Monday, August 20, 2012

A Collaboration between me and... you?

I'm hoping for a little help
O.k... I told myself (and you for that matter) that I wouldn't cry about getting into a slump this year.  It's happened every year, and I always come out of it fine.  But It's been almost a week since I made a cap.  And even though 20 days have passed by this month, I only have nine posts.

So while I still earnestly believe that I'll come out of this funk just fine, I was hoping that some of you might be willing to give me a hand.   You see, my 'block' is purely in the writing area.  As I mentioned in "Working Off A Debt" I can still work a layout and design.  So I'm going to take up Jane Ehler's idea of doing a collaborative cap.

Here's how I imagine this working.   Every day I look through images hoping to find something that inspires me.  An image that is begging to be capped.   I often find them, but I can't make that initial spark into a story... so why not let you try?  Instead of trying to make a cap out of it myself, failing, and throwing the image back into the deep blue sea, I'll post the image here along with the idea I had for it.

If anyone feels that they can write a story for it, they only have to post it here as a comment, and I'll try to flesh it out into a full cap.  You can use my initial story idea or an idea completely from your own imagination.    If any story catches my eye, I'll add it to this post as a cap.

But I don't want this to be me making a cap out of someone's story.  I want this to be a collaboration between the two of us.  I may tweak the story a bit, and I would like the author to help me with the design and layout.  If you don't like the direction I take it design wise... let me know and I'll edit it.

Once we have a cap that both the author and I are proud of, I'll put it up in it's own post.

Now I think you probably have a good idea on how I feel about people stealing other's work.  I have that same passion when it comes to collaborations.  I won't refer to this final product as 'MY' caption... it will always be referred to as 'OUR' caption.

And this isn't just limited to current cap artists.  In fact, if a cap artist sees the image and has a good idea for it, I have no problem with you taking the image and making your own cap out of it.  If you haven't made a cap before though.... feel free to chime in!  I'd imagine if you got this far into a post that doesn't have a cap, that you have some ideas and fantasies that you'd like to explore.  Maybe you're just shy and can't imagine people would like your idea... or maybe you don't know how to make a cap in a graphic program.   If any of  these are true, consider this a way to try it out.   Let's work together and get your story out as a cap!

One last thing... I'm not going to promise that I'll make a cap out of every single submission.  I'm not going to promise to make more than one submission into a cap.   Hell... I'm not even going to promise that I'll make ANY of them into a cap.  This is a new idea for me, and I'll just have to see how it goes.

So that brings us to this 'Collaborative' effort.   I found this image today:

The idea that came to me was a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend playing dress up while on vacation.  She wants to spice up their game a bit more, so she also ties him up as well as styling his hair, putting his breast forms on, shaving him bare, and dressing him up.  When she goes out to the car for something, a gentleman walks into the room with our 'heroine'....

I just couldn't write up that idea.  Now if you can make it work... Great!!  Or of this inspires something different.... GREAT!!  Lets work on it together.

Oh, and if you post a story, you can include as much detail as you like.  I don't mean in the story... I mean if you have a title for the cap in mind, let me know.  If you picture this in a particular style... let me know.  If you imagine it working better over this image in black and white, let me know.

Thank you in advance for any submissions!


I can't express how happy I am with how this Collaboration experiment worked.  I was afraid that there wouldn't be much input, and that this post would languish at the top of my blog for weeks... instead only 6 days later, I (along with my collaborators) now have four new caps.  

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that posted an idea or story.  I wish I could have made them all into caps, but after just doing these four, I'm a little burned out on the image.  I may be doing another 'collaboration' soon, but for now I want to show you the caps that have resulted form this experiment:

Holiday Experimentation:


How will I tell you all Apart?

I Dare You...

In addition to the caps I've made several cap artists also took their own swing at the image and posted them to their blogs:

Smitty's "What was that?"
Brittney's "Relax" and "Do you LOVE me?"
Panty LissAnn's "Anticipation"


  1. I'm having a bash at it, though as usual my story seems to be getting out of hand. To show you my idea I'll post what I have so far:-

    They weren’t sure why, but this vacation was really stimulating then in ways they never expected. Normally Bob and Sue were very straight-laced, but they were away from home, no children running about the place, they were safely with their grandparents.
    The previous night they were flicking through the TV channels and happened to hit a porn channel and their eyes began to pop at what they were seeing. Although they didn’t normally even think of looking at this sort of thing they both looked at each other, then back at the screen, and both stared entranced by what they were watching.
    When it ended Bob was hard and Sue’s panties were dripping. What they did with each other was pretty standard, but amazing, that night, but they both were still thinking of what they had seen. The next day they decided to put their previous plans on hold and set things up to reproduce their own version of the programme they had watched.

    What do you think?

    1. What do I think? I think this comes across as a trailer for a movie that I really want to see! It's a great setup and I'd love to see how it turns out!

