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So what's all this about another blog?

Well... long story short, I stopped feeling like Caitlyn around July of 2013.  I still wanted to stay in contact with my friends, but I also wanted to write from 'my' perspective.  I didn't want to hide anything away.

The problem with that is of course that I would be talking about things that could fairly easily identify me.  No, I wouldn't use my real name.  No I wouldn't give out my address.  No, I wouldn't give out the exact place I work.  But I would be talking about things that could easily identify me if you already knew me.  And if someone that knew me stumbled upon that blog, then they could easily find out about this blog.... and then my life (at least for awhile) becomes explaining who this 'Caitlyn' is.  That's just a discussion that I didn't want to have.

So... I re-tasked the blog I had up for my writing idea and made it a private blog.  There I could write about anything and everything that comes to mind.  I could talk about work, my car, my family life... everything.

Now, by private, I mean that it's an invite only system.  I'm not very particular about who comes in and visits... just so long as they have some kind of bone fides showing that they already knew about Caitlyn.  A blogger account that's a 'friend' here.  An account on Rachel's Haven.   Someone who comments here.  More or less, if you are here reading this post, you are more than welcome to join me over at Calvin's Musings.

Now before anybody runs over and tries to see all the new caps I'm making, or wants to eagerly read up on what 'Caitlyn' has been up to.... there isn't any of that there.  I post there as if it were a private journal.  Some recent posts that I've made (as of September 2014) include;

  • New phones at work
  • Not taking a new job
  • Traveling by air for the first time
  • A complaint about fighting terrorism
  • Mentoring some new hires at work
  • My mother's health

Not exactly penetrating entertaining stuff.  But then again... it's me.  

Making the blog private does have one problem.  You have to have a blogger (or at least a google) account to get in.  Blogger will require you to be logged in to access Calvin's Musings.  And as a private blog, you won't get any notice when I post there.  You'll just have to check in randomly to see when I post.  

So.  If after reading that you still want to come on in and see what's going on in my head, all you have to do is either send me a private message at Rachel's Haven, or send me an email at caitlynmasked at gmail dot com.  

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  1. Hello Caitlyn! I Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I entered the blogger world and had no idea how it worked. I just recently discovered that using it in anything but chrome caused a bunch of stuff not to work. It's making me significantly unhappy. But I digress, it is lovely to hear from you! Send me an email, I got a contact widget on the bottom of my blog page to make things easier for communication [plus I can not find an email address for you on here anywhere].

    Be in touch!!