two fingers slimy with his spent ecstasy slid in.  He waited for a moment before I knew I couldn’t be completely passive and closed my lips around his knuckles and sucked his fingers clean.  Now instead of licking myself clean I had to keep my eyes on the man who was feeding me cum.  Who was watching my plump sexy lips wrap around his fingers and lewdly suck it off. 

Routine was my active enemy.  The more I let my body do things on it’s own programming, the more they became what I did.  The more I let this android speak for me, the more I spoke like it.  And the more I became sexual with Mr Nelson the more it became natural.  Days later when Daniel finally left for home, I had my first break in this new lewd routine.  Mr Nelson returned to his normal work schedule and I could try and forget being sexy as he was never in sight.  But at the same time, Mr Nelson never told me to change back to my standard uniforms.  In fact he and Daniel had purchased me enough French maid outfits that I could wear them all week and only wash them once. 

Knowing that I didn’t have Daniel to watch out for I could try and return to my goal of finding those documents.  After watching the movie with Mr Nelson… after giving him his hand job and being fed his cum… I waited until he left for the bathroom.  The sexual activities had kept me numb to this for a while, but I figured out that after our activities he always spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom cleaning up then another 5 minutes in his bedroom changing into his comfortable clothes.  I had just under 15 minutes to go exploring.  With his flavor still tasted in every breath I got into his office and started searching anew.  I didn’t find anything the first night or the next.  Nothing on the third or fourth night, but finally one Saturday evening I found exactly what I was looking for.  His safe was behind a collection of books, all leather bound, and all relating to artificial intelligence and how to integrate it with human intelligence.  I didn’t dare try the combination that night so the next time my tongue was coated with his cum I went directly to the safe and saw that it had the same locking mechanism as the door.  On an instinctual whim I tried the same combination as the door latch and wasn’t too surprised when it opened.  After all, I now knew this man more intimately than anybody else save maybe for his wife. 

Having been in his office so many times I gathered up the documents and moved right to the document scanner and telesender.  It was a simple hack to allow it to both scan and send the documents and follow it up by erasing all evidence the equipment was ever used.  After putting the documents away I quickly moved back into the study and was just sitting back down as he strolled in.  This time when I laid my head on his shoulder I couldn’t help but be really and honestly happy.  Now the job was done and all I needed to do was escape. 

The next day while Mr Nelson was upstairs working I examined his security system.  I made sure I had all my cleaning supplies near hand just in case he came down.  Sadly my exam didn’t last long as the system wasn’t going to be easy to crack.  To even activate the panel I’d need a retina scan.  And if it needed that it would almost certainly need either a voice print or one of those manically long passwords.  All it would take though is for him to take down the security field and I could activate my transmit status.  Sure, he’d know something was wrong when ‘Kim’ returned to her normal cold maid self, but by that time it would be too late.  I’d be back in my body and a wealthy man. 

It was the next day that I got my idea, and it actually came while my hand was stroking up and down.  A few evenings ago he had evidently gotten bored with the normal hand job so he’d guided my free hand over to his balls.  It took me a moment to realize he wanted me to play with both his scrotum and his cock at the same time, but afterward it became our standard activity.  What occurred to me is that he’d gotten bored and wanted more.  I figured that I could inspire him to buy me something to help him sexually and once it he pulled down the screen to either let the delivery man in or step outside himself to pick it up, I’d be gone.  As eager as I was to leave, to avoid these repeated hand jobs and cum feedings, I held off so that I could think about it.  I had to make sure it was natural, and I didn’t have the ‘SLUT’ mode to help me. 

With the rest of that night and the next day to consider it I was ready to implement my plan.  After once again sitting down for the movie and cuddling up next to him, I waited for a lull in the movie.  When it came, I put on my best sultry voice and whispered into his ear that I’d like to be sexier for him.  That I liked making him happy and wanted to make him even happier. Before I could go on, he paused the movie, sat up straight, and looked directly into my eyes.  He held my shoulders comfortingly as he asked if I was sure.  I could only nod with a sly smile on my face as I didn’t know what he was talking about.  Why wouldn’t I be sure if I wanted him to get me some lingerie.  But evidently he grew so excited at whatever he was thinking that he quickly turned the movie off and stood up in front of me.  With his hands trembling he started opening his pants as he said that his wife had never offered to give him a blow job and he was really excited to try it. 