    2. In that case, I shall post the rest of what I came up with - I do tend to ramble on

      Sue nearly fainted when Bob admitted that he had fantasised about being the girl who was tied up. That was something of a surprise, but she was certainly not averse to being in charge.
      It was a somewhat unusual shopping trip, not the usual family shop at Tescos. A trip into a DIY store furnished a selection items could be used as restraints. Sue insisted on shopping for their clothes, which did make Bob a little nervous, but it did save him from discussing in public what female clothes he wanted to wear.
      Things took a decidedly worrying turn when Sue emerged from getting ready in a skin-tight catsuit and with the hair pulled back into ponytail. Bob was shocked at Sue’s Goth look make-up that made her look very sinister.
      Without a hint of humour Sue pushed Bob back onto the bed and ordered him to strip. He actually shook as he complied with her order and she dragged him into the bathroom.
      Before Bob knew what was happening Sue began rubbing a foul-smelling cream all over his body. Bob’s complaints were greeted with a sharp “Shut it Slut” and a slap on the cock that really stung, After he stood there as directed, until his skin began to crawl, Bob stepped into the shower and Sue roughly rubbed his body. Watching the hair from all over his body being washed down the drain almost made Bob cry, he felt so much less masculine and tried to stop things going any further. It was then that Bob realised just how much of a monster he had created as Sue kneed him in the groin.
      Having been doubled up in pain Sue grabbed Bob’s hair and shoved him so that he was sat on the toilet seat shaking again. Out of a bag Sue pulled out a dark wig with tightly tied pigtail and glued it in place over his short brown hair. A spray can and two breast forms that looked huge to Bob were produced and used to give Bob a pair of tits any woman would be proud of.
      A smaller bag came out from which Sue produced lacy white lingerie. Bob just wished they were for her not him. If Sue hadn’t been so beastly the feel of the underwear would have turned him on. She then had Bob stand as she lifted a very girly pink gingham dress over his head. With a slap on his pantied bottom Sue indicated for him to sit down while she pulled out makeup to finish off the look she wanted. When Sue finally allowed him to stand in front of a mirror he practically creamed his panties as he saw what an amazingly accurate copy of the girl the had watched on TV he now was.
      Now Bob, or Barbie as Sue was now insisting on calling him, was ordered up on the bed. Sue then took out bandages and tied Bambi’s arms behind her back. Bob tried to complain as she bound his legs together, but a slap across the mouth with the back of Sue’s hand stung and silenced him. Sue quickly tied a blindfold over Barbie’s eyes.
      Then Sue made a frustrated exclamation and Bob heard he disappear from the room leaving him tied as Barbie on the bed. A couple of minutes later there were footsteps and Barbie shivered in anticipation of Sue’s return. Instead A concerned voice said “It’s all right miss” and the blindfold was removed. Bob blinked, getting used to the light and found himself looking up into the concerned face of a man in a business suit.
      The hero was convinced that he was recuing the damsel in distress, and he actually was, but Bob knew Sue had just got carried away. That was when, in the sweetest voice he could muster her explained that she and her girlfriend were playing dress up and that she would be back shortly.
      He looked a bit upset, but accepted the lesbian bondage story and left put the blindfold back in place. Scribbling on a business card he placed it on the bedside table. His message read “If you and your friend want a threesome any time let me know”. Sue was surprised to find the card, but put in a drawer, just in case before getting back to her plan by placing the ball gag she had returned with into Barbie’s mouth and fixing the straps behind her head.

  2. Maybe it's a work retreat. Wife is having an affair with his rival for a promotion. They conspire to make sure hubby will take himself out of the running for the job. He believes they're just having a bit of sexual experimentation fun, then she makes an excuse to leave him like this. The rival comes in and blackmails him into complying. Wifey stands by with camera in hand to make sure that she can continue feminizing her new cuckold.

    1. We've all hit a block from time to time. Always happy to help a fellow captionista.


    2. I love the idea of this being set up from the beginning as something darker than a couple playing. I think it actually matches the image better than my 'accidental' idea.

  3. Hey there

    I've been following your caps for a long time, although I've always been silent >.< I had an idea for this though, and I'd like to get into capping, myself, so here's my best effort...

    It's not quite a story. Just guidelines, really, more of a storyboard? or idea chain? so feel free to take this clay and shape it how you want ^^

    Protagonist has been sat on something soft (the bed) for hours now. They are aware that they are restricted, bound in something that chafes. They feel chilly, but can also feel some kind of clothing too, but they can't figure out what it is at all from just feel alone. The protagonist has tried, and keeps trying, to struggle or move somewhere, but has found each time that their body locks out on their mind whenever they think of escaping. Right now, they are in such a state, head bowed, leaning back, knees bent around to the right.

