Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Massage TV

Roku and everything under the sun!

What was that saying… there’s a channel for everything?  It sure seemed that way back when there were dozens of cable channels all focusing on one thing.   Food Network, DIY Network, Lifetime, CNN, Spike…. But even then there were plenty of interests left out.   But now that we have streaming channels there just might be a channel for everything.  Ever since my roommate got a Roku I’ve found channels called Cruise Addicts, Topic UFO, Blind Cat Rescue, Firewood Horaders, and Massage Central. 

I have to admit; I’ve become quite addicted to Massage Central.  Not only did I always wish I became a Massage Therapist, I just love Massage porn.  Just imagine being one of those buff Swedish guys getting to lay his hands all over beautiful women!  I watched that channel so much that my friend warned me about overloading on it and how it could start to affect my real life.  What a dweeb!  I mean all he ever watches is that stupid fantasy channel Real Wizards of Technology. 

When I woke up I saw the Roku remote and remembered falling asleep watching the late night Massage show ‘Tushy Massage’.  But something was off.  Something was wrong.  I wasn’t wearing my tee-shirt and my chest seemed to be lying on two pillows.  My hair fell into my eyes which is impossible since I sport a crew cut, and when I licked my lips I tasted… lipstick?  

That’s when I felt someone sit down on my thighs and I heard a menacing chuckle.   On the TV I saw some dude straddling a sexy woman’s legs and rubbing her back.   The masseuse on TV pulled the girl’s wrist gently back and wrapped her dainty fingers around his cock while at the same time I felt someone pulling my wrist back and wrapping it around something long, thick, warm, and…


“Hey Calvin!  I guess our viewing habits kind of collided.  I was just watching a show about creating fantasy fulfilment spells.  I was working along with them and…. then I found myself here.  So this is what you fantasize about?  Being a buxom chick getting plowed by some massage guy?  Well hey, who am I to complain right?  Just go ahead and turn the volume down… we’ll make our own soundtrack!” 

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  1. I like the idea I wonder which other channels might collide? the fishing channel and fantasy one might get a mermaid. or the new Yankee workshop and a porn channel. remember there is no more important safety gear than safety googles in a facial scene.