Thursday, December 26, 2013

Point Of No Return as a TG story

Death... or life as a femme fatale!

Let me start by saying that I did not write a story for this post.  This is more of an exploration of a story idea.  A couple day's ago I was flipping through the channel guide and noticed that 1993's 'classic' movie "Point of No Return" was coming on.  This is one of those movies that I have an intense love/hate relationship with.  I love the story line and love most of the characters.  I HATE the music and a lot of the acting.

I don't believe I saw this movie in the theaters, so I probably first saw it sometime in 1994 or 1995.  I have probably re-watched it dozens of times since then flipping back and forth from adding it to my favorite movie's list and dumping it into the trash and vowing to never subject myself to watching it again.  It's probably been about 10 years since I've last watched this movie, so I figured I would go ahead and give it another view.

Much like my previous viewings, I struggled past all the parts of the movie that frustrated me and tried to enjoy the parts that made me smile.  But about 15 minutes into it I thought of something that made me watching it in an entirely new light....

What if this was redone in a TG story vein?

For those not familiar with the movie, I really can't recommend watching it.  At least not unless you want to end up like me and adding a movie that you hate to your favorite movies list.  If you DO want to watch this movie, then you might want to skip this post as I'm going to talk about a lot of the details of the movie and may well ruin the 'first time' viewing experience.

Here's a quick 'off the top of my head' synopsis of the movie:  A drug addicted girl is part of a group robbing a drug store.  During the robbery all of her comrades are killed and when a police man stoops down to her drug withdrawal shaking body and tries to help her, she blows his head off.  She's sentenced to death and they show her execution.  Instead of dying, however, she ends up as a prisoner of an unnamed government agency where they want to train her as an assassin.  Her handler tried to get her cooperation in learning how to use computers, to use deadly force, to speak multiple languages, and of course how to act in proper society.  She struggles for awhile and ends up threatened with death if she doesn't get with the program.  

She ends up turning to her manner's teacher (an older sophisticated lady played wonderfully by Anne Bancroft) all teary eyed, begging for help.  This woman promises to help our heroine to get in touch with her feminine side... "A bit of the poet to balance the warrior".  They fast forward several months and show the finished product... a woman that moves with grace and has all the sophistication of a high society lady.  Her handler then takes her out for dinner on the town where she is told to assassinate someone in the restaurant as her final test.  

That particular scene is really fun.  Watching Bridget Fonda work her way through a slew of bad guys shooting a massive pistol while and dodging rocket propelled grenades all while wearing stockings and a little black dress is just pure movie gold.   

She passes the test and is sent to some other city to start her life as an undercover assassin.  She rents an apartment from an aspiring photographer and ends up falling in love with him, all the while getting assignments to kill people.  Her lives collide at one point when her handler comes to visit so that he can check out her 'boyfriend'.  

I won't go into how the movie ends, but there is a great part for Harvey Keitel as 'Victor The Cleaner' that reminds me why I adore his acting ability.   

There is plenty of attempt at pulling on the viewers heartstrings as the heroine loves/hates her handler and loves her boyfriend.

So... the basic idea is simple enough.  Instead of starting with a drug addled young woman we start with a drug addled young man.  I picture both him (let's call him Calvin to make this easier) and one of his buddies (let's go with Jeremy for the friend) both get caught, tried, and 'executed'.  Once they are in the hands of the government agency they are told that they need two assassins.  Through training, body enhancements and technology they will both be made to fit exactly what they need.  And of course what they need is a hulking brute of a man and a svelte sexy woman.

Calvin and Jeremy are pitted against each other to see who will end up as the femme fatale.   But where Jeremy puts his heart into doing his best, Calvin tries to buck the system and show that he can't just handled.  Jeremy obviously wins and is taken away for his body modifications where Calvin is put under for his own makover.  When Calvin wakes up he sees two things.... Jeremy looking like an athletic idealized version of himself, and his own body in feminine form.

Now here is where some variations on the story could come in.  Calvin's new body could be completely made over into that of a woman.  It could be just a softened more feminine version of himself.  It could be a woman's body with his male genetalia in place.  I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on how the story progresses.  Most of my ideas went with the last option... for all intents and purposes Calvin looks like a woman with a soft face, svelte body, budding small breasts... and a penis.

Back to the story idea;  Caitlyn (as she's now forced to be called and refer to herself) and Jeremy are sent to classes to learn their trade.  Computers, language, fitting into society are classes they are forced to take together, while separately they take classes on seduction and Caitlyn takes classes on learning to be a woman.

Caitlyn naturally continues her struggles refusing to learn most things (I picture her enjoying the classes on computers and hacking), and eventually is given the choice.  Play along or die.  Teary eyed, realizing that she doesn't want to die, she goes to her manners teacher.  The teacher agrees, but insists on Caitlyn fully embracing her role as a woman.  No more sweat pants and tee shirts... no more hiding her body away at all.  She'll take all of her classes in skirts or dresses (even hand to hand fighting classes).  She'll start the day by applying her makeup and styling her hair perfectly and will re do it as often is necessary, even while the other women in the classes are allowed to dress and make themselves up as they please.  In other words even amongst the other women, Caitlyn will have to be the most feminine creature there.

In the shemale version, Caitlyn is given special classes on how to seduce men and women alike all while hiding away the secret hidden in her panties.  One of the methods I imagine is a faux pussy that will pass a visual and light touch inspection, but can't allow penetration.

