Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time Travel Experiments

The Technologist Strikes Back!

As I've mentioned previously, I haven't been feeling all that cappy. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about Smitty and The Technologist.  I have several ideas that I want to use, and some of them can be shown during the creation of a sissy... but some don't need that at all.  I considered writing this up as a text story... sort of a journal from The Technologist that someone emailed Smitty, but I don't write stories... I make caps.  So as a compromise, I re-jiggered the story to involve time in the Smittyverse.  And as such, the pics would be from the Smittyverse as well.  I made sure to show off some of The Technologists technology, as well as his ever increasing rage at Smitty.  Not only for his own inability to find Smitty, but for Smitty's repeated attacks on people that knew him.  This was planned even before smitty's last entry which infects the globe, looking for The Technologist, but that just upped the ante for The Technologist's final solution.

Now I know I changed the language and tone of The Technologist in this series.  I did this for several reasons... I always thought of him as calm cool and collected.  Someone who looked at emotions as something to be figured out in an equation.  So he doesnt' have the experience of being angry... as he gets angry, he loses some of his hoity-toity conversational style.  It is also supposed to be a reflection on his learning and use of magic.  It isn't for him, and isn't treating him kindly.

And lastly, it just took a damn long time to write that out in the last few caps.  I really didn't want to invest that much time into a bit of story arc.   And trust me, that is what this is... its a bridge to get from 'Fuck Time Travel' to the next bit.   The next bit will be the Technologists' first direct sissification.

I hope you enjoy this... it really isn't something that CAN be enjoyed on its own, so if you just wandered in and are wondering who Smitty and The Technologist are... well read through my own caps "Magic Vs Technology" and "Fuck Time Travel", and you will get part of the story.  If you want the rest you have to go read smitty's tg caps.  I suggest you start with the categories 'Smitty' and 'Smitty's Sissies'


  1. What a great plot twist! I love that you found a way to make Caitlyn a major part of the plot in such a natural way. It all seems so planned out when really I only used nanites on Caitlyn to fit your sci fi preferences which led to this little rivalry.

    It's great to see you show the lengths The Technologist is willing to go to get Smitty and the deterioration on his persona as a result. It really mirrors Smitty's journey.

    The inclusion of my caps as a part of the story was perfectly done. It even has the signature Caityln tilt to it that lets you know something is off kilter. I love being surprised in my own universe's and this is very happy surprise.

  2. Very well done Caitlyn! I've enjoyed Watching this little run in unfold and I had wondered how the time travel angle would help, And the results are just fantastic!

    The use of older captions is really impressive, did you plan to do something like this all along with the time travel?

    And if his plan is to effect all of the sissy's in Smitty's harem, I'm a little curious as to what would happen to anyone just in the general area of the other sissy's. Because if I remember correctly, I'm not exactly one of the sissy's, I am just hiding out in sissy mansion with all of the other sissy's so I can play around as Jennifer some more. (didn't really work out for me though..)

  3. When I first had the Technologist play with Time travel I thought of using the photos from previous sets, not necessarily entire panels. I was just a little more design lazy with it this time, and threw the entire first panel in... but once I did that I realize it was like a 'retelling'. It worked for me. I don't know how much I'll continue to use it though.

    As to how it affects the sissies... I'll leave that up to smitty to write. We've gone back in forth a little about how it might affect Smitty, Ms Smitty, and the sissy population. But those are all firmly in the smittyverse fully under smitty's fine care.