Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Drawing Tablet

Two perfect bodies in a single day!?

So after finishing up "The Love of his Life" I was still in the mood to cap.  Next up on my list was Angel.  Now Angel had inspired me in several ways beyond her preferences.  I try to keep up with her blog and her 'Kink of the Day' posts inspired "Sorry 'bout that dude!" with an awesome model selection and her recent trip to Otakon inspired (in a round about way) "Why So Serious?".

Well this time was no exception.  I wandered over to her blog, and it seems some of her readers are asking for more anime caps.  I love the anime cap Angel made for me awhile back, and I figured I would return the favor, even though I don't particularly like making anime caps.

I guess I should explain that.  I don't like making anime caps because I have a hard time putting someones real thoughts into a drawing.  Now I love to see them, and some of my favorite caps are anime ones... I just find it difficult to write within one.

But putting that aside I searched out some sexy anime pics.  I quickly came upon this little gem:

I love the bondage, and she is drawn exquisitely.  So I figured it would be a good pic to use.  I again sat back and though about how Angel got into this position.


And nothing came.   Like I said, I have a hard time putting people into drawn pictures and the inspiration well goes dry.  But instead of dropping it, I figured I would go in a direction I used in "Dream Job" and that is to use the drawing as just that. A drawing.  It would represent someone drawing what Angel is doing.  So with that, I sat back and thought about how Angel got DRAWN in this position:

She is obviously not happy.
This is against her will.
Maybe the drawing MADE her this way.
So a magic pencil?  Tablet?
Her roommate wants to show a friend how to draw something that Angel can't draw.

It was really kind of shakey, but I liked the direction this was going.  Not only would the magic drawing explain how Angel got into such a compromised position, but I could describe the transformation a bit (something I used to do, but generally skip over now).  So that just left how Angel got the magic device.  I went with my gut, and just put that she got it at a comic con.  With that I figured I had enough to begin writing, so I started.

I wanted to establish now only how she got the tablet, but also introduce its magic, so I figured Eric practicing drawing a man would be cool as it shows how the tablet could be used to improve her life.  But the description started getting long.  I liked it, but I had just a little less than a full story and hadn't even gotten her into a woman's body.  And if I was going to describe her newly perfect male body transforming at all, that part would be long too.  So I figured I would need another image to work with.  I didn't even bother looking for more of the same set, as eric wasn't drawing an anime chick.

So I returned to Google images and searched for 'sexy man draw' and came up with this:

I really liked the 'rough' drawing look, but I absolutely hated the very white background.  Luckily this is a fairly easy fix in Photoshop.  I simply selected all of the 'white' in the image and deleted it.  I then painted everything that was left a solid black.  Next I needed a paper texture so Google Images came through again, and by putting the paper image behind he now black drawing came up with this:

Now this doesn't exactly match the paper in a drawing tablet, but I figured some creative license wouldn't kill me.  It also didn't match the bondage girl pic.  So I brought her into Photoshop and tried to make her more of a similar drawing style.  I could get close with some of the artistic filters, but it honestly didn't look close enough.  I figured it wasn't that distracting, and it showed the differences in Eric's and Jeremy's drawing style. I just colored it to look at least a little like the man drawing.

Happy that I now had two images to use, and therefore could now make a two panel cap, I went back to writing.  I gotta say I loved writing what was happening to Angel, while Jeremy talked about it.  I of course had to have Angel try to stop it, so the steps followed getting her to be unable to stop it, instead of following how a drawing like that would come into life.  The gag makes her quiet, the hair makes her fall, the collar distracts her, and finally the arms tied up immobilizes her.  Once I was set with the story, I went into Photoshop and started with my basic 1000x1000 design.  I pulled both the bondage anime pic in as well as my modified male drawing.  The problem immediately came into focus when I started thinking about how to title it.  If I titled it horizontally, it would cover some of the bondage girl, or hover uselessly on the top of the page.  But both would look odd with the first image being vertical.

I played with it a bit, but didn't see an obvious solution.  A couple things consipired to let me make this as a large single cap.  First I recently noticed that the Haven now allows attatchments (the way we post caps) to be 1000k.  When I started it was 300k, and shortly thereafter moved up to 500k.  Now I can make a cap this size fit in under 500k, but it requires a lot of jpg compression, and that can VERY easily make text hard to read.  As the text would already be fairly small I coudln't do that.. .but with the new size restriction, I could use less compression and come out somewhere around 800k (the final cap is 700.1k!).  I also recently saw Jennifer's cap "My Mistress, My submission" and her layout was great.  She actually cropped into the image with her text box, but I didn't focus on that as much as letting the text flow into a more "L" shape.  I could have the bondage chick on the bottom, and the drawing guy up in the corner.

I liked the design, but even at 1500x1000 I ran into the problem of not enough space for text.  I am nervous enough about putting up such a tall image, so I didn't want to make it taller.  And at 1000 pixels wide, many people already have to scroll my caps, so I didn't want to go wider.

As I was only short by a couple paragraphs, I started editing the story down.  I tried to just take out details that while interesting, really didn't bring anything more than background to the cap.  Here is my original writeup:

When Eric found the old school drawing tablet at the comic con he picked it up and flipped it open and saw writing appear on the first page.  It simply said 'For Eric'.  The tables proprietor just smiled and gave some song and dance about it being a magic tablet.  That anything drawn in it would become part of Eric's reality.  Eric wanted to scoff, but when you see writing just appear, it's kind of hard to dismiss magic.  

