Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caitlyn's Dream Calvin's Nightmare

A cap made to hopefully inspire more caps

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been spending a lot more time recently roleplaying.  My favorite place so far has been the D+X Institute.  Looking back I actually started my character there on January 30.  I guess its true that time flies, as it still feels like I've been there for about 3 weeks, and not over 2 months.

This morning I did my normal morning routine.  Come here to my blog, take a look at the recent traffic, check out formspring for any questions.  Then go down the list on the right and check out any updated blogs.  Post at some, but mainly just enjoy reading their caps and other posts (I hear Dee's voice in the back of my head telling me I should comment).  After I've been there, I head over to the Haven, and read up on the new caps there.  I not longer even pretend to read them all.  I did see a new cap from Angel (of Angel's Captions) and loved it.  But it did add a little bit more stress to my capping.

You see I am now between 9 and 12 caps in debt.  The reason for the variance is Petra made me a double cap, and I intend to repay both of them. I also have the challenge here, which I weigh equally with trades at the Haven.  And smitty has shown interest in returning to Smitty Vs The Technologist, and I've wanted to return to that too.

So with that much debt I am a little nervous about catching up.  I made the cap for Alectra last weekend and wanted to keep moving foward.  Next on my list is New-Daughter.  I made her the 'Wedding Belles' cap awhile back and really enjoyed it.  So I figured it would be easy to make a good fun one for her.

Well I was just pure wrong.  I found a great photo set that meets some of her other preferences, and even have a good basic story outline.  But it seems to fit between a shorter single panel cap, and a longer full fledged multi panel cap.  I've come across this before, and I find it easier to flesh out a story a bit, to make it fit nicely on multiple panels.  But this time it isn't working.  It is just to long to fit on one panel, but my 'fleshing out' isn't working.  I'm writing dull pedantic crap.

I don't know if its the 4 tries I made on New-Daughter's cap or the debt, but I had that stricken feeling of "what if its me? what if I'm losing it like I did last year?"  So I decided to make another quickie cap just to get the juices flowing and proof that I could still do it.  I didn't want to search for a new idea, so instead I went to the idea of using D+X as a template.  It has a world of characters (including my own character), it has plenty of settings and the role playing there ranges from sweet and nice, to down and dirty.

I've also had a recent facination with dreams.  So instead of just making a cap about something I've done, or something I might do, I figured I could make it a dream.

Now in all honesty I didn't give this story a lot of forethought.  I looked at pictures of Faye Reagan (the model I chose there to represent what my character looks like).  I looked at the mirror and saw 'calvin' finding out what he looks like.  I saw the two women and saw someone giving comfort.  I saw the kneeling and saw 'Caitlyn' not liking what she is doing.   And since its in a dream I didn't have to give a lot of explanation.  I'm sure if you play at DX you will recognize some of the things Calvin/Caitlyn are confused by, but even if you don't... hey its a dream!

But that lack of planning did kind of bite me in the ass.  Inside the dream, I had 'Calvin/Caitlyn' go to sleep and then wake up.  I don't know if people can really experience that in a dream.  I also hurried through the writing, and never went back to the early story to pepper in some details that will be better explained in the later panels.

But, considering all of that, I"m rather happy with it.  Is it great?  Nope.  Is it awful?  Nope.

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  1. That forum for roleplay seems interesting,but i think i'm not prepared for that kind of thing, i find to much overwhelming as for the other part you comment about cap debt, i'm no one to say about being in debt because normally i'm the one putting in the debts with me :3, and when i have someone who puts me in debt i try to return it in a few days, so i'm always indebted, even with the blog and other places for caps i find myself expanding my horizons, but still not in debt with anyone, ouh wait i was asked for a challenge in a possession cap, yep 1 debt to someone in formspring :3

    As for the dream thingy, well it's not really akward to feel like that i think you are in comunion with your own female persona Caitlyn and that she is trying to tell you something, that may sound akward i know, because you could say how a character i created out of nowhere could be alive in my dreams, well maybe she was alive in the deep of your imagination before you could notice :3 and now she is trying to come to the surface, ouh wait that is what Alectra would try do :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra