Friday, July 1, 2016

A Friend Indeed

Is a friend with needs?

I have to remember to really thank Jake.  Ever since my ex-girlfriend put that curse on me he’s been such a good friend.  I mean, how easy would it be to manipulate me in this precarious situation?  My body is slowly becoming more and more feminine, but if I hold out for another 2 weeks it will all stop and I’ll get my body back.  Even if I didn’t see myself in the mirror, I’d know it’s working.  I sometimes catch Jake staring at me out of the corner of my eye.  I know he’s attracted to my body.

But that’s what separates friends from best friends.   If he forced himself on me… if he had sex with me… it would make the curse last longer and longer.  Eventually it would become permanent.  But he doesn’t do that.  He just stays near me and protects me from other predatory guys… guys and myself.   I love Jake like a brother, but I’m not sure I could do the same for him.  I mean this damned curse has me horny all the damned time.  I’ve even found myself flirting with Jake, but he’s the perfect gentleman… he’s the perfect friend. 

When I told him the nights were really hard to get through he offered staying over.  And it seems to be working.  I used to wake up so horny and frenzied that I didn’t know if I could stop myself from going out and just finding some guy to fuck.  Those first few nights he actually stopped me in the morning from going out on the prowl.  And ever since he’s offered to share my bed at night I don’t wake up that way anymore. 

Sure, when I wake up I’m still tired but all that means is a late afternoon nap with Jake.  And yeah, every night he sleeps next to me I have those weird dreams of giving him a blowjob but those dreams are probably what’s keeping my horniness down.  Right?  Anyway, he always seems to wake up before me and makes me breakfast.  It’s perfect since I’m not only ravenously hungry, I have the strangest musky taste in my mouth. 

Maybe this morning will be different.  I could probably open my eyes and get out of bed.  I still feel Jake’s warm body next to me so I could get up and make breakfast for him…. Nah… I’ll just stay here and get some more sleep.  I haven’t even had my dream yet. 


  1. All i get from my girl friend at night is a kick and being told to stop snoring !

  2. What a wonderful story! I love your work!