Even though Caitlyn is constantly struggling on the inside, she eventually succeeds and passes all of her classes.  As a final test she and Jeremy have to go out on a 'date' where they will assassinate someone.  This scene would be fraught with internal struggle as Caitlyn has to not only act like a sexy woman in love with her boyfriend, but she had to do so with one of her former friends who knows that she's not a woman.  I picture a sub-scene where they are getting close to their target and have to blend in to a crowd.  To do so Caitlyn leans up against a wall, pulls Jeremy close and starts to make out with him.  While she's blanching internally and trying to keep an eye on their target while swapping spit with Jeremy, he's taken off guard and falls into the role of a man making out with the sexy girl under his tongue and hands.

Eventually they pass this test and are assigned to different cities.  Caitlyn, now on her own for the first time as a woman, tries to acclimate not only to her new surroundings, but to the every day tasks of being a woman.  She rents an apartment from an aspiring photographer and is sent a message from her handler who tells her that to maintain her cover she needs to start a relationship with her landlord.

As this is the first person who's really only seen 'Caitlyn' and has no idea about 'Calvin' she finds it oddly easy to just be her and not focus on what she once was.  She even starts to have true emotions toward this guy... which constantly adds confusion to her racing thoughts.  Here's where the variations come in again... if Caitlyn is all woman, then she obviously has a full relationship.  Sex included.  I can picture a very sweet heartwarming scene where she quietly begs him to be gentle as she's a virgin.   If she's still packed in her panties, I picture a darker more humiliating direction.  There would be a scene where she'd have to submit to giving him a blow job.  There would be a scene with her faking enjoyment while he orally reciprocates the act on her faux pussy.  Another scene where she forgets to put on her faux pussy and he's feeling amorous and she has to keep him from undressing her.  Another scene where she believes to keep him in a relationship (which she HAS to do to keep the agency satisfied) she has to convince him to take her anally saying that she wants to keep her 'virginity' intact.

All of this starts to fall in a routine.  Caitlyn posing for his photographs, blowing him, going out on dates with him, and having 'sex' with him.  And this routine helps her in her job where she is given assassination contracts where she often has to play the 'sexy siren' and seduce her victims.  At one point her handler comes to visit and Caitlyn realizes that he now only sees her as a woman and is falling in love with her, putting her into an incredibly odd love triangle.

The ending I have in mind isn't quite as structured.... somehow she ends up on a mission with Jeremy.  She hatches a plan on how they can escape together, but she has to convince Jeremy that they can do so and live the rest of their lives as a couple.

I think the story intrigues me because of all the fooling and roles that our heroine has to play.  She has to act as though she accepts being feminine to keep the agency happy.  She has to play off the love of her handler to keep him in the palm of her dainty hand.  She has to have a relationship to someone that only knows her as a woman.  She has to not only accept being a woman, but being her friend's girlfriend to escape... all the while hoping that she can get her masculine form back.

In a way it's kind of like the conundrum I set up in "Oh, The Wicked Webs We Weave' story idea where she has to play so many parts to so many different people.

Anyway... we learned awhile back that I'm not cut out for writing out a full fledged story.  I almost posted this over at my other blog since that's where I was posting my writing experiments but I've been busy posting more personal entries there (if you want to see what I post there click here to find out how to join up).

I briefly toyed with the idea of just making this idea into a cap series.  I mean there's plenty of images of Bridget Fonda out there that I could use plus direct screen caps from the movie... but really I couldn't cover a tenth of the 'story' that I have, and that seems like it would just be a shame.  So this will almost assuredly remain just a figment of my imagination.


  1. I like the concept. There is a great deal of potential in this story idea. Done well, I could see movie potential here. I say GO FOR IT!

  2. I like the concept as well. I know the movie as "The Assassin." So it took me a while to realise that you were talking about the remake of "La Femme Nikita." Starring Anne Parillaud. In my opinion the better version, if you don't mind watching a movie in French.
    Pictures of Anne Parillaud from that movie may even be better suited for your version, as she has a more androgynous appearance in that movie.
    By the way, have you ever seen the original?

    1. You now, I was wondering why some of the poster images I saw had "The Assassin" on it. Yes, I did see the original but only after several viewings of this version. By then I was completely enamored with Bridgett Fonda, and couldn't quite get into another person in that role. Plus that was before I could really enjoy a foreign language film.

      I should probably watch it again as I'm far less adverse to reading along with my movies now a days.

    2. There are several movies that had a different title on your side of the pond than they have on my side. Sometimes it was for legal reasons, because of European movies with the same title, but mostly because there was a believe that certain movies would sell better with a different title.

      Watching movies in a foreign language can be rewarding. I myself picked up some language skills because of it. For instance, I like Westerns, Dutch broadcasters rarely aired that when I grew up, so I had to rely on my German neighbours. They dub almost everything, So it wasn't until my mid teens before I heard John Wayne speak in English. It was weird though to hear Roy Rogers speak in German and sing in English.
      Because of the subtle layers that get lost in a movie when it is either dubbed or remade I usually prefer the original language. Although reading a bad translation along with the movie can even be worse.

    3. I would mostly agree that watching a film in the original language is often the most satisfying. If nothing else, the actors were partially selected for the way they speak, and that's how the director/writer/producer wanted the character to sound. Eliminating that and replacing it with a voice over actor can really change the whole experience.

      That being said, I believe there is a vast difference in listening (with English as my primary language) to a movie with a European language, vs listening to a movie with a far eastern language. The movie that turned me around on 'reading' movies was Amélie. I couldn't imagine a voice actor portraying the subtle emotions of the main character half as well as Audrey Tautou did. But since I've started trying to find original language films I've realized that both Korean horror films and Japanese Anime films don't really impact me the same way. The language is just so foriegn that I can't tell if they are speaking excitedly, angrily, sorrowfully, or any other emotionality. In those instances I believe the voice over actors do just as good of a job of getting the dialog across.