    Unable to move, the protagonist starts to think of what may be going on, what has happened, where were they the night before, etc. They find they can't remember anything at all. They hear a door elsewhere in the house, opening and shutting, and somebody is speaking, probably over a phone... something about 'mental conditioning being complete,' and the delivery to the client being 'this morning'. The protagonist can only wonder what is happening as they hear footsteps in the next room coming closer and closer.

    Hehe, this probably needs a little more to help give it that impending doom feel etc... but I hope you consider my suggestion ^^

    All the love in the world, Kesari :P

    1. Kesari thank you for both following me for awhile and for chiming in here! I don't think this idea needs much more to be a great story. I like the idea of letting the details come on in bits between them realizing what happened. Having it wrapped up as mental conditioning that is stopping their escape is wonderful!

  4. I would title it "What was that?!" and tell the story through the husbands remaining senses. It would let you reveal the story as you go, sensation of ropes on skin, cock confusingly hard in panties, etc. And when the husband hears noises, footsteps, breathing, zipper, you can add tension as you go. My big challenge is usually coming up with a structure, once I do, it's like filling in the blanks. Hope this helps.

    1. Love it! I can imagine this method being both sensual and mysterious in equal measure. The idea of telling a story with no 'visual' component is great and would make a great story!

  5. I kinda see a boy being kidnapped and being held for ransom from his rich father, maybe a senetor or something, while the negotiations of his ransom are being worked out they keep him tied up and dressed as a girl because he already looks like such a sissy. Every day he only gets fed cum and cock 3 times a day. After a few days of this deit the sissy falls in love with his new life and instead of being sold back to his father he decides hed rather be sold off as a sissy slave slut and live out his fantasy.

    1. I really like this idea! Visually it could work as at the beginning of the story you would assume this is her tied up during the ransom negotiations. Only by the end you realize that he is in fact being presented as part of the sissy slave auction. Great idea!

    2. Thanks, im really glad you liked it. feel free to play with it anyway you want, im sure anything you come up with would be great.

  6. I would usually skip over a picture like this because it didn't necessarily inspire a true story, but I did come up with this while looking into the photo's background for clues ...

    an advertisement for Motel 666

    where you get the scoop on what sort of accommodations you get with your lodging .. 24 hour latex polishing, bed restraints, dominatrix and magical gypsies on each floor, sissy maid service. Whatever you come up with.

    ... and at the end, "I'm Tamara Bodett for Motel 666, and we'll leave the light on for you!"

    This way, you don't necessarily need a story .. just some ad copy to accompany the picture.

    1. Only in the mind of Dee could a woman tied up on a bed wearing a plaid pink short dress inspire a Motel 666 advertisement with a voice over from 'Tamara Bodett'

      Now I'm going to think of this image anytime I hear Tom Bodett on NPR. Thanks for helping my already dirty mind pervert public radio!

      Seriously though, this is a great idea. I can easily imagine laughing out loud the entire time I'm writing this.

  7. How long is it going to take? With this blindfold on I can't tell how long she's been gone, but it sure feels like a long time. Though maybe it just feels longer since all I can do is wait till she gets back.

    It's hard to believe she is in to something this kinky, but she wouldn't even give me a blowjob. I mean, that's down right vanilla compared to tying someone up and blindfolding them. And when you factor in the gender changing nanomachines that turned me from a decently sized guy into a petite, sexy girl, then dressing me up in silk stockings and a pink dress before tying me up and blindfolding me, well then a blowjob is down right normal!

    I can't believe I even considered this. I don't know what I was thinking. Though I guess that was the point, I wasn't thinking. Or at least, not with my brain. When she promised that, if I fulfilled her little fantasy for her, she would let me live out my blowjob fantasy whenever, and as many times, as I'd like, well I guess all the blood headed south fast enough I'm surprised I didn't pass out.

    Still, I wonder what is taking so long. I know she said she just had to go get one more thing to make everything complete, but how much time does she really need? Shouldn't she have had everything ready? She had the nanomachines and the dress and the ropes and the blindfold. What is it that she needs that would take this long?

    Wait, did I just hear a door open? And are those voices I hear? Did she have to go somewhere? Does that mean she's ready now, and we can finally get this over with so I can go back to being a man?


    1. I love the setup. Even the thoughts about BJs being tame helps lead up to the ending and would make the mind fly after the final verse! I think this matches the anticipation seeping through the image perfectly.

  8. I don't think I have the chops to assist on any level with captions. However, this image is incredibly amazing. Any idea where it's from? :P

    1. Sadly, I don't know the original source for the image. I found it on Fuskator, but it was in a gallery of single images... they had nothing in common with each other. And since there is no watermark or logo on the image, I can't even guess at where it came from. It is sexy though, isn't it!?

      As to not having the chops... I'd guess that most TG cap artists thought the same thing before they wrote their first story and turned it into a cap. I know I did! If I do this again, I'd love to see you give it a try... hell I'd love to see you give it a go for this one!