My mind raced, trying to figure out any way of this snafu, but as his cock popped free I knew I couldn’t deny him this.  I had just told him that I wanted to make him happier and this was obviously going to make him happier.  I looked down at his cock, not to enjoy the view I’d seen so often but to keep him from seeing my eyes.  I’m not sure if an android could cry but if it could I was about to set those tears steaming as I knew I was trapped.  I couldn’t stop this close to getting away with the job, but I was about to suck a man off.  I thought I’d swallowed the last of my masculine pride long ago, but it seems that there was still some to go down and it was ever so bitter.  With my hands still folded in my lap I let Mr Nelson guide my lips up to the head of his cock.  His hand was calmly on the back of my head not directly forcing me but quite obviously guiding me.  Pursing my lips I kissed the tip of him and felt him spring in response. His guttural groan just reminded me that what I was doing was completely real and that there was no program I could hide behind.  Besides being in this feminine looking body, this was me kissing him.  And as his hand gave the slightest of nudges, this was me taking him in and letting him rest on my tongue. 

As I laid down, my cheek resting on his deflating manhood and the taste of his cum absent from being shot directly down my throat, I wondered what my future was going to hold.  As repelled at the act I’d just completed, I wasn’t wide-eyed enough to think that this was the only time it was going to happen.  Even if I convinced him to buy me some deliverable lingerie it would take days to get here and give me the opportunity to please him this way several more times. To gain more skill and please him more with my lips, tongue, and mouth.  When I got out I had previously planned on going on a pussy spree.  Of going out and getting as many women as possible and fucking them until I couldn’t fuck any more.  I figured it would take that level of depravity to get the memories of all those hand jobs out of my head, or at least dull their effect on my sense of self and sexuality.  But this was a line that couldn’t be uncrossed.  How could I ever look down at a woman’s head bobbing up and down on my cock when I knew what she was feeling.  How could I ever fuck a woman when I knew or could honestly wonder if I wasn’t a better cock sucker. 

And because of this damned imprinting, and the droid brain learning from my activities, I couldn’t even feel angry at Mr Nelson.  A part of me even felt good at making him so evidently happy.  The conflict of those emotions kept me from lying still until I felt the rod beneath my cheek start to rise again.  I knew what he wanted when his fingers came down to caress my cheek and pull my hair back.  And as I re-positioned myself to lower my lips over his hard cock for the second time that night, I learned that androids couldn’t cry.  At least when I cried inside of one no tears presented themselves. 

Mr Nelson loved his oral sex from me.  I have no idea how he made himself so virile, but the next morning he had me suck him off immediately after breakfast.  Hours later, just as I was getting the feeling out from my lips he came down and had me kneel between his legs while he sat back on the couch.  For dinner I had to crouch and crawl under the table to suckle on him.  And of course I gave him two blow jobs during the movie night.   Each time I cried on the inside feeling my masculinity being driven further and further away.  But each time I also cried a little less as I not only grew accustomed to the act but also saw how much Mr Nelson was pleased by me. 

The next day there was finally a sign that Mr Nelson was human as we slowed down.  He said he couldn’t keep that pace up, no matter how much he enjoyed it and so I only blew him three times that day.  The following day when we seemed to be starting a new rhythm…. A blow job in the morning and then no more until the movie… I tried bringing up the lingerie to Mr Nelson.  I was shocked as he admitted that he didn’t really like lingerie, and was instead incredibly turned on by the maids outfit I wore every day.  I only nodded in response but as I turned away he reached out and turned me back to face him.  He seemed a little red faced but quietly admitted that if I really wanted to please him that there was another fantasy that I could fulfill.  The small weak part of me that wanted no more of this man’s fetishes tried to say no, but the rest of me smiled and nodded excitedly. 

That next day it was hard to be prepared all the time as Mr Nelson said he wanted it to be at least a little spontaneous.  My large breasts were used to even the skimpy lacy bra that matched the French maid outfits giving them some support, so walking around braless was more than a little uncomfortable.  A the same time it was quite arousing as my nipples were constantly rubbing and sliding all over the silk uniform keeping me practically horny all day.  When he invited me up to clean his office it happened.  I imagine it was bending over and letting him see my bare cleavage that set him off, but before I knew it I was laying down on my back with Sir straddling me and thrusting is cock between my big tits. 

