Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank you Eleanor

Another of my early caps

I made this cap about an hour after I made "Exec to Sec".  It was in response to a warm welcome I received from Eleanor on the Haven.  I wanted to make a good one, so I of course checked out her preferences.  The first thing I saw was "I don't enjoy sex captions, I personally find them ewwwww.".  That turned me off a bit as I was in the mood to make a sex caption.  But I wanted to return Eleanor's hospitality, and really didn't know any members that DID want a sex caption.

So I looked a little further and found "I like caps a lot where either my carecter is in witness protection as a girl, or has replaced a girl who died either because the courts made him take her place, or because he has done it of his own free will".  This seemed like a great place to start, but as I started looking for images, I couldn't find anything that fit, or told me a story anything like that.  It really didn't help that I had a sex caption stuck in my head.

So I went back to her preferences and found workplace situations and waitresses.  So I had a more targeted search I looked on Google Images for a waitress.  Lemme tell you, there are plenty of images of waitress online.  I finally found this one, and it gave me the inspiration of this story.

In all honesty the story doesn't really work for me now.  I think I just threw to much into it.  Being  a cap about a guy helping out his sister, it didn't really need her to be inventing DNA changing nano-bots.  I can now imagine making it better by giving it a little more background.  Perhaps having her help him in the past by doing something she didn't want to do, and for him being blackmailed into doing this for her (Eleanor lists blackmail as a preference!).  I think that would make it much better.

But with this cap I learned a lot.  I learned that just because I think someone is 'next' up for a cap, doesn't mean that I HAVE to do their cap next.   When the desire to create something strikes (in this case, a sex cap) it shouldn't be denied.  I also learned to read through the preferences a little more.  After failing at the witness protection idea, I just dived in, saw workplace and waitress, and figured that would be 'easy'.

As it turns out easy doesn't mean good.

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