    2. A little internet detective work reveals that the photos are from a site called "Rope Rookies". The model is given the name "Lila".

      Photos here

      Allegedly a text description of the shoot.

    3. I hope that gives your legendary layout and design skills something more to work with. This can be my tiny tiny contribution to the project.

    4. That's perfect femslut!!! I was halfway through doing a major cut job on one of the stories to make it fit into a layout... but now maybe I can just utilize another picture and make it a two panel cap! Thank you so much!

  9. He struggled to sit up, his mind still in in a fog. Lost in that moment between dreams and waking, he felt so different. It seemed so real, but it was too crazy. His mind raced trying to remember...what? Today, was his birthday? yes,last night, there had been shots. He could still smell the tequila, lots and lots of shots,Chrissy! Yes, Chrissy had showed up last night out of the blue. It was so long since he had seen her...he thought of the day they met. Freshman orientation, that first day of college life when everything was so new, exciting and a little bit scary. She had walked right up to him with a beaming smile and said, "Hi, I'm Christine...and you are?" "Jeff", he had blurted out with a bow and a flourish of his right hand..."Oh...god...did I just do that??" he thought. Her smile lit up the courtyard and with a sly smirk she asked, "Well, there are a lot of Jeffs running around here, how can I tell all of you apart?" Not missing a beat he had replied, "I'm the good looking one." She laughed and took his hand, " Come on good looking Jeff, let's go explore." He loved that memory, but right now he needed to focus, Why were his arms and legs tied up? What else happened? A taxi,yes,they had taken a taxi home,no,to a hotel? We didn't, I mean we wouldn't, no...that was clear on their first day together...that kind of love between them couldn't work...but then what? "What is that tickle om my face?...what is?" He was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. "Happy Birthday sleepyhead!" It was Chrissy's voice,but younger? The voice of the girl from so long ago. He started to speak, but she stopped him. "Don't say anything yet, I tied your arms and legs and blindfolded you last night after you passed out...I wanted your birthday gift to be a surprise that we would open together." He started to speak again but she put a finger to his lips. He shuddered. Do you remember last night,I showed you the ring I found while I was working in my garden? Don't answer, just nod". He nodded yes. "Remember me asking you what you wanted for your birthday and you said that having me here was the best present you could ask for?" He nodded. "That was very sweet by the way... do you remember me taking the ring off, putting it in your hand and telling you to wish for the thing you wanted most in the world?" He thought hard and nodded. "Well, When I found the ring yesterday I took it in and cleaned it up and as I looked at it in my hand I wished that I could show it to you. You always loved that kind of stuff and the next moment, I found myself outside of your house. It took me a moment to process what had happened but after a while I wished for something else and poof...I tested it a few times and whatever I really wished for it granted...and that's when I realized that I could grant your deepest wish for your birthday." He let out a little gasp. "Do you remember what you wished for?" she asked in a tenderly teasing voice. "Yes, I remember"...came the reply in a soft, sultry voice as and a wide smile spread across the new girl's lips. Chrissy climbed up on the bed and slowly, sensuously untied her bonds and when at last the blindfold was lovingly slipped over her head, the new girl looked at the mirror that had been placed at the foot of the bed and saw herself for the first time with Chrissy looking over her shoulder. She looked at all of the boxes of presents and she started to cry. Chrissy softly kissed the back of her neck. "Now, now, sweetie," Chrissy cooed "I'm Christine, and you are?" "Jenna", the new girl answered with a giggle and a flourish of her dainty hand. "Well, I know a lot of girls named Jenna, will I tell you all apart?" Without missing a beat, Jenna turned to face her old friend, "I'm the one who'll be in your bed every night."

  10., I didn't realize it was sooo long. We were writing a novel...right?

    1. What a lovely sweet story! Don't worry about length... at least not at this initial writing stage. If I make this into a cap I'll probably have to do some major editing as I don't know how much of it will fit, but I'd rather edit it down than not have enough material to begin with!

  11. Wow.... I was going to add my "2 cents".. but it looks like you got it "covered", Hon :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!



    1. Thanks Britney! I agree, I think there is plenty here to work with. I highly doubt that I'm going to end up with only one caption!

  12. WOW! I'm almost tempted to say you should start another blog for those amazing skills for just image minipulation you're so well known for after reading through all the comments:D Everyone wants to work with Catlyn, even a few of my fellow lurkers lol. I'm also honored that I got mentioned:D I'll try and think out a story as well just to see where I can go with it after I post this.


    1. The idea of having another blog is... well it's a really good one! If this idea takes off I may just do that. The only problem I would see is that eventually my muse will return from her vacation (damn European ski trips!), and I'll be spending most of my time making caps all on my own again.

      But just like your suggestion turned into this post, I'll keep this idea in mind!

