Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'll Never Do That!

Always live up to your word!

On our first date she told me that if I pursued her that she’d make me into her sexy bisexual girlfriend.  That she’d give me the sexy curvy body, that she’s make me wear the tight form fitting clothes, that she’d make my hair thick long and luxurious, that she’d make me attractive and submissive to both women and men.  She even described a scene that I’d eventually live. 

She told me of a man in a suit.  He wouldn’t be anyone I loved or was attracted to, but I’d be giving him the most intimate blow job of his or my life.  We’d both be fully clothed.  I’d be wearing a skintight pair of designer jeans with 4-inch stiletto heels on.  My long dark blond hair would pool in his lap as much as it would flow down my back.  And to make sure I’d feel it, I’d be waring just a white half top that barely contained my breasts.  She described in detail how I’d free his long thick cock as well as his balls and lick every single inch of them.  How his masculine musk would fill and overwhelm my senses.  That my plumped up lips would engulf him and I’d take him smoothly into my throat.  Slowly and sensuously I’d bob my head up and down until he came and I’d swallow up all of his hot sticky cum and feel glorious for doing so. 

If I’m remember that right, I laughed at her.  I thought she had a great sense of humor and her description had given me such a large erection.  I told her I’d never end up in that scenario and there wasn’t anything she could do to change my mind. 

That was two years ago.   She reminds me of that conversation often.  Especially when I reach some milestone.  When I first fit into the femmy jeans she told me the story again.  When I first walked in her heels she told it over again.  When my hair got long and later when it was colored.  When my skin became silky smooth and when my breasts healed from their operation.  The first time I took a male lover.  The first time I let him cum in my mouth.  The first time I swallowed. 

It was obvious that today was the day when she brought her man into our living room.  His tall dark confidence.  His fashionable blue suit.  Yes, this is the man she described over and over to me.  I could practically taste him before she left us alone.  As much as I hate to admit it… she’s right.  I’ve been looking forward to this for over a year now and in the end it didn’t ake much from her to make it happen.  But while I want to happily admit defeat… I stand by what I say.  I told her I would never end up in that scenario and I’m just made sure I never will.

I mean, wearing heels is such a pain anyway!

source: fuskator