Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Their Perfect Surrogate

For her... and him?

Getting hired on as a power couples surrogate was never something I aspired to, but after reading their advertisement, I couldn’t help but apply.  I was surprised to learn that only a few people bothered to put their application in.  Maybe it was the ad itself, maybe it just seemed to good to be true.  I mean, who would actually pay a guy to come in and fuck his wife? 

The health exams made sense, and I passed with flying colors.  The written interview was strange as it asked a lot of personal questions and asked me to write out a lot of hypothetical situations, but I guess my scheme of giving flexible answers worked as it landed me the personal interview.  When I found out it was down to me and one other candidate I vowed to get this job.  After some pleasantries…. pay, benefits, living in their home, 2 year contract, legal repercussions of early termination on either side… I must have wowed them when I told them that I understood what they wanted and would do whatever it took to make both of them happy.  I told them that I’d done my own research on them and realized that it was rare that they ever got to spend time together as John traveled a lot and Joan worked from home, and that I would be there to make sure certain physical needs were met.  I promised that I was discrete and earnest, and loved making people happy.  I didn’t even blink when they told me they’d be using magic to make sure I could meet their needs and interrupted them explaining it to say that I was fine with magic.  I mean hey, so they’re a little weird thinking magic was real… I’d go along with their delusions to get the chance to fuck the beautiful sexy Joan.  And it worked as I was hired on the spot.

By the weeks end, I was moved into their house.  John had to leave that night, but we had the magical ‘ceremony’ where we all put on a ring that connected us together. The ring did actually feel warm and fit really snugly, but I just smiled along as if I could feel the ‘magic’ flowing through me.  John had to leave at the end of the ring ceremony as he’d flown in from a business negotiation in Seattle just for this and wouldn’t be back for several more days. 

Joan and I sat and talked for a long while, both during and after dinner.  She explained that she just missed the physical love she and her husband shared when they were first married.  I nodded along and said all the right things until she said she just had to try out our new arrangement. I was shocked when she came up to me, clasped our hands together so that our rings touched, and could feel my body changing.  I grew at least two inches taller.  I felt my body hair grow out thicker while stubble sprouted out on my chin and cheeks.  And while I wasn’t fat by anybody’s standard, I felt my body grow leaner and stronger.  When Joan finally backed away, obviously surprised as I was at the result, I glanced at the mirror and saw that I was the spitting image of John. 

After gathering her wits back, Joan practically pulled me up the stairs to their bedroom and disrobed me.  While she slipped into the bathroom to change, she told me of how a bet had put John and her together.  That she wasn't even into men at the time but John's strength of will quickly won her over.  All the while she told me this, I marveled at the changes to my body in the mirror.  Nothing about my body was mine.  It was so complete that I felt John was standing naked with a hardon just a few feet from me, instead of me looking into a mirror.  When Joan returned, she was the vision I had been fantasizing about.  She wore a garter belt holding up thigh high fishnet stockings and a pair of matching panties.  And nothing else.  Her body was smooth under my hands as we kissed passionately.  It only took me a few missed opportunities to respond to being called John but eventually I got into the role.  When she dropped to her knees, lightly grabbed the base of my cock and balls and licked me from base to crown, I knew that this was going to be the best job ever.

We made love all night.  Evidently, I also gained John’s stamina as I’d once been able to get it up after cuming, but only the one time.  That night I came four times under Joan’s ministrations.  And as if getting to fuck Joan wasn’t the best possible life for the next two years, I found out that Joan was more submissive than not.  She wasn’t a slave by any means, but she loved it when I pushed her down or flipped her over on the bed.  She almost came herself when I pushed her to her knees, pulled her head back by the hair and fed her my cock over and over. 

The next morning I was kind of surprised to find myself still in John’s body.  After having a lovely breakfast with Joan sitting naked in my lap, she told me that I’d remain this way until she was satisfied and used the ring to change me back.  Without saying it out loud, I figured that explained why John had a ring.  If he came home and saw me in his body, he could always change me back to myself. 

After showering together and getting another blow job, Joan changed me back and said she had to work now.  I spent the day enjoying their massive entertainment system and fiber internet connection.  The servants around the house just treated me like I was their guest and made me lunch without pause.  That night after dinner Joan same up behind me, slipper he hand into mine, and transformed me again.  When I turned around as John I just chuckled and told her that she’d get a spanking for that.  God, she squealed wonderfully while bent over my knee, and came so hard as I fucked her up the ass doggy style and pounded against her red cheeks. 

The next three weeks nights that became more normal than not.  Anytime I thought Joan would tire of making love so often, she’d surprise me with just how horny she was.  A few days before John was scheduled to come home, Joan found out that it was the same day she was going to visit with her sister and mother.  John would only be home the one night, meaning she’d miss him entirely.  When she packed up and left she said she wanted a goodbye kiss from her husband and put her hand in mine.  Moments later I was waving from the front door, still in John’s body, as she backed down the driveway. 

