Sunday, November 28, 2010

Always Read The Fine Print!

This cap series was several firsts for me.  It was my first series and was my first 'Naughty' cap. If you know me at all, you know I like the 'Naughty' caps!

Looking at this in retrospect.... meh. 

I have WAY to many simple typos.  I learned that going over the story with a fine tooth comb is very important.  I believe I wrote this in one swipe while looking at the images, and never proof read it at all.  I was still in that giddy "I'm making a naughty cap!" mode. 

While I like the basic premise of the story, I don't feel that I did a good job of conveying the full gist.  I was writing to fast, and instead of letting the story take precedence, I let the images and layout dictate how the story would fit.  You can see where I 'stretched' it a bit by changing the font size. 

I will say that I do like the background images behind the text.  I don't do that as much as I would like.  Mainly because it is difficult to find images that won't blend to far into the background, while not overpowering the text.


  1. Do you know her name? Or where the original pics are from?

  2. @ Anonymous

    I'm not sure who the model is, nor do I know the original source. I believe (from the quality of the images) that it MAY be from one of the DDF websites.

  3. These seem like Brazzers pics.

    Anyway, a fine story. I can see why Smitty recommended this blog. Many people get so caught up in captioning, but it takes a good six or seven-panels (at least) to truly bring an erotic story arc to life.

    I will visit here often if more updates are like this.

  4. Thanks for the compliment TheGreenGoblin.

    I wont' say all of my work is like this, but quite a bit of it is. This was a cap series that I did for myself, so I was a little more free in the story. Most of my caps are for particular people, so if they don't share those preferences, then it won't be in their caps.

    But I tend to lean toward capping people with similar interests as me.

    And yes... I think you may be right. I'm a member at Brazzers about once a year, and these definitely could be from there!

  5. I don't know I sifted through Brazzers and DDF. Maybe I just keep missing it. Thanks anyways.

    I Love the cap BTW.

  6. Dear Caitlyn,

    After reading this, your second cap on your blog, the question came to my mind was this - Do you really question your ability to write a long story? Seriously?! You are a natural story teller. I can't wait to read what you come up with.



    1. I guess I should start by saying thank you Leeanne. But I look at this as one of my worst caps. I like the IDEA behind the story, but this was one of the first attempts I made at a long form cap. The story is only around 1300 words, but it's still too short. It just glosses over far too many details. I won't even mention the typos.

      As for longer stories, I wrote 'Girly Girl' for Jennifer back in 2010 and that story was over 4600 words... and even that was too short. There were many details left out that I would have loved to put in. But when I write for a cap I can do that... I can gloss over things because I'm limited on space. Without those limits though, I question how I will write. Will I add in so many details that the story gets tedious to write? Will I continue to gloss over things? Will the story work from beginning to end and seem that it was written in one setting?

      I figure a 'long story' starts around 10,000 words. For reference, that's about as many words as in a single chapter of your 'My Fall to Grace' story.

      So yes... I DO question whether I can write in that format. I'll find out soon enough, but I'm not confident to just assume that I can do what you and other great authors out there do!