Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Question] How much wood, would Caitlyn suck?

Ahh... a serious question!
How much wood, would Caitlyn suck, if Caitlyn could suck wood?

This is a thoughtful and studious question from our very own Angel (of Angel's Captions).  Now I believe the 'correct' answer would be:

"As much wood as a Caitlyn would, if a Caitlyn could suck wood."

But while thats all fine and good for a twisted nursery rhyme, its sadly not true.  Because if you take 'Caitlyn' as being my 'femme' self, then Caitlyn is just me.  And I 'CAN' suck wood.  I say that as there are no physical barriers present.  But I don't suck wood.  While sucking wood is a big part of my femme fantasy, I don't see myself bringing enough of that femme fantasy into the real world to ever experience sucking wood.

I CAN picture wearing some women's clothes.  And perhaps if I took enough baby steps it could eventually lead me to sucking wood.  But from 'here' to 'there' seems like to long of a journey right now.

Speaking of women's clothes, I almost bought some panties the other day.  I stock shelves for a major retailer (hey... its a part time job while in school!) and I had to put away some bras and panties.  Now the ones I was actually stocking ere pure granny panties, but on the shelf next to me were the cutest little black lacy thongs.  And right next to them were the cutest little black lacy bras.  That got my mind wandering and I let my mind wander the rest of the day at work.

So naturally when I was putting away socks and came across some thigh high stockings with lacy tops I not only put away the ones I had, but also looked through the selections and found some black ones with lacy tops.  Well by George I had found a sexy little ensemble.  Stockings, thong, and bra.

Now if only I had a job that paid better than a part time gig stocking shelves at a major retailer, I could make something happen!


  1. It's ok to work the racks. A job is a job is a job. Keep them full. ;-)

  2. Lets see:
    'How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could suck wood?
    'A wood chuck would chuck as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood'.

    That would literally translate into
    'How much wood would Caitlyn suck if Caitlyn could suck wood? Caitlyn would suck as much wood as Caitlyn could suck if Caitlyn could suck wood'.

    Your right. Its silly to think you cant. Rather you wont yet. But would the practice of sucking wood add fiber to your diet or protein?

  3. Sorry, it popped into my head all of a sudden and I just couldn't resist.

  4. Sweet Caitlyn: I've been dressing for years, married for over 25 years.. always regarded myself as straight with a twist :>
    But sucking cock and getting fucked from behind recently (previously a virgin ass) has been one of the most enveloping realisations of becoming more feminine than I ever imagined! Thank you for your stories & pics: I love them!!! I'd love to be a co-star - as a guy or gurl, or even the photographer! 'Scuse me while I touch up my make up and lippy, Darling Gurl! mua!!! mua! Love from Sydney, sweetie!!! xxxx