Sunday, July 10, 2016

All For The Client

How far would you go to get the deal?

It was all so stupid really.  Brad, Jerry, and I had put every single cent into our new business and were on the verge of getting our first big client.  Bagging the Kleiners as customers could very well make the difference between all three of us becoming successful and all three of us going bankrupt.   So when Mrs. Kleiner dropped that she loved doing business with two young men who let a young woman be their partner we were a little flabbergasted.  She had spoken quite a bit with both Brand and Jerry, and the only time she talked with me I had a bad cold.  My voice was all pinched and whispery that she must have thought I was a girl.  I guess it didn’t help that I made the joke that it was ‘that time of the month’…. I swear I get a cold practically every month!

While Brad was talking to her he couldn’t very well say she was wrong.  She he started refereeing to me as ‘she’ or ‘her’.  To seal the deception, he even went beyond calling me Chris and called me Christine.  Over the phone that was fine.  I even supported it by keeping my voice quiet and whispery whenever I talked to them.  But before they signed the multiyear contract, they wanted to meet us in person.  They wanted to meet two young men… and Christine. 

I tried to suggest hiring a young woman to play my part but both Jerry and Brad shot that down, pointing out that she’d never sound like me.  And besides, as the programing specialist I had to be there to answer any technical questions that came up.  When Brad suggested that I dress up as a girl I so wanted to shoot that down.  But really there was no other choice.  We pooled what money we had left to make sure I could pass a close inspection. 

A day at the spa was both wonderful and humiliating at the same time.  I thought I could get away with just shaving my legs and face, but the guys insisted that I go all the way.  They even came along and watched every step of my transformation.  It took those techs two hours to painstakingly remove every single hair below my eyebrows.  The hair stylist took my already fairly long hair and worked a bunch of extensions into it then dyed it all a golden blonde.  I swear, she was snickering the entire time and kept saying just how cute of a girly boy I’d make.  When they set me up at the makeup chair two of their best stylists went to work and took their time making sure my face and makeup were perfect.  At the same time two more girls came in and started adding fingernail extensions and giving me both a mani and a pedi.  All four girls chatted the entire time as if I wasn’t even there, talking about how best to give me bedroom eyes, and how much blush they needed to enhance my cheekbones.  I think I saw Brad choke on his drink when they went to work on my lips and called them the best damn cock suckers they’ve ever done.

When they finally turned me toward the mirror and let me see myself I was shocked.  I knew damned well that I wasn’t the beefy type of guy like Jerry and Brad.  I knew that my arms were thin and that while I was nearly as tall as I was a good 100 pounds lighter.   But I honestly didn’t think that the woman sitting in front of me was… me.  When I first saw her I was genuinely attracted to her.  Her long golden hair, her plump lips, her coquettish look.   She was beautiful.  And she was me. 

I was kind of in a daze when Brad and Jerry took me to the specialty clothing store that the hair stylist said could help us.  I think her exact words were ‘They know how to dress up a sissy like your girl here’.   I must have still been in shock because I barely remember the sales staff helping us get ready.  There was something they called a body shaper.  I’m fairly sure in ancient times it would have been called a torture device… or at least a corset.  I had to stand there holding a pole as three women pulled and pulled on the straps.  They ended up cutting almost 5 inches from my waist and it seemed to push that fat down to my hips and up to my chest.  They actually giggled when they said I could probably wear an A cup bra as is… but they still insisted on gluing some realistic breast forms on my chest.  Once they blended them in with some makeup and the form warmed up to my body temperature they were flawless.  I had breasts!  The fact that the corset… body shaper… barely let me breathe had the added benefit of forcing me to speak in my quiet whispery voice.

Next was something they called a gaffe that pulled my penis back almost painfully between my legs.  To even get it on they had to push my testicles back up inside of my body.  The girls’ tut tut that they would come out just fine was hardly a comfort.  They then connected the gaffe to the body shaper ‘corset’ and even added a little lock.  When Brad spoke up and asked why they were locking it on the girls just giggled and said that it would make sure no one could pull down the gaffe and find my ‘little’ secret.  I couldn’t help but blush at the ‘little’ comment, while Brad turned three shades of crimson when they mentioned that there were two holes in the back… one that would let me use the ladies room and one that would allow me to have sex.  Anal sex. 