At first I didn’t think this would be that bad.  Oh sure, it was emasculating to the extreme, but it wasn’t as bad as actually tasting him and having him grunt his pleasure into my throat.  At least I didn’t think it was that bad until his cock swelled and started to spurt all over my face.  Hand jobs, licking cum, being fed cum, dozens of blow jobs in just a few days, and now my first facial.  Instead of rolling off me, Mr Nelson kept his position and looked down at me.  He told me we had to talk and at first I didn’t think it could possibly be anything I was interested in.  That is until he called me by my real name. 

Mr Harry Nelson looking down at me with his recently spent cock still resting on my big heaving tits explained that he’d known about me inside of his droid since I leaned up against him during his movie nights.  He had thought it odd that an android would show any level of compassion without being first programmed it, especially when he specifically asked that his droid not be programmed with any such commands or intuitions.  After so long at not being able to figure out what I was doing he invited his college room mate over to find out and the night he went to program me he actually kept me out long enough to scan me and find out where my consciousness would transfer to.  At that point it was simple to find out not only what I did but what I was specifically looking for. 

I tried to speak up, to at least explain what I was doing but he quickly shushed me and went on.  Between him and Daniel he figured out the best way to teach me a lesson was to both sabotage my work, but to also force me through programs that no red blooded man would want to experience.  Later when they found out that I had accidentally deleted the slut programming it became all that much more satisfying knowing that I had to do those acts willingly. 

As he reached down and caressed my cheek he went on saying that the problem was that he really did start to have feelings for me.  That while he felt perfectly justified hurting a man who was intent on hurting him first, he started to feel bad at hurting this beautiful woman who was working so hard to please him.  So after those last few wonderful days, just after Daniel left and when he thought it was obvious that I was working hard at pleasing him and likely had the same feelings he figured he’d let me go.  He set it up so that I could find his safe and documents and took my evident inability to find it quickly enough as a sign that I really was having feelings for him. 

With a final pat to my cheek Mr Nelson’s face few serious and he went on in a somber tone.  When he saw the transmission leave the house he knew my work was done and figured he’d let me finish by leaving with the silent hope that I wouldn’t want to leave and would find reasons to stay.  Once I found out pleasing him with my mouth felt so good he thought it was time to let me know that he knew for this long and not wait and see if I just eventually escaped.  But this morning he received some bad news.  Still holding his position over me he gently turned my face to the hollow projector that came on with the evening news.  At first I didn’t understand why he was showing me some story about a fire, but then I recognized a shot of the building just before they announced that the private hospital that was hosting my body had burned to the ground.  They lost three patients, including my body. 

He again reached down and caressed my cheek as I looked up at him dumbstruck.  When my mouth opened I had no idea what I was going to say, but he shushed me quiet anyway.  He said that no matter what my plans were, they were now moot.  My previous life was over and he felt guilty for keeping me here as long as he did.  For that he was going to keep me in this body forever.  He’d keep it maintained and upgraded and let me continue loving him as it was so obvious I’d been doing anyway.  He’d be my perfect man while I’d get to be his perfect woman.  And even though he knew I’d want to apologize for my acts and try to make it up to him, he wanted us to have a fresh start. 

Clearing his throat, Mr Nelson took on a far more commanding voice.  Calling out my password I could feel my droid mind go back into start up mode.  Directly into programming mode.  All I could do was widen my eyes as he started and by the time I thought to say something or scream or gouge out his stomach, anything to make him stop, it was too late.  He put my primary programming to not ever speak or infer to my previous life.  I was to act as if I were brought online for the first time those months ago and that I had no previous life.  He also programmed me to continue to love him and to never question my sexuality and to accept it as it was right now.

When he finished speaking and asked me how I was feeling I smiled broadly up to him and told him that I felt fine.  That I was happy to be here and that if he was done, I’d really like to see if I could please him this way a second time.  That’s what I said out loud while my droid brain enforced its definition of his new commands.  I tried to scream out that he was wrong, that any love I felt for him was a result of being in this artificial body and that I wanted desperately to get away.  I tried again to speak but nothing came of my effort except for a pain along the back of my head.  And as he had me cup my breasts together again and begin slowly thrusting in between them I realized the insidiousness of his last command.  He didn’t program me to love him, but instead to continue to love him.  With that I’d never move past my current stage of affection.  I’d never even get the release of accepting myself as a woman as his commands bound me to accept my sad frustrated conflicted self.  


source:  fuskator


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