  13. I might have got a little carried away... I don't think I did great but since it was my idea I gave it my best shot:D

    I tried to think of this from the newly girled boy's point of view. Even after reading so many great captions from different artists I'm still not sure I know what I'm doing.

    Without any further babbling, my attempt at captioning your photo.


    Okay, so before you start reading I'm going to try and think of this from a male finding our friend tied up in the room as opposed to how s/he's feeling. I'm very new to this
    scene as I'm sure I've mentioned in the past so any input good or bad is greatly appreciated:D

    I laughed when we first started these dares, I think that was a mistake in hindsight. "Alright honey, I get the point, you're in control. Now stop playing around and untie
    me..... Sweety? ...."

    That's when I heard the door to the motel open. I thought she was still playing around so I laughed it off. Then what felt like hours passed and I was still stuck in her sexy
    little outfit and no way to get out of these ropes. that's when I felt that warm breath on the back of my neck. I felt a shiver run down my spine and giggled in the best
    little girl voice I could make. I hope I didn't sound too nervous, "Baby can you untie me so we can play?"

    Then I heard a husky whisper in my ear, "Remember, you asked for it but we sure aren't going to be untieing you. It's so much better this way."

    As it finally registered in my mind what I had just heard I inhaled deeply to yell for help when suddenly there was a large bounce of the bed. I yelped in surprise and
    before I could think there was something hot between my lips pushing against the top of my mouth. Before I could bite down there was something cold right below my adams
    apple, "Bite down and he'll have another hole to stick it in..."

    All I could do is wimper and stay as still as I could as I felt the man standing on the bed start to push farther into my mouth before it slide out again.

    "Good girl, my new girlfriend said she had a new friend for us. If your good you'll get a present." I could almost hear him smiling.

    All I could do was nod as the thick, hot velvety rod was at the tip of my lips was nod as my little 'clit' pushed against my panties and my toung started to wash my first new
    friends head.

    1. Jane, this story shows no signs of being from a beginner! Very hot story that has a great setup and equally wonderful payoff.

  14. I'll be adding individual thank yous in a moment but first, let me say thank you to each and every one of you. The ideas and stories have come across wonderfully! There isn't a single idea here that I wouldn't want to see fleshed out into a full story, and there isn't a single story here that I wouldn't want turned into a cap. I really love how this single image inspired everything from sweet and loving to down and dirty!

    After reading what I wrote in the post, I realize I was a little vague on what I was looking for. While I appreciate the ideas that were posted, I'm just not at a point where I can take an idea and run with it. My 'mood' is so fleeting that I can't get more than a couple sentences out before the mojo is gone, and I'm just writing crap. So while all the ideas sound great and fun... I won't be taking any of them through the process.

    I was originally going to let this sit for a few days... maybe even a week to make sure I got some great material. But I don't see any reason to wait that long now. I am going to give this a few more hours though... that way it will be up for 24 hours before I make a pick and start taking the stories and this image and making them into a cap.

    Again... thank you everybody for stepping up and helping!

  15. There is always something really interesting in seeing where a single image can take a variety of different minds.

  16. I think that was the idea as Anne pointed out above me. This is all sort of a way to see how many people can twist just one moment in time into a scenario/fantasy. While you may not have got an itch to write your own background story you are also one of the best editors and image manipulators in the community.

    Forever Lurking,

  17. I always suffer from just the opposite. Let's collaborate!

    He was nervous. That wasn't saying much. Anyone would be in his- ...her? He wasn't sure anymore. He wasn't sure he cared.

    "Let's go on a road trip." Marisa had suggested. No, not suggested, said.

    "Sure, when?" He had asked.

    "Right now." That should have been a signal, but a signal of what? Not this. Marisa was rarely spontaneous, but while the few times she was always led to something disturbing, it always also led to incredible sex.

    "Where?" He asked. She smiled. Her smile was wicked, full of suggestions but no promises.

    "I'll drive." She said simply. Part of him felt he should object, but the other, larger part was way too turned on to.

    He hopped into the care with next to nothing packed. He thought about packing more, but she didn't want to wait and kept whispering sexily in his ear. Night fell as she was driving and she kept passing rest stop after rest stop. He tried to ask, but she just reached over and worked his cock as casually as working a stick shift. His questions died the next moment.

    She pulled over suddenly into the parking lot of a hotel seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

    "Close your eyes." She said once you got out of the car. You did uncertainly and her lips brushed yours, teasing you before kissing you fiercely. You closed them tight after that. You heard her rummage in the car before kissing you again, but this time something was in her mouth. You try to protest, but her tongue is magic, ans soon you don't care what you might have just swallowed.

    "Was..." You manage to get out breathless, "Was that E?"

    She laughs. "Something like that. Follow me." She says, and takes your hand. The note of authority in her voice in unmistakable. You jump to obey, itching with anticipation.

