Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The D+X Arrival of Reubeca Sweetheart

Welcome to the Institute Reubeca!
"Institute Arrivals" is an ongoing series (or at least it will be!).  They will tell the story of both the player and the character coming to the Institute.  You'll get to learn about the player's journey from learning about The D+X Institute here at Caitlyn's Masks to signing up and making their character.  And you'll also get a glimpse into what their character's story is.  As you read this post, understand that while I encouraged readers just like you to join up at the Institute, I didn't participate in their story directly.  Their character's story was their own with maybe a little help from the arrival panel.

So without further adieu, let's find out how Reuben found his way to the Institute and how he became Reubeca!

Reuben and his sister in their freshmen year
Reuben was always a pain to his sister while they grew up.  Pulling on her hair, locking her in the bathroom, and simply using his size and strength against her however and whenever he could.

When he went off to college these traits easily transferred themselves to his girlfriend.  And the girlfriends he kept on the side.  And really, any woman around him.  He was a jerk, and being a jerk worked for him.  His sister couldn't stand to see his jerkiness being applied to these lovely college freshmen and decided to take matters into her hand.  She'd met a mysterious woman on campus named Miss Caitlyn that was recruiting young men into her program and after speaking to her at length about Reuben they both decided that The D+X Institute would be the perfect place to teach Reuben a long deserved lesson.

Reuben was told that the Institute could improve his physique and being the egomaniac he was, jumped at the opportunity to buff up even further.  A buffer bod meant better babes after all!  He went to the scheduled appointment and met with Madam Jessica.  She complimented his body and said that they could most certainly help him out with a little body toning.  "I assure you that you've certainly come to the right place.  By the time we are finished with you, you will not recognize the body that you see when you look in the mirror.  Trust me, the changes will be life changing and you'll have a body that other men would die for!"

Reubeca on her first day of class
Reuben eagerly signed on the dotted line without reading the dozens of pages in the contract.  Minutes later he was manacled to the chair in the transformation suite with Madam Jessica lording over him.  Her voice dripped with the sweetness of honey even as her words sent horror filled chills down Reuben's spine.  "It's normal for what your darling sister has paid us handsomely to do to you dear.  We are going to change your body, but probably not quite in the way you were expecting.  I have to say, you must have pissed your sister off big time.  She's paid us to transform you into a beautiful woman and you will live your femme life out here at the institute in that form!"

In just a few short hours Reuben was transformed into the green eyed, red headed, buxom Office Services girl Reubeca.  How as it done?  Tsk Tsk Tsk... that would be telling.  If you really want to know, you'll just have to come to the Institute and see for yourself!

After her transformation Reubeca was taken on a shopping trip for a new wardrobe, settled into the new girl's ward, met her new boss, told her duties as an OS girl, and even joined the D+X Cheerleader squad!

You know what?  I think Reubeca is beginning to enjoy her new life here at The D+X Institute.  Maybe you will too!


So that's how Reubeca the character came to the institute.  Nice story right?  Understand that those few paragraphs I've written took up pages and pages of interaction between Reubeca, Madam Jessica, Miss Busti, Mrs Jessica Sweetheart, Ms. Aislyn Angel and many other players at D+X.  I could tell you that she had a blast, that she met people she enjoyed, and that she was welcomed with open arms.  But that would be me telling you what I've already told you.  So instead, why don't we hear from Reubeca the player herself?

I have been a fan of  Caitlyn for a some time always loved her stories. That is when a couple of months ago she posted about dx. I was curious, but mostly scared about it as I'll be opening up about a fetish of mine. But curiosity won out and I jumped in. From then on its been nothing but fun and happiness, everyone was so nice and supportive of me since I signed up, from warm welcomes to there own stories.  Then it got very interesting when I did my arrival with Madam Jessica and have to say it was a dream come true. She worked with me to get the perfect story for me that I say that what was once a dream was coming true. I will never forget that day. I'm sorry though not that I came here but that I did not do this sooner. D+x help me in so many ways I love this site and everyone here.

So there you have it.  I've been talking about why you should Come Play With Me at The D+X Institute for years now.  And now you have Reubeca's story to back me up.  It's an absolute blast to come to a place full of people that simply want you to have a good time.  That will work with you to make YOUR story come true.

So come on over and Come Play With Me!  And tell 'em that Caitlyn sent ya!


  1. love the dx institute theme. its been inspiring a lot of my captions lately.
    we need more creative people out there like you, all my other favs like realfield disappeared.

  2. When can we expect the next D&X arrival story?