Sunday, June 23, 2019

Prove Them Wrong

How far would you go to prove the haters wrong?

They said going out with Brianne was bad news.  That she didn’t like guys.  So, I set out to prove them wrong and put $100 on it.  They just didn’t understand that sometimes a hottie like Brianne didn’t like big hulking athletes.  Sometimes girls like that were more likely to be turned on by a smaller, less intimidating guy like me.  It took some time to get her to talk but honesty, and an earnest desire to please, always opens doors.  Soon enough we were friends and soon after that we were being intimate with each other.  I loved making her squirm and scream by eating her out.  Yeah, sure she didn’t like to go down on me, but she was happy enough to give me a hand job.   

The guys were skeptical and said a real girl would give a guy a blowjob.  So, I set out to prove them wrong again and accepted a raise in our bet to $1000.  Sure, I couldn’t afford to lose, but I knew that Brianne had it with her to do this for someone special like me.  After a few more nights and trying to get he to open up she admitted that she was honestly not interested in performing oral sex but that if I was that into it, she’d do her best to make my dream of a blowjob come true.  I didn’t exactly like that she wanted to make me more ready for it, but I couldn’t afford the loss.  So, I did what she told me.  I shaved myself clean.  I cut my longish hair and let her dye it a deep red.  I let her rub the lotion all over my body and make me nice and smooth. 

A week of making me look less intimidating was working as some stupid guys on campus actually mistook me for a girl.  I took the ribbing of them knowing full well that guys like that would never get Brianne to give them a blow job.  A few nights later as we were lying in bed, she pulled out a dildo and gave me the sexiest show I’ve ever seen.  I swear I thought I was going to cum just watching her suck and lick at that big dong.  When she handed it to me and said that it was now my turn, I only hesitated a moment before licking it up and down just like she had.  All the while promising myself that I had to prove the jocks wrong and if this is what it took, then so be it.  And anyway…. Brianne looked genuinely turned on as I learned how to give head. 

I’ll admit that I didn’t get why wearing a gaff that pulled my cock back and gave me a smooth front would help her give a blowjob, but it did make the panties she had me slide on look smooth and sexy.  I’d probably have complained about watching porn and using the dildo to mimic the girls as they went down on their guys, but I was running out of time and all these preparations were making it so I needed the thousand bucks even more.  When she said I was ready I got excited and pulled the panties down along with the gaffe.  Brianne just laughed about how ‘her girl’ was so excited and wrapped her hand around my cock.  Cumming with her finger up my butt wasn’t the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but it was close.  After I was spent and cleaned up my mess from her fingers, she had me dress back up in my gaffe and panties and added some of her hip hugging jeans and a loose tee shirt.  I complained that the tshirt’s sequins rubbed me the wrong way but Brianne was always ready…. Putting a bra on made sure the sequence didn’t chafe my nipples.   

When we got to the club the bouncer let us in for free wishing us both a good time.  Yeah… it didn’t feel right that he exactly said ‘You girls have fun!’ but at least it got me in the door without having to cough up another $50.  We danced the night away and I knew I was special as most of the guys were staring at us.  I guess they were amazed that a guy like me could ever land a girl like Brianne.  I thought my night was ruined when Josh came by, but I guess he wanted me to help prove the other guys wrong as he bought both Brianne and I some drinks. Along with all the other drinks the random guys had bought us we were pretty well drunk, but Josh was cool and drove us back in his ‘Vette.  I was excited about having Brianne sit in my lap on the trip, but she got to the seat first.  Josh must have known I’d hurt her if I sat in her lap so he pulled me side saddle onto his lap.  His hand rested on my knee to be within easy reach of the shifter while Brianne cradled my feet in her lap.  I screamed in excitement along with Brianne as he topped 100 mph.  I’m not exactly sure why Josh kept a big roll of quarters in his pocket but no matter how I shifted and slid in his lap it kept pressing into my bottom. 

It seemed only polite to invite Josh up for drinks after buying us so many.  While Brianne went to the kitchen to pour us some shots, Josh pulled me down on the couch right next to him.  He must have been about to tell me a secret as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close, but Brianne and the tray full of shots interrupted us.  Josh was so cool when Brianne told him that I had a bet about her giving a guy a blowjob and that it was my biggest desire of her that he let Brianne lead us all into the bedroom together.  I didn’t waste any time and started making out with my girl while I heard Josh undressing behind us.  I really had no desire to watch him jack off while Brianne finally went down on me, but hey it would just serve as more proof that all the haters wrong.  But then everything went wrong. 

Brianne pulled both our tops off pressed our bras together while sliding her hand down the back of my jeans.  There wasn’t much room in the panties with the jeans so tight, so when her finger found its way to my rear she could only get one knuckle inside of me, but it still made me squirm and squeal into her mouth loudly.  Josh plopped down on the bed, laid back, and put his hands behind his head.  I didn’t exactly want to look at it, but I swear his cock laid up his belly almost all the way to his navel!

In retrospect there were a lot of clues how this night was going to end, but the first one to really register was Josh mumbling drunkenly how he’d always fantasied about having a threesome with two hot chicks.  That started my mind running but didn’t stop me from letting Brianne pull us both down on the bed aside Josh.  As she guided my hand to the base of Josh’s thick cock her smile kept me from leaping from the bed.  Her loving encouraging eyes kept me from bolting as she pulled me close and encouraged me to give the head a kiss.  And the thing that kept me from being guided to take more and more of this thick throbbing cock into my mouth wasn’t Brianne’s whispered words of “There you go baby!  Your very first blowjob!”

It was the fact that Brianne was giving a guy a blowjob and I could prove them wrong.  

source:  fuskator

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