That night when John came home he dropped his bags at the door and marveled at me.  I imagine it was as weird for him as it was for me, seeing a twin he’d never had before.  But instead of changing me back into my body he told me to bring his bags up and unpack them while he took a shower.  I certainly didn’t mind acting as his valet, even though he technically already had one, as I didn’t want to do anything to upset the man I was working for.  Sure, if they fired me I’d get paid a very handsome amount of money for them breaking the contract, but I wouldn’t get to fuck the lovely lonely Joan any more.  I had just finished up unpacking the suitcases when John walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around. 

When John reached his hand out I mirrored his action, knowing that it was time to get rid of this body.  I felt that same heat and transformation, but it lasted longer this time.  I felt my body hair thin and then keep going until it was all gone.  The stubble on my cheeks and chin followed suit but this time I could also feel my eyebrows grow thinner while the hair on my head grew out longer.  My body lost it’s long lean musculature but kept getting more and more curvy until my wide hips and plump breasts stood out invitingly.  When I pulled my dainty hand from John’s comparatively monstrous grip I saw that not only was my hand smaller but that my fingernails were longer and painted.   

When I turned to look at the mirror I was shocked to see Joan staring back at me, her eyes wide and horrified.  Her hand moving down to slide into the too big pair of pants matched mine as I felt what I feared… not only did I lose John’s big long cock, I had Joan’s velvety soft pussy.  John’s chuckle behind me reminded me of his presence, but before I could do more than squeak out my surprise he was pulling my clothes off and tossing them over his shoulder.  He handled me like I was a doll and even when I resisted, I was reminded at just how much stronger he was than Joan…. than me.  When I was naked in front of the mirror he moved over to the chest of drawers and pulled out the same set of lingerie Joan had worn on our first night together.    He only grinned when I told him, hesitatingly in Joans voice, that I couldn’t do this.  That I needed some time to process.  His grin lead him to grip my wrist and easily pull me down onto his lap. 

My screams at being spanked sounded exactly like Joan’s squealing and I had to wonder if she was hurt as much as I was… or did her enjoyment simply sound like my embarrassment and shocked pain.  When John finally let me up I was made to thank him for my discipline and then offered the chance to get dressed as he wanted to see me.  Not wanting another spanking…. But fearing that there was plenty of time tonight to get what Joan had called her favorite activity beyond sex itself, I quickly slipped into the fishnet hose, garter belt, and panties. 

John was obviously pleased as he pulled me in and started kissing me all over.  As he kissed his way up to my ear he whispered that this was perfect.  That he was afraid my eagerness to please would turn into an eagerness to please him when he wanted to experience his first-time breaking of Joan again.  Back when she was a lesbian and completely against the idea of having sex with a man. 

That night I learned two things.  That John was truly turned on by my reluctance to have sex with him.  The more I begged, screamed, or pleaded, the more aroused he got.  The other thing was that John was far more virile than I had previously thought.  He not only fucked me to his massive orgasms seven times, he took his time on each pass utilizing not only multiple positions but multiple points of entry.  When we finally laid down to sleep, him cuddled up behind me with his still large soft cock nestling it’s way between my cheeks, I was far more familiar with John’s cock than my own.  I didn’t know how I would ever get over the fact that I knew all too well what a cock and it’s resulting cum tasted like, let alone the feeling of being bent over, hands on my ankles, as I’m being fucked from behind. 

The only saving was that after what I assumed would be some frolicking in the morning, John would be on the road again and I could talk this over with Joan.  Surely she’d be sympathetic to this situation as I hadn’t read the whole contract and wasn’t prepared at all to take her place.  I couldn’t break the contract without ruining my entire life, but if I could convince her to let me go I could at least save some of my masculinity. 

I was awakened in the morning to a playful spank to my still red ass.  John took my hand in his and guided me into the bathroom where I bade to clean him.  Try as I might, without any wachcloth or sponge there’s just no way to clean a man without having your hands roam over every inch of his hard lean body.  Of course I had to wash his cock twice as my trembling hands aroused him enough to have me kneel down and blow him with the water running over my head.  After toweling him dry and helping him get dressed, I thought I might get off easy as he started directing me to pack his luggage with freshly washed clothes.  He was constantly on the phone making arrangements for his next trip, which by the sounds of it was going to be all over Europe for a month. 

When the valet came to take the bags to the car I couldn’t help but notice three extra bags already packed into the trunk of the Jag.  I couldn’t linger on it as one of the maids came to help make me up.  She dried and styled my hair, all the while chatting away in Spanish.  I’d guess that Joan spoke Spanish as this had the air of familiarity on the maid’s part… like she helped with Joan this way often.  Under her tender care I soon was clean and had some simple yet beautiful makeup on.  She even helped me get into some lingerie and a comfortable dress.  At least as comfortable as it can be for me wearing a dress. 

When John called up that he was going to be late if I didn’t hurry, the maid guided me downstairs to what I was hoping would be a quick kiss goodbye.  There was a kiss.  It was quick.  But as John led me to the car I realized in horror that this wasn’t goodbye.  My fears were confirmed when Joan’s Range Rover pulled into the drive.  Through the rolled down windows she and John passed air kisses while she reminded him to get plenty of photos of us… she wanted to share with her friends the photographs of her at the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenbug Gate, St. Peter’s Bascilica, and the Acropolis. 

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