Next came something called a foundation garment.  It covered up the gaffe, the corset and the fake breasts.  All of the girls agreed it was hardly necessary but it was better to be safe than sorry. The finishing touch was a dress and some strappy wedged shoes.  Overall it took about $5000 and nine hours to get me ready for our meeting.  Brad and Jerry each took a shower and had their suits on in about 45 minutes. 

When we got to the restaurant/club to meet the Kleiners Brad leaned in and whispered “Remember, they think you’re a woman.  So for all of our sakes, BE a woman tonight no matter what happens!”  Jerry’s own whisper was a little more succinct “Don’t Fuck This Up!”.  The Kleiners…. Hailey and Sean… were surprisingly young for as rich as they were.  After about 20 minutes it was obvious they took me as I presented myself… they took me in as Christine.  It certainly helped with both Brad and Jerry treating me not only as A girl, but as THEIR girl the entire time.  I wasn’t sure if that was part of the scheme or if they were just following Sean’s lead.  When Sean pulled out Hailey’s chair, Brad was right there to pull mine out.  When Sean ordered an Old Fashioned for himself and a glass of white wine for Hailey, Jerry ordered a Gin and Tonic for himself and a white wine for me.  Sean ordered a lobster for himself and a chicken salad for Hailey.  Brad followed suit and ordered the prime rib for himself and a crab salad for me. 

Over our expensive dinner and many drinks we hashed out most of the details of the contract.  When we finished our flan desert… Sean and Jerry fed Hailey and I our bites… Brad told them we’d have the contract changes ready for them to sign next week.  At that point I was ready to go… not just to get out of these torturous shoes and tight garments, but to get away from being Christine.  Instead Hailey suggested that we step over to the dance floor and celebrate with some drinks and dancing.  I think we were all surprised when Hailey pulled Jerry out onto the floor… I was more surprised when Sean took my hand and guided me out to join them.  For the next three hours I spent almost every song out on the floor.  Most of the time Sean was my dance partner while Brad and Jerry took turns with Hailey, but occasionally Sean sat out and insisted that Brad or Jerry… whomever wasn’t currently dancing with Hailey… take me back out.  I think it was Sean who first started caressing my behind while we slow danced, but all three of the men got a good feel before the night was done. 

It distinctly was Sean who first kissed me. I was so taken aback when he pulled me close and his lips found mine that I didn’t even try to get out of it.  I think he took that as encouragement as every song after that ended up with a long sensual kiss.  I could understand Brad and Jerry taking the same liberties with Hailey especially since she was so willing… but they also kept up the charade and kissed me after each of our dances. 

As the club started closing down Hailey said she had to use the powder room and pulled me in along with her.   The entire time we were in the ladies’ room she made small chatted with me.  I tried to just agree with everything she said as I was mortified to be in this feminine enclave at all.  It was really embarrassing to be sitting in the stall next to her, peeing through that little hole in the gaffe and talking about who of ‘our three guys’ kissed best.  I copied most of her actions as we stood at the mirror and touched up our makeup… thank god the stylists filled out my purse with everything I’d need.   So when Hailey asked if the three of us would join them at Club Polyamory the next night I agreed before I even realized what I was saying.  I mentally slapped myself as I realized I had just agreed to another full night out as Christine.  Another whole night of Sean making out with me and my two friends following suit and doing the same thing. 

I just waved the Brad and Jerry’s questioning look when we parted ways with Sean and Hailey and Hailey said she couldn’t wait to see us at the club tomorrow.  When we got back to our hotel room the guys actually apologized for their actions that night.  They both seemed genuinely sorry for having treated me that way, but we all agreed the night had been a huge success.  I pulled off my dress and sat down on the bench while Brad and Jerry pulled off their pants saying it was the least they could do since I wasn’t wearing any pants either.  By the time Jerry and Brad joined me on the bench with our drinks we were giggling and joking as we toasted our success.

Jerry was the one that finally asked about what Hailey said.  Just remembering that kind of killed the mood for me.  I told them about my indoctrination into female bathroom etiquette and how it involved way more talking than I was comfortable with, and how that lead to me agreeing to see them at Club Polyamory.  The wide eyed look on both their faces took me by surprise.  I mean it was me that had to dress up as a girl and have them dancing with me and kissing me for another night.  When they saw that I had no idea what was wrong they explained what exactly Club Polyamory was.  It wasn’t a dance club.  It was a swinger’s club.  It was a place where couples went to have sex with other couples. 

