Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pin Up

This is my most recent cap.  This was a return cap for Kaitlyn. 

I'll admit that I find it difficult to make a 'Nice' cap as opposed to a 'Naughty' cap. But one of the features at the Haven is 'You Cap Me, I Cap You'.  Kaitlyn was kind enough to make me a great cap (Hard Pressed) and I wanted to return the favor following her preferences. 

I started off knowing that Kaitlyn loves looking at her new beautiful self, so I knew I would start with a good piece of photography.  I needed some inspiration so I checked out her preferences.  Something stood out that I had not noticed before:  Pin Up Girl.  So I head over to Google Images and search for Pin Up.  I came across this image, and knew that the empty space around the model's legs would be a great place to put the story.  Plus it is just a sexy image with a great look on the models face.

So now I have my image, I just need to come up with a story.  I'm still drawing a blank so I look through her preferences again.  Some more items catch my eye: Girl Next Door, Workplace Situations, Misunderstanding, and the best..... Crazy Inventor's Bodyswap Ray Type Thing.   I figured I would try to get all of these into a single cap.  My original thought is that 'Quinn' would have a friend that had a crazy inventor's bodyswap ray gun.  But who would he bodyswap with?  So I came up with a pinup model that lived next door.  I started there, but quickly came to the conclusion that 'Girl Next Door' generally doesn't mean a sexy Pin Up model.... it generally means the every day girl that happens to live next to you.  So I changed her to a librarian that 'hides' her body and other job.   As I do most of the time, I started off with the ending (Quinn in Kaitlyn's body during a Pin Up shoot...the Workplace Situation) and then went back to the beginning (Quinn telling his crazy inventor buddy that he wanted to get into his neighbor's panties (hence the misunderstanding!). 

At that point it didn't take much tweaking to get this story.

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  1. I think it is good that you didn't expressly add the last part. But surely Quinn, as Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn, as Quinn, began having sex together, thus cementing their body swap.