Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Love Triangle

She makes a good point!

I really didn't have any intent to make a cap today.  My basic plan was to take advantage of a day off and stamp out a bunch of little fiery problems that had cropped up over the past couple of weeks.  As normal though I started the day by catching up on my favorite TG blogs.  When I came across Leeanne's most recent post dealing with her Sissy Journey I was filled up with the urge to cap.  It wasn't a design desire that pushed me this time... I just wanted to try my hand at writing a hot short sissy cap.

I looked briefly for a photo to spark the back bone of the story and honestly didn't expect to find anything.  Not that there aren't plenty of good images... I just figured the urge to create would fade quickly.  Instead when I saw this photo the story fell into place.  What I saw wasn't a man and woman kissing... I saw a man kissing his lover's sissy.  When I went to write it out though I couldn't get my normal hot humiliated voice to kick in... instead I just saw the sissy not only fully accepting her role, but actually feeling loved at the same time.  So the story switched from a hot little humiliating tale to something even beyond Leeanne's story.  Instead of the sissy doing these acts to please her wife, she was a fully independent part of their relationship.

Of course once I had the story written out, I also had a title.  I did play quite a bit with the title graphic trying to get the words to make a good triangle all on their own, but nothing seemed to look good enough.  If I'm honest, I think the effort falls a little flat.

Comparing this to the other loving sweet captions I've made is difficult as the story is so short, but I think it's a decent effort.  I've done better, but I still think it's a solid effort.  It does remind me though that writing out a full fledged story is just about out of the question.  Rachel's Haven has a call out for short stories and soon after reading that request I played around with the idea of writing out a story.  But this effort really reminds me that I neither have the skill nor the discipline required to write out something worthy.

Hey... at least I'll occasionally still make caps though!

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  1. My dear, sweet Caitlyn,

    I cannot tell you how it turns me on that I have, in any way, inspired your wonderful cap today. And it is a bit that way at times for me and my cheerleader and her men. So wonderful!