I immediately said we’d have to cancel, but instead of agreeing Brad and Jerry argued about what Sean and Hailey would think and how we could pull it off.  They seemed to fall right back into the same roles they had in the restaurant as when I tried to speak up they would just hush me and continue on with their discussion.  Brad argued that Hailey had been more than a little forward on the dance floor and he had suspected that if they were alone he could have fucked her that night.   Jerry added that Sean had certainly taken a shining to me and must have kissed me  a couple dozen times.   They briefly discussed calling off but even with me immediately seconding that idea both agreed that the Kleiner’s would probably take it as an insult and they just couldn’t risk pissing them off and losing the contract.  

Once they agreed over my protest that we had to go, they started discussing proper swinger etiquette.   They were fairly sure that it was expected that they would both have to have sex with me, and that they could probably make an arrangement with Hailey and Sean that we only shared each other.  That way I would only have to have sex with them and Sean.  Maybe it was the many drinks I’d had, or maybe it was just me slipping back into the feminine role I had all night… but I didn’t offer up any resistance.  I could only stare wide eyed as they got up and started taking off the rest of their clothes.  When Jerry came over and smiled down at me he started talking to me like I was a child.  Of course if any adult talked to a child like this they’d go to prison. 

“Look Christine, if it were up to me I’d call this off.  But we just can’t risk it.  You’re going to have to play this part out fully.  And while I’d certainly like to spare you as much humiliation as possible it’s not like we can risk you having your first feminine sexual experience with Sean and you breaking down.   When he pulls his cock out and asks you to blow him, you have to look and BE ready to do so.   Just keep in mind, YOU did this.  YOU agreed to go to a sex club with our only clients.  YOU put us in the situation of having sex with these strangers.  I’m not insensitive to how this must seem to you, but I just won’t put my financial and professional future on you being able to fake enjoying sex with men at the critical moment.   So tonight you’re going to get all the practice that Brad and I can provide.  We’ll start off simple, just put your hands on our cocks.  Yeah, that’s it baby.  See, they don’t bite.  And speaking of biting, make sure to keep your teeth far away from the goods.  You can rely on your lips and tongue to give all the pleasure.  There see, doesn’t it feel good when Brad plays with your tit like that?  I know it’s not connected but you have to feel it moving around… just act like it feels good.  That is just so damned sexy Christine… yeah moan just like that whenever someone pinches your nipple.  Now why don’t you come over here and get started on your practice.  Don’t think about what you’re doing just do it.  Wrap those cock sucking lips around me and go to town.  MMMMmmmmm… damn you look sexy like that!  No no… just hold that position.  Trust me, guys love seeing a line of saliva between their cock and a girl’s lips.”

My mind was completely numb.  Here I was giving one of my business partners a blow job while giving the other a hand job.  They were calling me Christine and acting as if I were a woman.  And all of this was just to practice for tomorrow when I’d have to do this to a client who may well not sign a contract if I don’t act like I’m loving every minute of this.  As Jerry put his hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth back over his cock I could hear them speaking above me.  When I understood what Brad was talking about I tried to pull off of Jerry, but his hand just kept me gliding up and down his thick cock. 

“Hey, did you bring any lube?  I doubt Sean will be satisfied with just a blow job no matter how good she is.  Plus, there’s going to be three of us guys so at different times of the night Christine is going to have to please two guys at once.  If one of us are already using her mouth, then she’s going to have to open up that little flap in her gaffe and take it up the ass.  Good… you keep going and I’ll get that out of your bag.  No no… we don’t’ have to do a spit roast right now, just go ahead and keep letting her get used to sucking cock first.  After we each get off once we’ll flip a coin to see who gets heads and who gets tails!”

source:  fuskator


  1. I love this one Caitlyn. Well there be a part two?

    1. Thanks Ian! I really liked this one too, especially since the original idea was just the beginning and the ending. But sadly, no. I don't see how I could continue this one. The picture set doesn't really indicate a way to move forward and I have no idea where the story would go. But thanks for your interest!

  2. Oh Caitlyn? Come out and play for a bit! It's been awhile now!

  3. wish this happen to me..... would make my life xx