At the very least, it had very good paper, and Eric was in need of a new tablet.  So he purchased it and went home.   He let the tablet sit for several days, and the notion of a magic drawing tablet seemed more and more farfetched.  So when he wanted to practice working on some drawings of men, he picked it up without a second thought.  With his trusty pencil he started sketching out a man.  Nothing special just working on getting the proportions right.  He started with the abdomen and while drawing, felt his own belly rumble.  It wasn't much, and he had just had a snack so he kept going.  With a pretty good belly, he moved up and started working on some pecs.  He had to keep stopping to adjust his shirt as he kept having an itch on his chest.  The itches spread to his arms, his chin, and even his legs and he continued to draw.  When he was finished Eric thought he  had a pretty good drawing, but the itchy feeling was driving him crazy so he jumped into the shower.  

When he applied the soap to his body he was surprised to feel something he hadn't felt since high school.  Muscles.  Now Eric wasn't exactly flabby, but he hadn't kept up his workouts after graduation, and his body had lost most of its tone.  But now when he looked down he saw a perfectly toned body.  He jumped out of the shower and looked in the mirror.  From his nose up, he was the same old Eric... but from his lips down he.... he looked like his drawing!

Eric spent the rest of the day making drawing after drawing until his body was just perfect.  When he heard his roommate Jeremy come in with a friend he gave up the living room to them and went on to bed, images of what he could draw flying through his mind.  

After a bit Eric woke up and could hear Jeremy and his buddy laughing.  He could tell from their conversation that they had found his notebook.  His eyes flashed open, however, when he heard Jeremy say '...Hey lemme show you what Eric really likes.  He is SO into bondage chicks, and he can't even draw them!'

Eric tried to call out for them to stop when he felt his jaw open wide, and fill up with something.  "I mean first thing you want in any bondage chick is a ball gag.  See how you make her jaw jacked wide, but full?  She won't be able to speak until this is out!  And if you draw her chin like this, you can even add that line of drool that lets you know she can't do anything."

Eric felt drool rolling down his chin.  He had to get them to stop so he popped out of bed.  But as he sped to the door he was blinded and fell to the floor.  "Now I know you normally want long hair on a sexy chick, but if you want to show off the bondage gear, shorter is better.  But you always make it long enough to cover up her eyes like this."

Eric got up onto his knees and went to brush the long hair now covering his eyes when he felt something wrap around his neck.  "Moving down, you always start with a collar.  I don't care if its tied up to anything or not, but a collar represents the girls submission.  The fact that she is property."

Eric's hands flew to his neck where he felt a studded collar.  Just as his fingers found the buckle, his arms were roughly pulled behind him, where he felt some sort of cuff around his wrists.  "Now you we like our women to be immobilized and in the proper position so I like to draw their arms up behind them.  If forces them to bend over and present both their mouth and their ass to be properly used."

Eric could only moan as Jeremy stopped talking.  But he could tell that Jeremy was still drawing.  He felt his perfect Pecs bulge out into huge, curvy hanging tits.  They waved back and forth for a bit before being confined by various straps.   His waist shrunk in to accommodate some sort of belt and skirt.  And tears joined the drool running down his face when Eric felt a small strap slip in-between what he knew was his new pussy.  

Eric's struggles renewed, trying to break free of the insidious bondage when he heard two sets of steps approaching his door.  "I don't care if he is asleep, we gotta wake Eric up.  He is going to love this drawing"

As you can see, the main things I lost were in the first few paragraphs and at the very ending.  I'm not sure if the story is better or worse because of the editing, but I can say that the cap couldn't happen without the edits, so at least the CAP is better.  

Now while writing this up, I went back to Angel's preferences to reference something.  But when there I came across this:

"Anything you don't particularly care for? I have a few things that I don't want to see, but otherwise anything goes.  Please no pregnancy, no heavy bondage/S&M..."

Ummm... oops. 

I already had the cap posted, and it even had a comment.  I sent off a message to Angel, apologizing it, and telling her that if she was put off by the bondage that I would make it right by her.  I hope she likes it, as I think it turned out really good... but we'll see. I might be making a new version of this cap very soon.


  1. Very nicely done hun, always good to see more anime based caps being done. ^^

    I especially enjoyed the monochrome style you threw morphed the bondage pic into so it would match the doodled male version.

    This reminds me of a cap refwerd made for me a while back on Rachels Haven called "jeffs eyes" since what was drawn slowly became the persons unfortuanate or fortunate reality/vision..

    This gives me an idea I may have to pass along to you that would involve some hentai/anime themes as well as human ones mixed with my hentai verse.

    Got a new blog up, gimmie a poke erm visit sometime. ~

    Keep up the great work. ~

  2. Hey! you have the same problem I do when capping a hentai picture. Heck, you even came up with a similar solution as me! Though yours is way better!

    I hope angel enjoys the cap, despite the use of heavy bondage. it's a very sexy story and it's a very sexy picture! I think my favorite description was the bit of drool and hair in her eyes, that was a big button pusher for me from the pic and the story!

    The layout is amazing and I had no idea I inspired the L shape of the text, because this is an outstanding looking caption! I think my favorite part is striking the color is. Really is very pleasing to the eyes and very sexy.