    She only spends a moment at the front desk, ans soon the two of you are making your way to a room

    You find yourself in a room in short order


    Fell asleep while writing, and now I have to go to work. I finish it later.

    1. I know you said submissions had closed and you didn't mention this on in the list of caps you planed to make, but I thought I would finish it anyway just because half a story is never fun. Since it won't be capped I let it grow as long as it wanted. Sidenote: It was originally supposed to be in third person, but apparently I switched it to first while falling asleep. That wasn't least I don't think it was. I think I like it, but I'm not sure. What the heck. I'll stick with it. Anyway:


      She only spends a moment at the front desk judging from the time you're left alone, and shortly afterward the two of you are on your way to a room. You eyes are still closed. She hasn't told you to open them yet, but with one hand she leads you forward and with the other she reaches back to grope you as you walk. By the time you reach the room your chest feels tight and you're hard as rock.

      She leads you through the door and you hear two doors close behind you. Her hands brush you face as she gently opens you eyes. You see her looking at your, looking into you. You have so many questions, and you almost ask them, but she speaks before you do.

      "Awww, look at you, but we need to get you washed up." She says as she peels her shirt off. You mind goes blank and you join her in the shower. As you two shower she pushes your hands away and places her finger over you lips but covers your body with kisses, teases your cock and playfully bites your nipples. You gasp. You don't remember them ever feeling this way, but so much feels so strange right now, so good, but so strange.

      She gives you a second wash, lathering you with her hands, her breasts, her thighs. The soap smells strange and stings, but you don't care. You're never been so turned on in your life.

      When you're rinsed off you notice all your hair's been washed away with the soap and...and your didn't exactly have rock hard pecs before, but are those tiny breasts? She starts working her hands up and down your shaft before you can ask and leans in, her lips brushing against your neck.

      "Naughty, naughty, looking around." She growls in between playful bites at your throat. "We're saving the looking for later." You want to protest, but you can't do much more than pant. Even then, you don't sound like yourself. You don't feel like yourself. You feel tingly, electric, and for all the pleasure it's giving you, more pleasure than it/s ever given you before, your cock feels smaller than it should.

      A blindfold you didn't notice works its way over your eyes before you can take a look. "Ah-ah-ahhh-ahhh." She chastises gently and leads you out of the shower, leaving you standing in suspense as she does something to your hair. When she finishes she works something over your head. A dress? It's as you're led out of the washroom that you really feel it. It's not just a dress. It's a mini-dress.

      "A dress?" Is the only question you manage to ask.

      "And now the ropes." She answers in a voice dripping seduction.

      "No-" you protest, but it's cut short as you're slammed against the wall, pinned by her lips. -When did she get so strong?- You wonder, but one of her hands is running up and down your side and the other has pulled your leg up and is gripping your ass so hard you're sure it will bruise. The thought turns you on even more though, and soon you stop caring about why you feel so different and care only about her.

      What follows are three different endings I came up for while writing this. Well, I came up with pretty much the entire things as I was writing the first half, and two alternates came up while writing the second. I think the point I cut off at above is a pretty decent place, though, so maybe we should call this three alternate endings.

    2. The thought turns you on even more, and soon you stop caring about why she's suddenly so strong.

      She throws you on the bed face down and grabs your arms aggressively. "Have you figured it out yet?" She asks while tying your hands. "Does it make sense yet, lover?" She asks, her voice deeper than you remember it. You only manage to whimper in response. She chuckles.

      "God you're so beautiful now." she says. "And the more turned on you get, the better it keeps getting. You feel her slide something up you legs and a trail of kisses follows it.

      "Wh-why?" you manage, your voice now lilting.

      "Why the panties?" He asks, and you know it's a he then, as you can feel his member pressing against your soaking womanhood through the panties. "So I can have something to shove aside." He answers, the grabs your feet roughly and ties them together.

      You hear him step back and for a while the room is quiet except for your panting. "Perfect." He says. "Now you're ready. This is a night you'll never forget."

      She throws you on the bed face down and grabs your arms aggressively. "Have you figured it out yet?" She asks while tying your hands. "Does it make sense yet, lover?" She asks, her voice wicked and seductive, smoke and honey all at the same time. You only manage to whimper in response. She giggles.

      "God you're so beautiful now." she says. "It's you." She says and nibbles your ear lobe. "The more turned on you get, the more beautiful you become." You feel her slide something up your legs and a trail of kisses follows it.

      "Wh-why?" You manage.

      "Why the panties?" She asks, sounding bemused. "Or why the everything? It doesn't matter. The panties are so you can wear something lacy, and I'll have something to push aside."

      "A-and the-"

      "Enough!" she says sharply, and you hear the snap of a whip crack the air. You start, but you also find yourself wishing it had struck your skin. She ties your feet together, and as she backs away, you feel the brush of leather against your thighs. Your womanhood gushes in anticipation.

      "Playtime's over." She says, "but don't worry. The fun's just beginning."


