Monday, January 8, 2018

The Lightest of Chains

Which link is the one that really locked you in?

Look Susan, you’re not wrong.  I can take your husband, forcibly feminize him over a few months, and make him my little sissy bride.  You and I could continue to date and fuck and do whatever we want, and in fact I’d insist upon it as you’d be the perfect example for him to live up to.  Watching you kneel before me, taking my cock in your mouth, gag on it and still not pull away until I shower your throat with cum…. Yeah that would break him on so many levels. 

But it won’t work.  If I do that to poor Jack then he’ll end up as MY sissy bride.  He’ll worship me and love you only because I tell him to do so.  And as much as you don’t want your marriage getting in the way of our fun, I know that’s not what you want either.  You want Jackie to be YOUR sissy bride.  You want her to worship you and sexual please me only on YOUR command.  You want every bit of her will to go toward your happiness including letting you get fucked by me any time you want it.  Right? 

Well then I won’t do it for you.  But I will help you do it to him.  Tsk tsk tsk, it doesn’t matter that he’s told you no about doing a threesome with another man.  It doesn’t matter that he’s told you no to dressing in drag and going out to a bar.  It doesn’t matter that he didn’t want to suck on your strap on dildo.  You’ll get all of those things if you use the lightest of touches.  If you follow my suggestions and go as slow as I dictate, then you’ll have your precious Jackie and get to keep me on the side.  First thing is first…. Light chains bind the strongest.  That’s your mantra. 

Start with something so simple and light that he’ll never say no.  Tell him that you want him to wear some lipstick the next time you make love.  He might question it but he’d never refuse something so small from the wife he loves so much.  If he does refuse this, and trust me he won’t, but if he does then you have your answer.  He won’t do it for you and will need to be broken down so much that he’ll never be yours again.  But he does love you and he will do small things for you.  Once you have him bound to that little act… just wearing some lipstick… you move on from there and build up slow.  After a week of lipstick love, make sure his face is shaved smooth.  Refuse to touch him if it’s not as creamy as your own skin.  Once he’s there, shave his chest.  Then later the rest of his body.  Change his exercise from weights and cardo to yoga and pilates.  Have him grow his hair out.  It’ll take months before it’s truly feminine.  Pierce his ears.  Shape his eyebrows.  Add more makeup.  Take a dominant role in the bedroom… you on top all the time.  Have him give you oral while you deny it to him.  Longer fingernails.  Colored fingernails.  Changing his job to work from home.  Taking care of the home.  Perusing porn to arouse you, make him look for large cocks and big strong men.  Each link in this chain will be small.  It will be weak and easily broken.  But soon enough both you and he are going to realize that he’ll never be able to break all the links.  He’ll never get back to his old self and that your relationship will be forever changed even if he starts to refuse. 

By that time he’s bound.  He’s yours.  You can move on to bigger things.  Just a taste at first, but more aggressive each time.  Introduce your dildo to your sexual play.  He can use it on you.  Then he can hold it while you fuck.  You can brush it against his lips, just make sure you coo and tell him how aroused that makes you.  Have porn playing in the background…. First normal every day big guy curvy chick porn, but more and more it should lean toward men dressed up as women.  You should get him into panties and stockings before he sees that porn but it should follow soon thereafter.  Again, each of these steps would be too big for him to contemplate on it’s own but it’s just another link.  Just another step.  He’ll be hard pressed to ever find a place to speak against you, let alone actually refuse something you ask for. 

By the time you get him to agree to something that he’s already refused, your hard work is done.  It can even be less sever than what you originally asked for, so long as the act is the same.  Don’t have him suck you while you wear a strap on, instead have him lick and suck the dildo so it’s good and wet to use on you.  Don’t have him dress up in drag and go to a lesbo bar, have him go in a costume to a party.  Don’t have him join you and another man, but have a forceful strong willed woman join you.  You know the type, the one that will focus all her attention on you and only accept him if he has his makeup on and his body is dolphin smooth. 

Yes…. Yes this will take longer.  But each step that you bind him in your chain of love is another step that binds him to you.  You probably won’t even see him break down and cry until you invite me over.  That will be the step that makes him realize what’s going on.  But again, it will take him days to try and find out how it got so far.  If you can get him that far, I’ll take him the rest of the way.  I’ll get him into being spanked enough by me that he’ll accept it from you.  I’ll start him on the hormones and I’ll put the chastity cage on him.  No, I’ll probably have to keep that key for awhile.  That’s right, you’ll be at a delicate stage then yourself and I’ll be protecting our darling Jackie from you too. 

Six Months later

Oh she’s precious!  I love that you got her to love those chains.  She’ll love having them when I make her wrap those cute fat lips around my cock!  I’ll be right over darling.  Don’t ruin the surprise by telling her about me… I’ll just walk in and introduce myself!

source:  fuskator


  1. Delightful! I always appreciate the captions where a woman is doing the feminizing, and this one is especially creative.

  2. Caitlyn as always your mastery of a fantasy amazes me. I was already spellbound by this one, but when I read the words Dolphin Smooth I nearly came.

    ok, I'll admit that's only half true ;)

  3. Linda e gostosa,delicia bela,adoraria de te chupar todinha e socar essa pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,e ver você gozar bastante no meu pau bela,que tesão,estou peladão aqui e fiquei de pintão levantado de desejo,beijos…