Sunday, June 9, 2019

You're Not Alone

An email to your replacement

The story behind this cap is kinda funny.  I've had a really busy weekend and I didn't have time to cap.  To wind down at one point I was watching a YouTube video from a creator that I really like (and actually support via Patreon!).  It's about how much of the bible stories we know are actually from Paradise lost.  Anyway, part of it goes on a bit about Eve not being the original woman and a theory that Adam's first female companion was a woman named Lilith.  Lilith was made to be Adam's equal which didn't work out, so they created another woman meant to be subservient to Adam.  Eve.  

The thought randomly crossed my mind 'What would Lilith tell Eve if she had a chance to talk'.  Yup... Adam, his 'friend', a guy he's transforming into his subsurvient wife named Eve, and the person they transformed first named Lilith are all from a bible story!  Don't worry about the blasphemy... I'm going to hell for many other reasons.  

Anywho, I just had the basic idea of Lilith telling this to Eve but I needed an image to base the story around.  I mean, is she whispering it to her?  Is she texting it?  Is Eve happy?  Sad?  Pensive?  After a long while I found this image and started to work on the story.  I knew I couldn't fit the story on the screen of the phone, but I wanted to at least show it in email form.  I then spent another 20 minutes or so finding an image of a phone with Gmail open on it.  

Of course, I made the story so long that for it to fit onto the 'screen' it would need to be absolutely tiny.  So, I had to heavily edit it.  Thinking about not only making the cap but posting it I did, however, save the original non-edited story.  For design reasons, I like the version in the cap.  But from a story perspective, I like this whole version better:


I know you must be nervous.  Over the past 9 months Adam and his friend have systematically removed just about every thing masculine about you.  Your face looks sexy and feminine in the mirror.  Your body feels curvy and smooth to the touch.  Your voice is soft and used to saying ‘yes sir’ and ‘I love you Adam’.  Your apartment has been abandoned, your clothes given away, and your car sold.  The thick class ring on your right hand has been replaced by a delicate engagement ring on your left.  And that porn he makes you watch of women going down on men?  That’s soon to be put into practice as you kneel and please him. 

But I wanted you to know that you aren’t alone, nor were you Adam’s first.  No, I went through similar experiences.  While it doesn’t sound like help, I can promise you it will go easier on you if you just give in.  Let him transform you.  Let him make you into his perfect subservient mate because there is no escape.  I fought and struggled and cried all to no avail.  Just go with it and let it happen.  And don’t think that because I’m writing this that there will be any escape like I got.  The only reason I’m not Adams new wife is he and his buddy didn’t think everything through.  They made me Adam’s equal.  Smart, strong willed, ambitious.  They made me my own woman instead of his.  With you, they’re correcting that mistake. 

You see, in addition to the female hormones and testosterone blockers they’re giving you, they’ve also slipped you a new drug that makes you particularly susceptible to hypnotic suggestions.  And that music they give you that helps you sleep?  It’s just chuck-full of suggestions.  I bet you’ve already noticed some of them.  Otherwise why would you be doing is laundry every week and making his dinner every night?  Why would you make his bed and help him dress in the morning even while you’re cursing him on the inside?  No, they’re going to correct the mistakes they made with me.

And that’s to your benefit!  You see, while I still pine for my manhood.  I still struggle with this feminine heterosexuality they forced upon me.  After they’re done with you, you won’t even want those things.  You’ll live in feminine bliss as Adam’s sexy submissive wife.

So, if you need someone to talk to… someone who’s been through what you’re going through… just email me back.  Stay strong sister!



You'll have to let me know which version you like better.  

Oh, and one weird design issue... normally when I make the header graphic for my posts, I just save out the title from the cap, crop the background image down, and put the title back in.  Here, however, the 'title' of the cap is the title of the email.... so that didn't quite work.  That's why the header doesn't include the woman at all and actually includes the first bit of the story.  

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