    3. She throws you on the bed face down and grabs your arms aggressively. "Have you figured it out yet?" She asks while tying your hands. "Does it make sense yet, lover?" She asks, her voice wicked and seductive, smoke and honey all at the same time. You only manage to whimper in response. She giggles.

      "God you're so beautiful now." she says. "But still so simple." She pulls something lacy up your legs and trails kisses along their path. "So you feel it? The excitement?" You moan in answer, thinking you're as exited as you could possibly be. Your chest is tingling all over as she nips at your nipples and as she ties your feet up your cock gets so hard it hurts.

      That's when you hear the footsteps, heavy, measured, and you shudder so hard you don't understand how you haven't cum. "Gorgeous," a man's voice says. "Nice and curvy, just how I like them."

      -When did he get here?- You ask yourself. -Why didn't I notice? Or...or has he been here the entire time?- As the last thought, you start moaning with lust.

      "Yesss" She purrs into your ear. "Just a little more. You haven't figured it out yet, it looks like, but the more turned on you get, the more womanly you become. Now just a little more. You're almost there." Her revelation should snap you to your senses, you know, but somehow it only makes you squirm.

      "What secrets are you girls sharing?" He asks. In place of an answer you hear them kiss with relish. "Mmm, you're right. It doesn't matter. Thank you for getting her for me."

      "Anything for you." She says. "You know that. I'm all yours." You feel her move behind you, her breasts press against your back and her lips tickle your ear as she says in an evil, irresistible tone. "Just like she will be."

      For a split second part of you considers protesting. Instead you finally cum at her words, you womanhood soaking your panties as you moan in rapture, and you know she's telling the truth.

    4. Great story(ies) anonymous! I didn't include this on the list of caps I'd make because it was unfinished. I didn't want to hope for it to be completed, and then be disappointed if didn't happen.

      I really enjoyed the multiple endings, and it would have been hard to choose between them. But at over 1000 words, this would be even more difficult to pare down that Anne's was... and I'm not sure it would feel 'complete' without the multiple endings.

      But thank you so much for finishing it. I was on the edge of my seat!

    5. I understand, and I'm glad you liked it. This was a lot of fun to write, and I'll probably join in on the next one, provided a good idea comes to mind. I'll try to keep that one at a more caption-able size. Feel free to use pieces or concepts of this or any future thing I do in future captions (or anything else) too. I find that sort of thing flattering, not offensive.

  18. Kevin and Merissa were on a one week vacation which Merissa had planned for in advance and had sprung on Kevin as a surprise. Kevin had always wanted to go on a vacation with Merissa but had never had the courage to ask her to leave her job for such a vacation as he always thought she was practically married to her job. Furthermore he worried that Merissa might actually be seeing one of her co-workers on the side but had no proof of it. As such he had taken to cheating himself one recent night with a cute brunette girl that he had met in a bar. As far as he knew, Merissa had no inkling of what had happened. So when she sprang the vacation surprise on him, he had been more than happy to say yes.

    Merissa had always been a kinky woman and she was bi sexual and sometimes wanted either bondage or cross dressing play as her makeshift lesbian playmate .. involved in their love making sessions. As such when Merissa asked him to allow her to help him to cross dress and then to allow her to tie him up like a bound lesbian playmate for their love making session that night he agreed. Kevin was sure the sex would be awesome even in this way.

    Merissa had dressed him in a bra and panty set using his slightly flabby pectoral area to fill the bra with natural flesh resembling small breasts. On his legs she had him slide on thigh high white nylons and then added a belted, short pink and black mini dress which barely covered his panties. Then she proceeded to add a touch of lipstick to his lips, along with a dash of perfume behind his ears and on his wrists. Then she braided his already long hair into a tight thin braid behind his head. Adding a bow to the top of the ponytail she figured he looked quite cute. as for Kevin tho he was feeling quite emasculated he had to admit to two things. First he was astounded at how Merissa had made him look like a hot babe. Second he was sure he was going to get some really hot sex for complying with his wife's request for this dress up lesbian like love session while he would be in bondage for her.

    After making sure he had relieved his bladder Merissa then proceeded to tie his legs at the top of his calves with a length of rope. Next Kevin's arms were tied behind his back both at the elbows and at the wrists. Following this a dark black blindfold was placed over his eyes and tied below his ponytail.

    Merissa asked Kevin what he thought of the name Theresa. Sudden fear coursed through Kevin. Theresa was the name of the girl from the bar. However, he tried to not show the fear and simply said: "If that is the name you wish to call me in this lesbian role play session then it is ok with me." "Ok done deal you are now Theresa," was the reply from his wife.
    (Part 1 of 2 by Monica)

  19. Part 2/3 by Monica - apparently my text needed 3 text entries to post it.)

    Walking toward the door to the room Merissa then said: "Theresa, I am going out to the car for a little bit to have a smoke. Do not go anywhere while I am gone." With that she went to the car with the car keys in hand.

