Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Living The Dream

Just whose dream are you living?

Toby and I have been good friends since college.  Initially after school I got a job with a big company.  Big pay, great benefits, corner office.  Everything.  When Toby moved in I supported him.  I believe in him even though his degree was far more specialized and he would have a harder time finding a job.  I covered the rent, I provided the food, I paid for all the entertainment.  It wasn’t a problem. 

It’s not like it was totally free.  Each month I gave him an incentive to get a job.  After a month of free living I asked him to help me on some work projects.  He did it without pause.  The next month I had him start keeping the place clean.  He didn’t bat an eyelash.  The following month I asked him to cook all of the meals.  He said he’d be happy to.  The following month I asked him dress up as the help when I had some of my bosses over for dinner.  He took it all in stride and even got a uniform that fit the part. 

When he got his job it changed everything.  I stopped the requirements and he picked up his half of our expenses.  For three months it was perfect.  We were living the dream.  And then I lost my job.  The company went down in a scandal and it tainted my only job experience.  My savings lasted all of two months. 

Toby was kind and took over all the payments.  When he gave me the list of required tasks and how they’d increase each month I was more than shocked.  Toby knew I was a fan of forced feminization.  He’d always said he didn’t like it but it never bothered him that I did.  He said that this list would take care of two problems.   First it would show me that what I enjoyed was degrading to woman and that no one could like being ‘forced’ into anything.  Second, once the first problem was solved it would inspire me to get another job quickly.

The first month he had me shave all my body hair, learn how to put on makeup and start wearing a wig.  He’d inspect me every morning and if I didn’t pass he’d spank me.  I balked at being spanked but he reminded me that even though I thought I liked this, it needed to be forced.  It took two weeks to pass inspection.  The next month he got rid of all my clothes, save for my interview suits.  I had to earn any clothes and they were all completely feminine.  The following month I had to take over his old chores of cleaning and cooking, but he added laundry to the list too.  And if he was home I could only do them in my lingerie. 

I could tell he was getting frustrated but Toby always followed through when he committed to something.  This month he said I’m going to learn about being intimate with a man.  I give him a long kiss each morning while I let his hands wander over my body.  Each day I have to masturbate while looking at images of nude men.  And each night I have to watch television with him while my head sits in his lap.  I can feel  him growing hard under my cheek and he’ll occasionally turn my head and make me kiss him through his pants. 

I’m finally getting interviews and he’s trying to add more encouragement to get past that stage.   We’ve started watching porn while in that position.  His hands caress my pantied covered bottom and twice now I’ve felt him cum under my face.  I still had to lie there, my cheek getting sticky on his cum soaked jeans.  Last night he told me that If I didn’t get a job in the next ten days we’d start with nightly blowjobs.  Looking into his eyes I saw that he was dead serious. 

I don’t know how much more of this I can go through.  I know that once we get to that stage… to me orally pleasing him… that we’ll never be able to cross back.  He’ll never look at me as a man again, and I’ll never see myself that way either.  I can already see that he’s attracted to me.  That he likes me as I am now. 

I just have to keep hiding those job letters.  With the way the interviews are going I should probably get another three job offers by the deadline.  I fully expect one offer to double my previous pay.  But if I can just get through these next ten days without Toby finding out I’ll be living my fantasy full time.  I’ll be his sexy subby femmy girlfriend and he’ll be my big strong man.  We’ll be living the dream!

source:  fuskator