Saturday, April 30, 2011

[Question] Bubble butt or breasts?

Breasts Vs Bubble Butts!

Which is more sign of femininity a bubble butt or breasts?

Hmm... if this were a purely physiological question I would have to go with Breasts.  And I'm not talking about the rolls of fat on a morbidly obese man's chest.  Breasts are one of he indicators of sex.  A bubble butt, being a far more descriptive term, as opposed to a physiological term could describe a man's behind.  In fact if you look up just 'bubble butt' you get this on the first page of results:

And no... I don't want to know why anyone would think this a funny gag gift.

Now of course I assume that the person asking this question meant more of the urban dictionary definition of 'bubble butt':

"Contrary to popular belief Bubble Butts are ~not~ big asses. Bubble Butts are round like a globe, usually complement a slender/slim body, they are very tight and firm unlike the one's on fat asses..."

Even this definition doesn't define it as feminine, but it is how I always thought of the term.  This is what I think of when I hear the term 'Bubble Butt':

In all honesty, I don't find bubble butt's very attractive.  They are very feminine, but I don't belive they are as feminine as Breasts.


  1. "giggle" I cannot begin to understand where you could buy something like that, not to say this could be bought "giggle"...
    It's remind me(removing that big thing in his ass)of a "caganet", a figure that people from Barcelona, Spain do as a tradition, they made one for Obama too :3

    Yeah i like boobs rather than bubble butt, tend to be to much big to my tastes ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I like both, but I'll have to go with breasts too. But I will use the term bubble butt if I can for a caption, I think it can be sexy and if used right can be humiliating for the new girl in the cap.

    @ Alectra
    Yeah, there's a few stores over here that sell this sort of stuff. So much of it just junk.

  3. Slackers at the Mall has stuff like that, so does The Olde Un Theatre. (Not that either piece of information does ANYONE here any good).
    I like breasts much better.

  4. I don't think it's the butt by itself that shows femininity, but rather the hips. a bubble butt, to me anyways, looks ugly if there isn't that flared curve from the lower back outwards

  5. I think both man and woman have butts so breasts wins. Oh wait, man have breasts too, some bigger than others. Now, I'm all confused! I chose both. there is nothing better than the combo meal.

    PS. You have a butt on your blogger background and not breasts.

  6. Combo meals are much better Sasha. But I'm stocking with the Breasts choice.

    As to the butt on my background... yes that is true I don't have the feminine breasts my answer would suggest. But to my credit I don't look at it as a picture of a butt, I look at it as a picture of stockings and heels.... which are the two most feminine pieces of clothing (yes... more so than a bra!).

  7. i'm partial to bubble-butts, because i am a coprophagist.