    After a short bit our new theresa was listening for any sigh of Merissa's return. Instead he heard a car start and pull out and it sounded like Merissa's car. Fear started to creep in. Was she actually planning to leave him here in the room dressed and bound as he was as revenge for what he swore she couldnt have known about. But then again she chose the name of his one time cheating mate as his role play name. his next thought was "Oh shit she must know then but how..? How???"

    Moments later he heard the door opening slowly. The footfalls were not his wife's. He hoped in fear that the person was the hotel manager and that he would in seeing him tied as such untie him. Next he heard the sound of a belt buckle being opened and jeans being dropped to the floor.

    "Whos there ? Please untie me !" was all his fear would let him say softly.

    He did not at first recognize the voice of the man as he responded : "Theresa, you make a lovely girl. Yes, I know all about your wife and you having a supposed lesbian role play tonight. But it is not going to happen."

    At this Kevin started worrying that something happened to his wife while out at the car. Fear started to show on his face. Seeing this the voice continued : "Don't worry about your wife as soon she will be my wife. That is of course once you have been reported missing then assumed deceased. But more to the present, I know you are wondering what is to become of you. That I will answer now. You see your wife was shown a video of you leaving the bar with the other Theresa. She also was told by Theresa what happened when you were both alone. Perhaps you wonder how and why this happened?" A nod from the new Theresa made him continue : "Your soon to be ex-wife and Theresa are actually friends. After your love making that night you spoke in yoru sleep and she figured out who you really were. At the office the next day she told both Merissa and I about your infidelity and we set up this vacation plan together as a way to get you out of the way officially while keeping you around unofficially. However, you can not be Kevin anymore if you are to be declared missing and deceased. So now we come to the next question on your mind. What do I mean? The answer is simple. You have heard of transgender surgery and hormones used to make a man into a woman. Well you will be staying with us as my stray now returning daughter when we are through. Your soon to be ex wife does not want you dead or gone but wants to see your humiliation as I keep you around for when she has her time of the month and for anal which as you know she hates but which I love. Have you yet figured out who I am?"

    (Continued in part 3)

  20. Part 2/3 by Monica.

    "Yes Sir! I have. You are Merissa's boss George. But if you just untie me, and let me go I will gladly vanish never to be seen again. Please do not do what you said you wanted to do to me."

    "Ha! Sorry honey, but you will soon be my sex toy. We can not let you vanish becasue you would still have your identity and be traceable every time you accessed your bank acount or used your credit cards. No. This way there will be no trail. I will have a sex pet and a widfe as well. And you will never again call me George you will from now on call me Master. And you will call Merissa Mistress. If you disobey that order you will feel pain which otherwise is unnecessary. I do not wish you to have unnecessary pain beyond that of the surgery. But it will be up to you. I will shortly be putting a penis gag in your mouth and untieing your legs only. You will walk with my aid to my car willingly or again you will feel pain which is otherwise unneccesary. I would rather this be as painless to you as possible and maybe one day be pleasurable for you. Before I add the gag I need to ask you if you know why else that your wife wishes to have you changed and basically declared missing then deceased?" "No. Please do tell me. Why?" "Your tiny white pricklette was really never satisfying to her, and she often came to me for a quickee after work, before coming home to you. She did however love you, at least until you chose to cheat on her as she was on you. At that point when she was told of your infidelity we knew what we needed to do as you would vanish and would still be around just as my new sex toy and our daughter."

    With that said the gag was inserted and Theresa found that true to his word her new Master was in untying her legs. Next a pair of very soft velveteen slippers were placed on her feet. She felt so soft and weak and humiliated and scared. Fearing her new Masters size and strength she figured she had better submit as there was no real chance of escape at present. Then a needle was inserted in her thigh and an injection was given. She was petrified first of what it was being injected and secondly of any movement breaking the needle in her leg. So she remained still.

    "The needle was your first high dose of hormones to start you on your way to your future curvier looks and softer sensate skin. Now lets get you to the car." With that said Theresa found her body being lifted to her feet by her new Master and slowly walked out to the car.


    1. oops was supposed to say part 3/3 in the last part of that. - monica

  21. Hey everybody!

    I finally got the first cap up here:

    I'm going to be making more, but I wanted to more or less draw the submissions to a close. I have more than enough material to keep me happily working for awhile.

    I plan on making caps based on Angel's, Jenna Winn's, and Jane Ehler's submissions.

    I explain why I won't be making the other 'ideas' in the post above. Sadly as much as I love Monica's story, it is just too long. Even my best cap layout for long stories doesn't allow for that long of a story. I May... MAY try to make it in a double panel cap now that femslut 21 has found the entire image set... but I just don't know right now.

    Anyway... thank you so much for submitting all this great material!